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Vaxxed Movie Oz Tour Kicks Off


The movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is an anti-vaccination propaganda piece directed by disgraced no-longer-a-doctor Andrew Wakefield. I have previously discussed this movie in posts Vaxxed the movie: Australian Premiere and Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

I highly recommend the following posts for a thorough shake-down of this celluloid travesty:

The Tour - an Overview

The AVN's Vaxxed tour is being held over a two week period starting with a screening on 23 July in the Sunshine Coast and finishing on 5 August in Adelaide. The Vaxxed team will also be conducting live interviews at certain locations during the road trip.

Screenings have been scheduled for:

All screenings will have a Q&A session with the USA Vaxxed team, as well as the team doing interviews with (alleged) vaccine damaged families.

Interviews with people about vaccine damage have been scheduled for:

  • 27 Jul: Byron Bay, NSW
  • 27 Jul: Port Macquarie, NSW

Venue locations are being kept secret until two hours before the start of screening, in an attempt to stop concerned members of the public and medical professionals putting pressure on the venue owners to take responsibility for their participation in damaging public health. It must be noted that the AVN has intentionally misled some venue owners as to the nature of the event; caution is advised before assuming the venue operators condone this movie or support the anti-vaccination movement.

The Vaxxed Team

In a surprise announcement on the 23 July via an AVN Facebook live video we're informed that each Q&A session following the screenings will feature infamous anti-vaccination campaigners Polly Tommey, Brian Hooker and Suzanne Humphries, not by Skype but in the flesh.

Polly Tommey confirmed in this video that the USA team expenses for the Australian tour had been met by raised funds.
So now all the high court challenge supporters know how their donations are being spent. Four international airfares and all expenses paid for tripping all over Australia, as well as the expenses for Meryl Dorey, Tasha David and Jennifer Smith. Slow clap for honesty and transparency.

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