Diluted Thinking
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Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Maryborough event


Date: 6 November 2017

Venue: Maryborough Motel and Conference Centre

MC: Tasha David & Meryl Dorey

Special Guests: Kent Heckenlively (via Skype) - did not appear.

Live-stream video:

Q&A Highlights

The special guest, Kent Heckenlively, was a no-show and an explanation for this doesn't appear on any of the live videos. I assume the venue audience was informed.

A Fraser Coast Chronicle reporter attended the event but apparently left only an hour into the screening. Dorey put out a flying-monkey call to swamp the editor with phone calls if the ensuing article is negative.

Audience questions were directed to Meryl Dorey and Tasha David but many answers were hijacked by a loud-mouthed audience member who basically took over the show.

Overall, the Q&A session was fairly predictable and a repeat of previous sessions.
Dorey made her claims that no vaccine is safe and effective; no studies have been done comparing the health of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated; vaccine-preventable diseases are mild and vaccines were not responsible for the decrease in death rates; Turnbull bashing; Big Pharma controls the world and the media; antivax doctors being persecuted; Tommey banned under terrorism legislation.

Dorey also claimed that "these people" don't care about your children's health; they are only concerned with protecting the vaccination program.

As in the Bundaberg Q&A, Dorey ranted on about the government refusing to analyse the ACIR and medicare data to compare the health of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

Audience members were encouraged to contact their local politicians and to join their local [antivax] group.

And that, folks, is it. Tour over.

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