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AVN Basic Information

Australian Vaccination-risks Network Incorporated (as of July 2018)
Previous Names
Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (from 7 March 2014)
Australian Vaccination Network
Vaccination Awareness Network (NSW)
1994 (as Vaccination Awareness Network)
PO Box 88, Bangalow NSW 2479
Previous Addresses
from 21 April 2015: Lumley House, Level 14, 309 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000 (a virtual serviced office)
PO Box 177, Bangalow NSW 2479
Public Officer
Meryl Dorey
past Public Officers
Wayne Baird (from 13 Jun 2017)
Brett Smith (from 3 Feb 2017 to 12 Jun 2017)
Rebecca (Bek) Henry (from 28 June 2015)
Meryl Dorey (from 10 Aug 1998 to 28 June 2015)
Andrew Letho (from 25 Nov 1994 to 18 Dec 1997)
Aneeta Hafemeister (from Jul 2019)
Immediate Past-Presidents
Meryl Dorey (from Aug 2018)
Tasha David (from July 2014) aka Annastasha David
Greg Beattie (from 1 Jan 2013)
Meryl Dorey
Official Spokesperson
Meryl Dorey
Registry of Co-operatives and Associations (part of NSW Fair Trading)
Charity status
The AVN is no longer a registered charitable organisation. It was stripped of charity status and surrendered its authority to fundraise on 18 March 2014.
The AVN is no longer permitted to solicit, or accept, donations for a charitable purpose.
The AVN is a non-profit organisation. It is not a deductible gift recipient, therefore donations to the AVN are not tax-deductible.
Association: Australian Vaccination-risks Network Incorporated
Registration number: Y2079127
State of registration: NSW
Registration date: 25 November 1994
Type: Association
ABN 30 077 002 923
ABN status: Active from 01 Nov 1999
Business names:
Under The Wire (from 11 Jul 2019)
Australian Vaccination-risks Network (from 7 Mar 2017)
Living Wisdom (from 19 Aug 2008)
Living Wisdom Distribution (from 19 Aug 2008)
Previous Entity name
The Australian Vaccination Network Inc. (from 26 Jun 2000 to 5 Oct 2000)
Previous Trading name
Healthy Families...Naturally (from 26 Jun 2000 to 25 Jun 2002)
Previous Business names:
AVN Australia
AVN Global
Australian Vaccination Network - NSW
Australian Vaccination Network - QLD
Australian Vaccination Network (Melbourne)
Australian Sceptics Network
Australian Skeptics Network
Australian Vaccine Sceptics Network
Australian Vaccine Skeptics Network
Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network
Global Vaccination Sceptics Network
Informed Voice
Healthy Families Naturally
Membership (from Jan 2013)
Standard Membership: $25 per year
  • Magazines (historical)
    • Living Wisdom: commenced October 2008. Published quarterly to end of 2009, then changed to bimonthly. Ceased publication January 2013 (last edition published June 2012).
      Former title: Informed Voice.
      Published: issues 1 to 10
    • Informed Voice: commenced 2005, last edition published in 2008. Published quarterly.
      Former Title: Informed Choice.
      Published: Vol 3.3 & 3.4; Vol 4.1 to 4.4; Vol 5.1 to Vol 5.5, Vol 6.1
    • Informed Choice: commenced 2003, last edition published in 2005. Published quarterly by "Healthy Families...Naturally". Originally the newsletter for the Australian Council For Immunization Information Inc.
      Published: Vol 1.1 to 1.4; Vol 2.1 to 2.4; Vol 3.1 & 3.2
  • Newsletters
    • AVN E-News: commenced July 2008. Former title: Doing The Rounds.
    • Inside Edition: members-only newsletter/insert in the AVN magazine (ceased when magazine folded in Jan 2013).
    • Doing The Rounds: commenced 2006, last edition June 2008.
    • Vaccination? The Choice is Yours: commenced 1996.
      Also the official newsletter for:
      • Vaccination Awareness & Information Service (VAIS)
      • Vaccination Information South Australia (VISA)
      • Immunisation Investigation Group (IIG)
      • Vaccination Information Service (VIS)
      • Vaccination Information Network (VINE)
      • an unnamed group in Tasmania
      Former title: VAN newsletter.
    • Vaccination Awareness Network (VAN) newsletter: commenced September 1994.
  • Books / Guides
    • Investigate Before You Vaccinate - A Guide for Parents originally produced by the Australian Vaccination Network in conjunction with Vaccination Information South Australia. (VISA now produce this booklet).
    • Vaccination Roulette: published by the Australian Vaccination Network. AVN Contributors: Meryl Dorey, Stephanie Messenger, Susan Lindberg. ISBN: 1329-4873
  • Information Packs
    • Library Pack
    • Autism Pack
    • Conscientious Objector Pack
    • Flu Pack
    • Hepatitis B Pack
    • Measles (MMR) Pack
    • Meningitis Pack
    • Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Pack
    • SIDS Pack
    • Vitamin K Pack
  • DVD
    • Vaccines: are they really safe & effective? Lecture series featuring Meryl Dorey, Dr Mark Donohue, Dr Robyn Cosford, Dr Archie Kalokerinos, Maureen Hickman, Marelle Burnum Burnum, Michael McInerney
    • The Needle, The Law and the Damage Done video of workshop conducted by Meryl Dorey on behalf of the AVSN.
    • Australian Vaccination Network Back Issues: AVN magazines and newsletters.
Internet / Social Media
AVN website: http://avn.org.au/
No Compulsory Vaccination blog: http://nocompulsoryvaccination.com/
AVN Facebook: Australian Vaccination-risks Network - AVN
AVN Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/avn_choice
No Compulsory Vaccination Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nocompulsoryvac
AVN Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avn.org.au/
AVN YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCngmuCs_GuiGJ4BAaaYKBXg/
AVN Health YouTube: avnhealth
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