Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Vaxxed Movie Oz Tour - Campbelltown NSW

A pro-choice message from AVN

I think the risk-benefit ratio for a child

who is looked after properly and is fed properly

is to not vaccinate.

Dr Suzanne Humphries, AVN Vaxxed Q&A, 30 July 2017

This screening and Q&A session took place on 30 July 2017 at Event Cinemas, Campbelltown, NSW. Panelists for the Q&A were Suzanne Humphries, Brian Hooker, Polly Tommey and Meryl Dorey.

Questions from the audience were similar to the previous Q&As; health professionals worried about their jobs, questions about diseases, autism, etc.
On the panel side, Meryl Dorey advised that a chiropractor at yesterday's event in Sutherland had arranged for 20 of his patients to attend. As for Hooker, Humphries and Tommey they really let rip with the anti-vaccination messages. Whether it was because they were growing in confidence with the tour, or annoyed with the media coverage they'd been receiving, they were straight out telling people not to vaccinate.

Here are some highlights of the Q&A session:

Polly Tommey addressing a question by a naturopath:

"…I do not understand anybody in the medical profession - I don't care who you are or how many qualifications you have - if you recommend vaccines or give vaccines in any single way whatsoever, you are part of the problem because look at the ingredients - it includes death."

"And what if one those vaccines, one of those things that you recommend, one of those schedules that you recommend, causes death. We all know on the insert that it does."

"So I agree with Meryl; step away, do the right thing, and refuse to give these vaccines. Step right away and not be part of the problem."

"The problem is people who are too frightened to do the right thing and say, 'maybe we can give just a few'.
One vaccine can kill, one vaccine. No excuse."

Dr Suzanne Humphries:

"And what I can say today, is that I look at every vaccine and I think the risk-benefit ratio for a child who is looked after properly and is fed properly, is to not vaccinate."

"And I can even argue that the child who is not looked after properly, not fed properly, is also put in a worse condition. The reason I say what I say is because if you're not going to vaccinate at least be doing everything else right so that you're giving that child the best chance to stay out of the system. Because if you are an unvaccinated person that goes into the system, then you are the one that's going to be abused the most."

Dr Brian Hooker:

"Regarding your first question, I cannot think of any vaccine that would trump having a diagnosis of autism, developmental disability, eczema, asthma, auto-immune disorders."

Dr Suzanne Humphries:

"That's how the media has been programmed to go. That's how your talking heads here in the government have programmed everybody: short-circuit your thinking, look at the baby with no limbs with red dots, with chicken pox and ulcers, babies in coffins, babies lying on their back gagging from whooping cough that doctors, first of all, can't diagnose it and second of all, they mistreat it over and over and over, giving steroids and broncho dilators and things that actually make it worse: antibiotics, take the baby away from its mother, lay it on its back…"

"What they should really be afraid of is how these diseases are treated by doctors today. How vaccine injury are not diagnosed and how they're mistreated by doctors today."

"That's where the fear really should be and not of the actual infectious diseases."

"But you don't know that unless you've done enough research or reading, and believe that you've been lied to. That's the first step; is to be open to the fact that you've been massively lied to since at least the 1980s here in this country."

Dr Suzanne Humphries:

"So when I woke up to the issue of the problem of vaccines it was older people that I was seeing reactions in."

"I was seeing death and all sorts of other organ problems; it wasn't autism or mental issues at all."

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