Diluted Thinking
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Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Mackay event


Date: 27 October 2017

MC: Meryl Dorey

Special Guests:

Live-stream video:

Q&A Highlights

This was the final appearance of Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield for this tour.
And oh boy, did they let rip with the vaccine misinformation and scare-mongering.

Here are just a few excerpts, more will be added shortly.

Vaccines kill - you may not survive vaccination

Polly Tommey:

…unless of course you're Daniel Ramirez and you die after the vaccine. Look, I'm not going to mince around with this. Once that needle goes in we have no idea what's going to happen afterwards. Your child may be lucky and maybe just get lifelong allergies, or maybe a little bit of paralysis, or maybe like Billy brain-damaged for the rest of his life or your child may die.

Death is on the insert and it's very, very, very real. I have seen children and adults, 19-year-olds who've just had the flu vaccine that have died following vaccines. So please do not think that this is not a very, very serious matter.
Your child, and you, if you are vaccinated could die.
And that is the real reality here. So all these people, and we hear it… and Dr Suzanne I'm pretty sure would say something along the same lines is please do not think "oh I'll get my children vaccinated and I'll deal with it afterwards", because you may not be so lucky.
Your child may not survive it. That is the truth.

Massive problems with vaccine schedule

Andrew Wakefield:

So, putting the combination together is not the same as the single. It's very, very different and it produces new and unexpected adverse reactions. So my fear was combination vaccines.
And when we looked at autism, in the thousands of children I've seen, that we saw one case where the mother reported the use of the single vaccine, the measles vaccine, at six months of age and then repeated at 12 months of age.
But the great majority, the vast majority, were MMR.

And as I've gone further into this over the last 25 years I've become more and more concerned about every single vaccine. And the more I learn I realise the less that I know and the more complex it is.

There are massive problems with the vaccine schedule, massive problems and every day throws up a new one.

Catch-up Schedule is Bad & Terrifying

Tommey & Wakefield responding to an audience question in regard to the court ordering her four year old child be vaccinated.

Andrew Wakefield & Polly Tommey:

Ok, catch-up is not good. There's nothing good about it. You're better to stay on the… if you're going to vaccinate, stay on the schedule but catching up… is nothing but disaster after disaster.
It breaks my heart to hear that these children are being used in this way and it's the same story over and over again.

So if nothing else, teach your children to thoroughly vet who they have children with. And not just their partner; the in-laws as well. We hear about grandparents who sneak these children off for vaccines. You have to thoroughly check out who the family is…

By the way, guys, that's one of the reasons why we're going down the tubes is we keep asking for doctors' advice over and over again.

Have you not learnt that you cannot trust any doctors. FACT. True story. Stick to the parents.

Polly's absolutely right. We hear this story time and time again. There's a study… there's a report by Neil Z Miller on multiple vaccines. Please look it up. I don't have it to hand otherwise I'd give you the full reference. But Neil Z Miller about multiple vaccines at the same time not being a good choice and the reasons for that. So please look at that.

Yes there is evidence, I can't cite it or give you the references again off the top of my head, but there is an abundance of literature showing that more is not better and the complication rate increases with the more you give.
Please pull that research together. Meryl, you may know some of that literature or have access to it, but this lady clearly needs help.

Because at four years of age being given a catch-up schedule is going to be an enormous burden.

It's terrifying.

Do NOT Go To Check-ups; Watch Vaxxed!

Andrew Wakefield & Polly Tommey:

The question is "what is your advice when - I love this question so I really don't think I should answer it, but I'm going to have to and then Andy will give you the doctor's opinion - what is your advice when I take my child in for a check-up at the doctor when they talk about vaccines?

My advice - and everybody else on social media's advice - is
do not go for a check-up because there's nothing wrong with your child.

If your child is not sick,
Stay away from these people and then you don't have to get in that conversation. And then they don't have to write you down and report you to social services because you're not vaccinated.

And the biggest bit of advice that I know Suzanne talks about is know your stuff. Know what you're saying when you're going in. If you can't comprehend it - which is fine, a lot of people can't - take someone in that is really, really bright. Take Meryl in, take Tasha in, do whatever you have to do to make sure that you know what you're talking about when you go in. But everybody's advice right here, right now is
Do Not Go To These Check-Ups.

They call them health check-ups. This is where you go… you're going to have your child's head measured, and the height and the weight; you can do that at home. You do not need to put yourself in a situation where they're going to mark you down as a mother who refuses vaccines. And don't think that because you're in Australia you have to go because I've spoken to a lot of parents in Australia who are staying off, out of the system, and their children are doing fantastically.

And if you do go, take them a copy of Vaxxed and say, "we'll talk about this once you've watched this film. Thank you. Goodbye".

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