Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Emerald event


Date: 25 October 2017

Venue: The Maraboon Tavern

MC: Meryl Dorey

Special Guests:

Live-stream video:

Q&A Highlights

The Q&A video shows Andrew Wakefield appearing via Skype from the Tommey's residence. Polly Tommey does not appear on the AVN video. As there is no video published by Tommey I assume she failed to make an appearance at this event. This is the 2nd no-show by Polly Tommey.

As has been the case in all previous AVN Vaxxed Q&A events, it was nothing but a tragedy of vaccine misinformation from start to finish, intended to instill fear, doubt and mistrust in the audience about vaccinations, medical professionals and health officials.

Wakefield promoted homeoprophylaxis (WATER) for disease prevention instead of vaccines, and he made the most of his time promoting Vaxxed and his other work.

This first video snippet is enlightening. Here we see Wakefield, in his own words, demonstrate that Vaxxed is an anti-vaccination film, claiming that Vaxxed was solely responsible for a massive increase in people believing that vaccines cause autism.

Andrew Wakefield:

The truth is, one thing people can do is… just let me put this in context. Every year in America there is a poll; it's called YOUGOV, Y.O.U.G.O.V And every year they ask the question, "Do you believe that vaccines cause autism?"
And before Vaxxed came out in 2015, 13% of the voting public said definitely or probably. After the movie came out, a year later, it was 31%. That is a massive change.
This is the power of film; nothing else had happened in the meantime. So that is why I now make films because people understand film. Film is a mechanism for starting a conversation.

How will it end? Well, it will end when we end it. Because the politicians won't end it, the drug companies certainly won't end it, public health officials are blinded to this issue. So it has to end when that 31% becomes 51%. And you vote for people who are going to make that change.

So, my recommendation to you is get Vaxxed out as far and wide across Australia as you possibly can, because that's what they don't want. That's what they're terrified of, that's why they banned Polly and tried to stop it, ok? Because it brings the truth.
So, encourage everyone you know to watch this movie. Because it's the beginning of the conversation.
So please, please, if there's one thing you can do, is do that. Because in America, it has changed people's minds.

Andrew Wakefield:

Yes, I think that one thing that struck me was the number of deaths. You see, as a clinician you don't see deaths. I don't mean to be facetious but there is no clinic for dead children or adults.
… but you as a clinician you see autism, you see bowel disease, whatever your specialty is, but you don't see deaths.

So I wasn't aware of the sheer number of children who've died. And the story was so consistent. The pattern of death is very, very interesting. SIDS deaths have been put down to coincidence and when you look at the stories… and as I'm going around with the bus and listening to the parent's stories. The stories of death were the child had the vaccine, the baby had the vaccine in the first year of life, then had a fever and then became very, very disturbed and couldn't be settled and screaming. And then started banging their head or having a seizure and then went into a coma and then died. The doctors say that's just coincidence but what if it's not. This is what surprised me, the doctors failure to address the stories.

Andrew Wakefield:

You know, the idea that there are genetic markers that may predict susceptibility is absolutely right. MTHFR is one of them and it's one involved in your ability to detoxify toxic exposures. But the system has been very, very reluctant to embrace that. Why? Because it entertains the idea that it's not safe for every child. And their whole policy is based on one size fits all.

So the way you've got to resist it is either at the individual level and refuse [inaudible] whatever the consequences might be…
Or you say you protest at the individual level or you protest collectively. But if you don't protest it's going to get a whole lot, lot worse because in this country, in the U.S., there are nearly 300 new vaccines in the pipeline, ok. And many of those will be mandated. So, if you allow mandatory vaccine laws to be passed then you face not only the consequences of the current schedule but of much greater schedule and far more damage and death as a consequence.
It's up to people to resist both individually and collectively.

Andrew Wakefield:

[part 1]
What people need to realise, first of all - and the industry do not want you to know this - is that Gardasil 4 was not one vaccine but four vaccines. Gardasil 9 is not one vaccine but nine vaccines, ok? Your child is getting nine vaccines on the same occasion plus everything else they might give you. They're made individually and combined.
So, Gardasil is one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market.

[part 2]
It's never been shown to prevent anything.

[part 3]
It's a very, very dangerous vaccine, in my opinion. There are a huge number of complications and new diseases arising out of it… And as you probably know, it's already been scrutinised in Japan and Europe. In Colombia there is a class action… The Japanese have withdrawn their government recommended program for HPV vaccination based on safety concerns. And yet everybody else is told it's perfectly safe and is a wonderful vaccine. It is not.

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