Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Ipswich event


Date: 21 October 2017

MC: Meryl Dorey

Assistants: Tristan Van Rye, Dan DeBuriatte, Andy Somes

Special Guests:

Live-stream video:

Q&A Highlights

The Q&A session consisted of the audience asking questions of featured guest, Kent Heckenlively, who appeared via Skype from America.

World's No.1 Clown
Heckenlively introduced himself to the Vaxxed audience looking ridiculous, wearing Groucho Marx glasses, pretending to be the Prime Minister's wife, Lucy Turnbull.
"I come to Australia diguised as Lucy Turnbull. The only difference between Lucy Turnbull and me is she has a thicker moustache and I don't have six million shares of pharmaceutical company stock."

"The Dangerous Science Tour has made landfall in Australia…"

Heckenlively continued to make numerous juvenile references about the Australian Prime Minister throughout the session, claiming he would write another public letter to Malcolm Turnbull, taunting him that despite the visa refusal he wanted to tell the Prime Minister how much he enjoyed speaking to his countrymen.

But enough of the joviality. The session immediately descended into a conspiracy hellhole, delivering dangerous misinformation about vaccination and incitement by Heckenlively for anti-vaccination activists to up the ante and increase pressure on the government and medical professionals.

Following are some highlights of the session.

Kent Heckenlively:

What you're telling me is that elderly people are dying after their flu shots and our response is to typically say, 'hey, did you know these people died after their flu shots?'
This is state-sponsored killing that's going on.

It is state-sponsored maiming of our children that's going on.

We're just screwed in this situation… It doesn't get bigger than killing your old people and maiming your young.

Kent Heckenlively:

I always say, we're not in a normal situation. They don't want to talk to us. So we have to come up with provocative ways to bring attention to the issues…

You need to become difficult to them.

You need to make them mad.

You need to make them look fools.

Meryl Dorey answering an audience question about flu vaccines and the elderly.

Dorey blames the flu vaccination itself for the deaths of elderly patients during our most recent flu outbreak, describing them as "dropping like flies".

She also claimed the government used these deaths to push for mandatory vaccination for all nursing home workers.

In answer to a question about what rights parents have if they don't vaccinate their children, Kent Heckenlively suggested that parents should HIDE their children; keep them out of the system as much as possible, even it means not seeing a doctor at all.

Now to the lowlights of the Q&A session. It was a comedy of errors made possible by Amateur Productions Inc. The whole thing was filmed in portrait mode (good grief) by what I think was Dan jumping around on a pogo-stick; audio problems galore, and dropped internet connections. 1 star.

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