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Dr Kylie Dodsworth

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Kylie Ruth Dodsworth
Norwood SA
Medical Practitioner AHPRA MED0001025540
Principal Practitioner:
Centre for Health and Wellbeing
Vice-President Australasian Integrative Medicine Association
ACNEM - SA practitioners


Dodsworth recommending antivax propaganda videos for vaccine info

2 April 2017:

"For those of you want more information about immunisations, you can sign up for this 7 part series which provides insights from 60 experts from both sides of the debate. Note that I have not yet seen this either and I am not suggesting a professional opinion one way or another… It's an individual choice and I encourage people to seek as much information as they wish to in order to make an informed decision."
Meryl Dorey couldn't have put it better herself.

The negligence in advising people to seek information to make an informed decision about a medical procedure - from a source she hasn't assessed - is quite remarkable.

Dodsworth also posted this to her Dr Kylie Dodsworth and IM Mentoring Facebook business pages.

RedFlag News, No.1 stop for the latest on political health news

4 Sep 2016:

Dodsworth links to conspiracy news site, RedFlag News, for article titled "CDC proposes rule to apprehend and detain anyone anywhere at any time for any duration without due process or right of appeal and administer forced vaccinations."

Dodsworth lends a hand to the antivax movement.

29 Nov 2015:

"You can still get a medical exemption for your child - see your local GP. If there has been a reaction to a vaccine you do not have to further vaccinate as long as you get the form signed by you [sic] doctor."

What is it with Dodsworth and conspiracy news sites?

Saving the best for last. Here we see Dodsworth convincing and encouraging people not to vaccinate against HPV, sharing her Facebook post to her business Facebook page.
These posts were publicly available and I've included comments made by members of the public, and Dodsworth's support of them.

Dodsworth [quote]:

"There are a number of potentially serious adverse effects from the Gardasil (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine. It is given to adolescent boys and girls. Think very carefully and do your own research before agreeing to this vaccine. Be informed and empowered to make your own choice…"


"Thanks for sharing Dr K! My eldest daughter has received this but I will be doing more research before my youngest one does."

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"I chose not to vaccinate my daughter with this. I told her she is more than welcome to do it when she is an adult but I was not going to allow the B.S. campaign to frighten us into doing it. She is 19 now and so far has not chosen to do it.
The trials for Gardasil were very dodgy. "Pre-licensure safety trials for Gardasil used placebo that contained polysorbate 80 as well as aluminum adjuvant."
Not exactly neutral…
No proof that it actually works, it was fast-tracked to get it on the national vaccine program in the U.S. You only have to spend a very little time researching this one to figure out it is not effective in preventing canc er. Regular pap smears are your best bet."

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"Dr K yes I agree, thanks for highlighting it xx"

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"My 3 daughters have never had this vaccine. Never will. Did we not learn anything from thalidomide? Before ANY medical intervention research research. If I hadn't done research after a Pap smear in pregnancy that resulted a diagnosis by TOP gynaecologist in NSW - who said I definitely had CIN III - cancer of cervice - I would have lost our son inutero & had my cervix partly removed for NO reason other than misdiagnosis."

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Dodsworth doesn't limit her unconscionable conduct to anti-vaccination propaganda; there'splenty of cancer quackery, too.

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