Diluted Thinking

in Australian healthcare

About Diluted Thinking

Diluted Thinking is owned and maintained by Christine Bayne. It is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse, any other group, organisation, or individual.

I created this website in late 2012 to provide an overview of pseudoscience in Australian healthcare, with a special emphasis on the anti-vaccination movement. It replaces my original website, Vaccination Awareness & Information Service at antivaxxers.com, which was archived in late 2012.

This website aims to highlight areas where pseudoscience is rampant in our healthcare system. Sometimes this will involve identifying groups and/or individuals if I feel it's in the public interest to do so. I must stress that it's not included here for the purpose of intimidation or harassment. In all cases, only campaigners and promoters of pseudoscientific health practices are identified and held to account and not their patients, supporters, or other members of the public who, unfortunately, follow their advice.

I trust that visitors to my site will use the information presented here in a responsible and ethical manner.

You will notice that I rarely debunk or correct misinformation about pseudoscientific health practices as many other websites, by suitably qualified people, already have this covered. Where appropriate, I'll have provided links to these resources.

If you would like to contact me, please send a message to: