Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Bundaberg event


Date: 5 November 2017

Venue: Old Bundy Tavern

MC: Tasha David & Meryl Dorey

Special Guest: James Lyons-Weiler (via Skype)

Live-stream video:


Q&A Highlights

Lyons-Weiler blathered on at length about topics he is grossly unqualified to discuss, spreading fear and alarm about vaccination to his audience around the world.

One particular question stuck out. In what I can only assume was a pre-arranged question, Dorey and Lyons-Weiler discussed the possibility of launching a class-action lawsuit against the Australian government to force it to analyse ACIR and medicare data to definitively prove whether the unvaccinated are healthier than the vaccinated.

The AVN must be running low on funds after so much international and domestic travelling recently. It knows it can now rely on legal fundraisers to fill the coffers for other purposes (refer High Court Challenge Scam).

Save the vaccine, not people

James Lyons-Weiler:

And right now we're looking at pertussis vaccination as a very, very serious problem in the United States because it's been called a failed vaccine.

The lasting immunity is not there in any age group.

The TDaP, DTaP vaccination program has been labelled by the vaccinologists, by the people promoting vaccines, as a failed vaccine paradigm.

And so they wanted to move the vaccines, the vaccination, into pregnancy and start vaccinating pregnant ladies.

The committee that informs and advises the CDC about which vaccines should be added to the schedule, the ACIP committee, specifically stated that there's not enough safety data to warrant bringing it into, to support the notion of bringing it into pregnancy, bringing the DTaP, pertussis vaccination, into pregnancy. But they recommended it anyway.

And so they started vaccinating women in the United States during pregnancy with, against pertussis. Specifically with the hope - that was the quote, the specific quote - we hope that this is going to be ok.

The precedent here and their focus is to save the vaccine itself; it's not to save people from whooping cough.

Whooping cough is a treatable disorder.

Medical staff spreading pertussis

James Lyons-Weiler:

And so what's happening is if you have people who were recently vaccinated against pertussis - and the CDC admits this - they say if you've been recently vaccinated against pertussis you should stay away from an infant.

Right, they're asymptomatic, they can't possibly know if they have an infection and yet they're holding and treating babies, these medical doctors themselves, nurses, are injected and potentially spreading pertussis.

Flu vaccine is insane

James Lyons-Weiler:

And so we see in adults who have thimerosal-containing vaccines an increased risk of other respiratory viruses that are not flu. And so most certainly what's happening is that these people are not getting flu; they're getting other types of respiratory illnesses that are flu-like after receiving a thimerosal-containing vaccine. Right.

So it's patently obvious to me, anyway, that it's kind of insane to take something like mercury, that has a 27 year half-life - it goes to the brain and sits there for 27 years half-life - then inject it into an infant that's developing.

At the adult level, it's patently insane to me to take a substance that's known to disable our immune system and inject it as if we're fighting off the likelihood of infection from flu.

MMR is Useless

James Lyons-Weiler:

At Syracuse University they had to shut down a sports event, a major sports event, because 50 kids, 50 college students, came down with mumps. All of them had been vaccinated. So what's the CDC's response? The CDC's response is, well, we'll add another dose of the MMR. Right?

But if you're at 10% - I've done the math - if you're at 10% efficacy - if whistleblowers are correct - and you're at 10% efficacy and you're going to vaccinate and you want to get to 85% as they claimed, you have to vaccinate 14 times with the MMR. That's assuming then that everytime you vaccinate the population that was already vaccinated, you're getting another 10%, which is a very bad assumption.

It's a useless vaccine.
The MMR for mumps is a useless vaccine.

Big Pharma & health officials irrational and dangerous

James Lyons-Weiler:

So we have plenty of vaccine injured individuals; unfortunately. There's a tragedy going on everyday. Why not take those individuals who've received vaccines and look at their characteristics, look at their genetics, and look at their vaccination history. Look at everything about those individuals and biomarkers and try and determine and compare to people who don't get vaccine injured.

Could we predict who's going to get a vaccine injury, who's going to suffer a vaccine injury. And that way we could put up a screen that says, ok you don't get this vaccine or you don't get vaccines at all. That would be a much more rational approach to solve the problem that plagues us rather than using shame and guilt and policemen and raiding doctors' offices and seizing their records and destroying peoples' careers.

You know, there's a rational way to go about this. The problem is the people who are in charge of public health policy and the people who are in charge of manufacturing vaccines are not rational.

They are absolutely irrational and they're very dangerous.

Entire Population will be Vaccine Injured

James Lyons-Weiler:

We should rely on approaches to natural immunity like breastfeeding, lifelong immunity from more effective vaccines where we don't have this waning immunity.

The problem with looking at this as something that's easy to do and trivial is that it's scientifically incorrect and morally reprehensible to think that we have a technology that we want to put on an entire population with mandates means that we will find every individual in the population who will be injured if we have 100% compliance with vaccination through mandates.

We will find and injure every person who will be injured, right, while they're doing nothing to make the vaccines safer.

We Are All Guinea-Pigs

James Lyons-Weiler:

There are people who are getting letters in the United States here of their practices that are dismissing the patients.
And what I tell vaccine risk aware parents to do, is to write their own letter of dismissal and dismiss that practice in kind for being unprofessional, for being not concerned about the welfare of their child, for being unaware of vaccine risk because it's the medical community's responsibility to know the risks and the benefits of any medical procedure.

And informed consent, at least in the United States, is covered both at the state level and at the federal level, both for medical practice and for experimentation.

And because the vaccine safety is looked at after the vaccine is released to the market, all of us are enrolled in a clinical trial but none of us have ever consented to be in that clinical trial.

So in a very real way that's a violation, at least in the United States, of federal law and regulations. I take that very seriously.

Medieval Technology

James Lyons-Weiler:

This is medieval technology. This is mercury. This is, you know, sticking aluminium in the body; aluminium is a potent neurotoxin. And we know this. All of medicine knows this except for those who promote vaccines.

They don't accept the rest of the science, they don't pay attention to the rest of the science that says aluminium is a problem.

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