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AVSN: Vaccination Wars (interview)


The Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network is the subject of a current health warning issued by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. The warning, in part, states:

"The Commission considers that AVN's dissemination of misleading, misrepresented and incorrect information about vaccination engenders fear and alarm and is likely to detrimentally affect the clinical management or care of its readers."

"Given the issues identified with the information disseminated by AVN, the Commission urges general caution is exercised when using AVN's website or Facebook page to research vaccination and to consult other reliable sources, including speaking to a medical practitioner, to make an informed decision."

For accurate information about vaccination, please visit the Immunise Australia Program website and I highly recommend reading Immunisation Myths and Realities: responding to arguments against immunisation.

Interview transcript.

Host: Leon Pittard, Fairdinkum Radio
Guest: Meryl Dorey, Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network
Date: 20 September 2012

Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to fairdinkumradio.com My name is Leon Pittard and I am your host. Thank you for joining me today for this worldwide broadcast of important information. We are here in defence of individuality, freedom and truth.

First, a warning. The TGA and the FDA do not want you to hear the following information. If you trust government and want to follow their advice, you should leave now. The following information is not professional medical advice. If you are looking for professional medical advice you should seek it through whatever means you choose. The following broadcast is intended for free-thinkers, those who are willing to think, research and make their own decisions about what affects and enters their body. The following information is given in the public interest by common people who love individuality, freedom and truth. If you are listening as a part of the medical cartels enforcement spy grid, you should leave now. You have been warned.

The views and opinions expressed by the host and the contributors of this broadcast are not necessarily, but could be, the views and opinions of each other.

We are talking about vaccines as a vehicle for social scientists to carry out their experiments on humanity. Methods of entry into the body with unknown quantities of substances. I want you to think for a moment about Hollywood as a propaganda tool for training the public. Remember, propaganda is for the homeland, not for the enemy. I want you to think about movies like The Godfather, The Sopranos, and movies that teach us about the activities of organised crime syndicates. Organised crime syndicates have an area that they own, that they take over. Everyone in that area fears the mob. All businesses must pay taxes to the mob. All people must not talk about the mob. Indeed, if you are sitting at a cafe and you said anything about the mob, the people sitting next to you would say, "sshh, do not speak about them". Everyone lives in fear of the mob. The mob enforces its rule by its own laws which it's developed. The mob has its informers which are everywhere listening to report back. Then, the mob has its enforcers which it sends out into the community to enforce terror.

What I've just described to you is the exact way in which the medical cartel and Big Pharma work. Their enforcers are the various bodies which claim to have power over you when, in fact, these bodies are private corporations acting as government.

My next guest is someone who has been and continues to be, subject to these thugs that use intimidation, threat and violence as a means of staking their hold on the community. They endeavour to intimidate people to be silent. These people, made of various spy networks include various amalgamated doctors groups. These people hate freedom of speech. They hate us talking now. So we are going to talk. We are going to defend free speech and we're going to defend the right of anyone to share their knowledge and their experience to whosoever they will. That is why Fairdinkum Radio exists; it is a voice of the people, for the people.

Meryl Dorey, of the Australian Vaccination Network, welcome along.

Meryl: Good morning, Leon, thank you.

Leon: Thank you for joining us. Now, I understand, before we get into the latest vaccine news, that you have been subject and continue to be subject, to an ongoing campaign of intimidation and harassment.

Meryl: That's right. And it's been going on for over three years, Leon. It's amazing. I'm sure a lot of your listeners would have heard about Charlotte Dawson and how she was targeted by trolls on twitter and tried to commit suicide because of it. And there was a football player - excuse me, I don't follow sport so I don't remember his name - but he was also targeted by internet trolls and the police took immediate action in both of these cases, and yet we have made, I think, six reports to the police over the last three years on similar but even more violent threats against myself and against other AVN members and against the organisation in general. And the authorities to date have still not taken any action.

And I have just finally taken the step of filing - they call them APVO's, apprehended violence orders - against three of these individuals and I'm going to court next week for that very issue. It is wrong, it's criminal and these people should be held accountable for what they do. We are trying to conduct a scientific debate about an issue that affects every man, woman, child, and their dog, in Australia and around the world, and intimidation, threats of violence, violent pornography, these are the sorts of things that the other side are using. Now, if you have information, if you have facts at your fingertips, you don't use these tactics. You only these tactics if you have nothing. And that's what the other side has, they have nothing. They have no information, they have no facts, and they don't want anyone to be able to access the information and facts that the AVN has. And that's it, plain and simple. And they're using intimidation and they are doing it with the tacit consent of government agencies.

Leon: Well, we are here in defence of both you and indeed, humanity as a whole for the free flow of information. And the free flow of information is the greatest fear of these thugs and the medical cartel because their greatest threat is the truth, when the truth is, indeed, disclosed. And I notice one of the social engineers, Bill Gates, according to cryptogon.com, is developing an anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system which will be internet-based global monitoring rapid alert system for finding, analysing and counteracting communication campaigns containing, quote in inverted commas, my words "misinformation regarding vaccines to support global immunisation efforts". So what we see here is an enforcement endeavour by one of the greatest social scientists, social engineers in the world to enforce a system to target anyone who might speak against the information that he and, indeed, the medical cartel are giving out.

Meryl: It's chilling, Leon, it really is. And calling people who question, people who are critical of vaccinations, their information 'misinformation' is simply saying that Bill Gates, the medical community and some people in the government disagree with it. Now, since when in a democracy is a difference of opinion called misinformation. The only thing that's misinformation is people who are making statements about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines without any evidence to back up what they're saying. And that is the medical community. You know, the AVN has been calling for many years for a real scientific study using true placebos, which are inert substances, and using real independent research, not research that's funded by the pharmaceutical companies, in order to prove that vaccines are safe and effective since everyone is supposed to take them.

It's not a great leap of faith to say that we should be able to prove that they're safe and effective. And yet, even though we've been using them for almost 250 years, we still don't have that proof and I think that that's shameful. And the fact that Bill Gates is trying to suppress information, which is exactly what he's doing. This counteracting, I mean, he's using the euphemistic term counteracting. Counteracting is just another term for suppressing the information that he does not want people to have. A robust, transparent debate on this issue is in everyone's best interest. The only people who will benefit by a suppression of this debate are the medical community, the pharmaceutical companies and some government interests that are being paid by them.

Leon: We see that the medical cartel and Big Pharma are behind billions of dollars being spent on this industry. And in a further move, the MIT, Harvard-MIT division of Health Sciences and Technology, will lead a team to develop unmanned aerial vehicles that can be deployed by healthcare workers via cell phones, to swiftly transport vaccines to rural locations and alleviate the last mild delivery problems and improve cost, quality and coverage of vaccine supplies. Now, these people are developing a nightmare world, a complete Orwellian nightmare world where these unmanned drones will be delivering vaccines to anyone who hasn't got them as though there's some great urgent need to make sure that every single person in the remotest area has to be injected and raped by the system.

Meryl: Every single dollar that's put to things like this, like the drones, like delivering vaccines to communities where they don't have good food, good hygiene, why don't they put the money towards digging wells, towards making sure that these people are fed, making sure that they are able to grow their own food and are self-sufficient. I mean, a fraction of the money that they're spending on this would go a long way towards making sure that these people are healthy the way that we always got healthy, which is by eating good food, having proper hygiene and good living conditions. Vaccines, in the absence of all of that, even if you believe that vaccines work, in the absence of nutrition, hygiene and good living conditions, vaccines do nothing. And vaccines may do less than nothing because many of the vaccines that they're using in developing countries are vaccines that we longer use in Australia and developed countries because they can cause the disease, like the oral polio vaccine, that they're meant to prevent. But they're cheaper to produce, so they send them there. So not only are they not preventing the problem but they could be causing and perpetuating the problem like we saw in India, where they say that polio has been declared eradicated but there are 47,500 cases of vaccine-associated acute flaccid paralysis which is just another word for polio. So, in one year they had 47,500 people paralysed because of the vaccine, but polio was eradicated.

Leon: Now in the wake of the TGA finally releasing this year statistics of some 2000-plus adverse reactions to Fluvax and, indeed, deaths caused... a direct connection between deaths and the vaccines which, of course, is obviously debated after the statistics come out, we notice... I mean, there's a vaccine related phenomenon during pandemic once deemed a Canadian problem, you want to speak about this flu shot linked to higher incidence of flu in pandemic year?

Meryl: Yes, I also want to very quickly mention what you said about the Therapeutic Goods Administration. ADRAC, the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee, has been collecting information on adverse reaction reports from doctors since, I think, the early 1990's - I'm not exactly sure when it started, to be honest with you - and in all that time they admit that only about 1% of reactions and deaths from vaccines and drugs ever get reported. And as you said, there were over 2,000 reactions to the flu vaccine, I think it was over a period of two years, and seven deaths. And after that information was picked up by the media and started to be reported, the TGA came out and said, "oh, wait a second, just because something occurs following a vaccination, doesn't mean the vaccine caused it". And that is potentially true. But the fact is, that the TGA does no follow up on any of these things, so we don't even know if the people who are injured, later died. We don't know if there was any investigation as to whether or not the vaccine could have caused these conditions. And when you see the same condition occurring time and time and time again after a certain exposure, whether it be vaccines or drugs, then you have to say that the link, if not clear, is at least worth further investigation. But the TGA is saying straight out there is no link because we've never found any link. And they haven't found any link because they haven't looked for it. So, I believe that the fact that this information is finally becoming public is very important and the way that the TGA is handling it, is very telling because again they're just trying to deny the connection between the vaccines and the problems.

And with the flu vaccine, back in 2009 when we were at the beginning of the so-called pandemic of swine flu, in Canada they discovered that people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine the year before, so in 2008, were much more likely to come down with swine flu. And not only to come down with swine flu - swine flu turned out to be a very mild flu. There were doctors at the time saying if have you had a choice between seasonal flu and swine flu they would take swine flu because it was much milder than the seasonal flu - but the people who'd gotten the seasonal flu vaccine the year before and then got H1N1, or swine flu, were much sicker with it. And Canada said that they were considering whether or not they should continue giving the seasonal flu vaccine. But other countries around the world said oh no, there's no connection, this is just a Canadian thing, must be a problem with their vaccine. But now, many studies have come out confirming that this is the case, that people who get the seasonal flu vaccine are much more likely to get the flu than people who don't get the seasonal flu vaccine. And they will also be sicker from it. They've done another study with ferrets looking at the seasonal flu shot and it's a problem because we are giving the flu vaccine because we're trying to prevent the flu, we know that the flu vaccine doesn't prevent the flu. Even the medical community is admitting now it doesn't prevent the flu. So, we have to take a step back and they say well maybe it might not prevent the flu but it'll make the flu milder and you'll be sick for a shorter time. And what this study is showing is that not only is that not true but it maybe the other way around, that if you get the flu vaccine you will be more susceptible to the flu and when you get it, you will be sicker. And we are spending... well, during the swine flu campaign we spent well over a hundred million dollars on the vaccine and the implementation of that campaign, and, what, how much in our health budget can be done with that hundred million dollars that was thrown away on ineffective swine flu vaccines. And much of it was literally thrown away because only about 20% of the population actually took the vaccine. So, the government had bought enough for every man, woman and child in Australia and about 80% of what they bought had to be chucked.

Leon: Well, if we can draw an allegory between vaccinations and GMO's and we see that the Big Agra and Big Pharma that are manufacturing the GMO's, basically have created a mystery as far as these things are right throughout society, they're right throughout the processed food chain, and people are getting sicker and sicker. And yet if they don't do the proper research to actually discover what is the causation of many of these health problems, they will never find out. Like you said, the follow-up research as to what actually causes the sickness or the death, whether it be the flu vaccine or the whooping cough vaccine. I remember... I heard a lady ring up and I think I shared this story with you the last time we got together, where she was advised in her third trimester by her GP to get a flu vaccination, and her child, her unborn child, did die. And she... they said, well, how can you prove that the flu vaccination killed the baby and she said, well, the baby was perfectly healthy and then I had the flu vaccination, the baby died. So, I mean, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realise something's happened and when you know what's happened in your life, when you understand that things were normal until you had a vaccination and then your child gets sick, you yourself know, you don't need a scientist to tell you, you don't need Pfizer or Monsanto or Bayer to tell you that flu vaccinations are safe when you have seen your own child either die or get critically sick or injured for life because of vaccinations.

Meryl: There is a tenet of science called the precautionary principle and it basically says that lack of evidence of harm is not the same as evidence of safety. Now, with vaccines we generally have lack of evidence of harm but that's because the studies to prove the safety of vaccines have never been done. There has never been a scientific trial that compared the overall health of the fully vaccinated with the fully unvaccinated. There have been, I can count them on the fingers of two hands that I've read myself, studies in the last 30 years that used what is called a true placebo, which is something like a saline solution or a sugar pill, always when they test vaccines they test it against another vaccine or a vaccine adjuvant which is known to be toxic, so you can't prove anything about safety with that sort of a study. Where is the incentive for the governments to actually try and test vaccines after they've been released? The government has staked its reputation and its money on the fact that people are going to be saved by vaccination. If at some point in the future it finally comes out that that is not the case, that people have been harmed more by vaccines than by not being vaccinated, what will the government have to do? They will have to pay compensation and there is no government in the world that has enough money to pay the sort of compensation that will be required once this information becomes public. So it is in the governments interest to suppress this information, certainly in the pharmaceutical companies interest to suppress it and the doctors generally don't have the details, they don't have the information. They only know what they've been told by their medical organisations, and the medical organisations are actually told by the pharmaceutical companies.

The AMA, now I've just read this and I have to confirm it, but I was told that the AMA - and this was in an op-ed piece, an editorial piece in one of the major Australian newspapers - but the Australian Medical Association actually has a vaccine sales division and they sell vaccines. So when the AMA comes out and says vaccines are perfectly safe, well, you know, you would expect them to say that because they're making money off of it. And if most people knew this, and again I have to confirm this because I only just read it in an op-ed but it was in a pretty reputable source, if most people knew that the Australian Medical Association, who runs continuing education courses and teaches doctors a lot about vaccination, that they were actually profiting from people using vaccines, I think it would call into question the truth of what they're saying and I think that that sort of information should be made public. An informed health consumer is their own best friend, but they are the enemy of the authorities. They're the enemy of the pharmaceutical companies, they're the enemy of the medical community and they are the enemy of the government.

And I think that we all need to be taking responsibility for our own decisions. And Leon, I really feel very strongly with the incredible backlash that's been happening over the last couple of years, not only against the Australian Vaccination Network but the vilification in the media and the community against anyone who makes different decisions about health issues. I truly believe that it's in the cards that vaccination is going to be made compulsory in Australia in the near future. And I really think that people need to take action now. It's not enough to say I've made my decision and I'm safe and I don't have to do anything else, I don't have to let anybody know what I made a decision about because I don't want to be part of this struggle. Well, it's going to be a much worse struggle if vaccination becomes compulsory and we haven't done anything to stop it. Because once it comes in as I can see from the United States where they have a lot more people opposing compulsory vaccination and better financed organisation nationally, it is impossible to get rid of it once it comes in. And it's in the cards that it is going to be coming in, in Australia. So we need to be active, we need to get off our butts and start taking action and start writing letters to our members of parliament, start contacting the media when they put one-sided articles in about this issue, and start gently talking to friends and family about why we've made our decision and why that decision should be respected. I know that's scary but I do think we need to do that.

Leon: Well it absolutely is coming. The social engineers have stated that that is their aim, compulsory vaccination, GMO's in all the food, Monsanto will own the complete seed bank, there'll be no organic food, everything must be chemically adjusted, scientifically intervention in food, water, vaccines, healthcare. A complete program for you to fit into from cradle to grave. This is their aim.

Speaking about some of the research, I will leave a link here to an article I found with some very interesting statistics. One of them I'll read to you, in a recent British outbreak of whooping cough, for example, even fully immunised children contracted the disease in large numbers. The rates of serious complications and death were reduced only slightly. In other recent outbreaks of pertussis, 46 of the 85 fully immunised children studied contracted the disease. There's fifty quotes here just like that, proving that immunisation does not prevent the disease that it is propagated to prevent.

Meryl: And this is the issue. When we see a vaccine like the whooping cough vaccine... Now we're being told that the lack of effectiveness of our current vaccine is not the problem of the vaccine but it's actually the fault of the parents who over time kicked up a stink about using the older whole-cell vaccine which was causing brain damage and serious side effects in a substantial number of children who received it. So, we went to this newer vaccine. We're being told that this newer vaccine is less effective and it's the fault of the parents for making such a fuss about the old vaccine. And the thing is that we know that the old vaccine was incredibly ineffective and the situation that we're seeing now with huge outbreaks in the fully vaccinated was happening 25, 30 years ago with the old vaccine.
There was an article in the New York Times just the other day, Vaccine's Power Wanes After Last Dose, which shows that even if you had all five vaccines by the time you're five years old - and the US uses one more shot than we do, they have five by the time a child starts school - within two years you're no longer protected against whooping cough. So by the time you're seven years old you basically have no more protection, and they're doing this by antibodies which doesn't necessarily mean you're protected anyway. But even though they're saying this, they are saying the vaccine is not good, but it's better than nothing. Well I'm sorry, it's not, because every vaccine puts you at risk. This particular vaccine actually increases your risk of getting another disease, Bordetella parapertussis, which causes almost exactly the same symptoms of whooping cough and studies have shown it increases your risk of getting that by forty times. So it's not better than nothing. Nothing is better than the vaccine when it comes to this.
But once a vaccine has come in, once the government has put its stamp of approval on that shot, there is nothing, no evidence, no information that can come out that can seem to change their course of saying that everybody must take the shot. And when vaccines are ineffective - like the whooping cough vaccine, like the chickenpox vaccine - when it is proven that they don't work the answer is not stop using the vaccine and try and find something better, the answer is use more doses of the vaccine. So, the vaccine is being shown to work for maybe three years. So the government is now looking at giving everyone vaccines against whooping cough every three years. Forever.

Leon: As I said, the plan is a cradle to grave medical intervention in the life of humanity. We are here in defence of individuality, in defence of the individual being able to say I do not trust this system that they are building. I do not trust the scientists, I do not trust Bill Gates, I do not trust the social engineers because I know what their plans are. Their plans are a two-tiered society. A society where they have a ruling class that tell the productive working class under them what they must do, what they must take, what they must eat, what they must drink, the hours they must work, what they must do with their money, the tax they must pay, indeed, the healthcare that they receive. And we are here as individuals saying, no, we want to be free humanity, we want to grow our own food, we want to live our own life and we want to make decisions regarding our own medical care.

Meryl: That's exactly right. And it's a reasonable request. It's our body, it's our children's body. We have the right to this information, we have the right to make a decision for ourselves, and no government has the right to tell us what we have to do. It amazes me when I look at the hospital workers, let's say, the nurses, the physiotherapists, the occupational therapists, the people who work in the hospitals who've been told that they will lose their jobs if they don't take vaccines, that they don't kick up a stink; that they don't say, hang on a second, who gives you the right to do this? There is no legislation in any state that allows anyone to tell you that you have to be vaccinated. And yet, health departments in different states have written policies. In New South Wales it's the worst. The policy says that you have to get up to ten vaccines in order to work in the hospital system. Well, who gives them the right? You cannot make legislation, you cannot make policies without legislation that are discriminatory and this is discriminatory. And it's up to the people who work in the hospital system to say enough is enough, I'm taking action on this. The AVN worked on this for a year and we got no support from within the medical community. And I feel terrible when I have people contact me, which happens constantly, saying that they're losing their jobs because they didn't get vaccinated. And I have to think in the back of my head, well, what are you going to do about this. When are you going to organise the people that you're working with and start taking action. We can't do everything.

Leon: That's because, Meryl, they've been trained to not ask questions. They've been trained to not exert their individuality because the system we live in today is a total propaganda system and people become subject to the reality that they are being taught exists. And this is the greatest science to study, the way that our society today in the last fifty years is being transformed into a dumbed down society through the media and through the propagation of the social scientists so the individual feels powerless, but we need to push back and we will push back and we'll keep talking about it. Meryl Dorey, thanks for joining us on Fairdinkum Radio.

Meryl: Thank you so much, Leon.

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