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Vaxxed Movie Oz Tour - Maleny QLD

A pro-choice message from AVN:

It takes one vaccine to kill your child

or ruin your child's life, and your life, forever.

Polly Tommey, AVN Vaxxed Q&A, 23 July 2017

The first Vaxxed screening and Q&A session took place on 23 July 2017 at the Maleny Community Centre, Maleny QLD.

Audience at the Maleny QLD screening of Vaxxed, 23 July 2017.
Following the movie screening a Q&A session was held, with the panel consisting of:
  • Suzanne Humphries
  • Brian Hooker
  • Polly Tommey
  • Meryl Dorey

The USA Vaxxed team live-streamed the Q&A session to its official social media accounts:

This first Q&A session highlighted the purposes of this tour; to encourage, support and educate its supporters on how to become effective anti-vaccination activists, and to instil fear and doubt about vaccination in everybody else.

Following are some highlights from the Q&A session.

To serve as evidence that Vaxxed is indeed an effective anti-vaccination propaganda piece, we heard an audience member addressing the panel, stating "I don't have a vaccine-damaged child and it's thanks to you". "Our whole family has done a complete 180 on vaccines…", and boasts about her healthy, unvaccinated 19 month old child.

In response to a question about updates to the No Jab, No Pay (NJNP) legislation, Meryl Dorey explained that NJNP will be expanded to adults, affecting pension and disability payments. Dorey stated that half of all disability pension payments go to families with an autism-related disability.
Polly Tommey then embarks on a cult-recruitment drive, stating that "… all of this is designed to have you live in complete fear; that's what it's all about. What you have to do is get together and look after each other. Join this organisation [AVSN]. You don't actually need money if you look after each other. In Texas, we have our own doctors, our own dentists…"… "we look after each other…" …"Take control and refuse to live in fear and you'll win."

After a hilarious Freeman on the land rant by a member of the audience, the next audience member slams us back to earth, emotionally talking about her inability to cope with an autistic child.
And this is what Vaxxed is really all about. Preying on extremely vulnerable people in our communities; (empty) promises of help and support they desperately crave; providing that shoulder to cry on. Parasites.

More cult-recruitment was to follow, this time in response to a question about vaccinations and employment. Tommey advised people to chuck in their jobs: "So I say to you - I know you love your job and I'm sure you're brilliant at it, but if you know the truth, you have to do the right thing. You have to. And that's how we win it, when everybody comes forward and says, 'You know what, I'm done with this.'"
Suzanne Humphries jumped in, advising people to band together, like the nurses did in the USA. "Try and find other people… have casual conversations… put your detectors out there to find more people who think like you and act as a group."

In response to a question about how the USA vaccine schedule compares to Australia, Dorey and Hooker go back and forth mentioning various vaccines before Tommey grabbed the microphone to announce,

"The point is, it takes one vaccine to kill your child or ruin your child's life, and your life, forever."

Shortly after, we heard the old trope of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies. Humphries believes the only reason they want to get everybody (children and adults) vaccinated is so such studies cannot be conducted.

Later, we hear Humphries instruct the audience on how to do their own cult-recruitment:

Suzanne Humphries:

"…one of our jobs is to start talking to people on the streets, where ever you go, have you heard about this and dropping little facts…"

"…there's such a reservoir of people out there who do need to be woken up…"

"…and that's why they're terrified of us, that's why they didn't want us to be here…"

"…because they don't want people understanding what you understand."

Anu, the video dude, finished up the Q&A session with an instruction for everyone to go live on social media, to "tell people what you're thinking… we are the mainstream media now."

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