Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Rockhampton event


Date: 26 October 2017

MC: Meryl Dorey

Special Guests:

Live-stream video:

Q&A Highlights

Andrew Wakefield and Polly Tommey made the most of the Q&A, spreading fear and doubt about vaccination, sowing distrust in the audience about the medical profession, and promoting their movie Vaxxed.

Here are some highlights.

The Dangers of Gardasil 9

Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield putting the fear of god into people about Gardasil, with Tommey describing it as wicked and akin to murder.

Polly Tommey & Andrew Wakefield:

[Question: Do you have any thoughts about the new Gardasil 9 vaccine that's just been introduced to Australia?]

Tommey:[look of contempt]
Do we have any thoughts on it?

About the Gardasil 9 vaccine… [interruped by Tommey]

It's murder in an injection, in a vaccine.
No. It is wicked, wicked.
There's nothing more to say than we've been around this country interviewing people;
it's the most wicked vaccine Gardasil HPV, Gardasil 9.

Gardasil 9 is not one vaccine, it's nine vaccines, something that Merck don't want you to know. Gardasil 4 was four vaccines, making them individually then combining them. Gardasil 9 is nine vaccines, they make them individually and combine them. And it'll go on and on and on. So please bear that in mind when considering your child having multiple vaccines on the same day.
I have nothing good to say about Gardasil.

…when the go into the GPs to get, whatever you need to do, they love to give the Gardasil with the flu vaccine as well. And all we are recording is ovaries being shut down, 16-year-olds' death, paralysis, loss of life and loss of will to live; these young teenagers after they have the Gardasil.
So please, stay away from this vaccine, if nothing else.
It is the most horrific vaccine out there and we must collectively stop this.

Group lawsuits, class action lawsuits, are starting up around the world against, on behalf of the victims of Gardasil. Columbia, other countries, the Japanese have suspended their government Gardasil program. Please go to sanevax.org and other…[Tommey talks over Wakefield]

REGRET. REGRET is in Ireland as well. But if not, just go to Vaxxed.com and look at the Gardasil stories, they will horrify you, horrify you.
So please, stay away from that vaccine.
[faux sheepishly] Can't believe I'm talking about this to be honest.

No Safe and Effective Vaccine; Stop Listening to Doctors

Polly Tommey stating there is no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine and advising parents to stay away from doctors and to do their own research.

Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield:

I, on the other hand, do give advice. And I have to say, that the people - and I mean this, around the world, not just in America. As you know, I've been to Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and we have done stories on every single vaccine. And Andy's right. We do know a boy that had a single measles vaccine and he is so severely disabled.
There is no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine.
And the people who have even started this vaccine program in the first place, have made such a mess that even if the world stopped vaccinating tomorrow we would take years to undo. We've lost our natural immunity.
Parents, stop listening to doctors and do your own research.
You are clever enough. People think that Gods are these doctors in white coats.
These are the people that have made the mess and injured and killed our children around the world.
You have to take control. And if you don't think you can do it go to another parent that can. We've got each other's backs.
But please, please, please, there is no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine.
And even CDC itself says they're unavoidably unsafe. It's all there. Merck have covered themselves in the insert. Look at what's going on. Follow the money trail. Wake up and realise that they're trying to put the fear of death into your children and you. Please do your research because I promise you, I promise you, parent to parent,
there is no safe vaccine.
Look at the unvaccinated. Superbly healthy, how your child should be.
[addressing Wakefield] I had to say that, I'm sorry, you did a very good job.

It's wonderful. I mention marijuana and we get censored and you mention that…

I don't get censored because I have a great [inaudible].

Stay Away From Doctors

Polly Tommey advising parents of autistic children to stay away from doctors and only seek [the best] advice from other parents that believe vaccines cause autism.

Polly Tommey:

Right. And that's a very good point because
you need to stay away from the GPs, guys, because they will tell you it's normal. And what you will do with that is waste valuable time. You don't need a GP to tell you that your child needs to change his diet. Go to the parents. The parents are the people with the best advice. The parents who know that vaccines cause this autism. And they're the ones to go, not the ones that say it's not the vaccines because they won't know how to help their child.
So stick with us, stick with the group. Go to We Are Vaxxed, Autism Mothers, many many good sites and stick with the people and they will show you how to get through this.

The Dangers of Vitamin K

Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield discussing the vitamin K injection that is given to babies and stating that vitamin K is every bit as dangerous as all other vaccines.

Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield:

And while we're talking about vitamin K, as we go around doing these stories we are noticing still a huge difference in the unvaccinated and they've had just the vitamin K at birth, either by drops or vaccine, I mean injection.
And sick, they're still sick, they're still injured.
So we put that vitamin K in the same category as the dangers of vaccination.
So you really must be careful and really do your research on that vitamin K. Because we did not have that when we were younger, it is a relatively…

What is your thinking on that…

The children are sick, they're sick.

What's in it. Aluminium…

It's not good. What's in vitamin K, does anybody know? All these people know here. We need Suzanne, too early…
But we are seeing a difference in the people who do not have the vitamin K at birth. Their kids are way more healthier, way more healthier. The minute we hear they're unvaccinated but have had that vitamin K; the jaundice, the sickness, the injury, it's as bad it is with the vaccines. So I'm putting that in the same category. The people say ok, it's not a vaccine, don't worry.
Do worry. It's a really bad thing to put into your child, I will not have it.

Stand and Fight or else No Safe Place To Go

Andrew Wakefield:
The question is… a mother who's used homeoprophylaxis as a way of preventing infection or protecting her child, and will she have to leave Australia in the face of increasing vaccine mandate.
Two things to say. One is that, what is the future for Australia. It seems to be that many countries are moving inexorably towards mandatory vaccination. Although I'm told that Angela Merkel, the German leader, yesterday declared that she was against mandatory vaccinations which is really interesting. France has a vote on Monday about whether they should move to mandatory vaccinations, so it's the first of a series of votes. Question therefore where is it safe to go if you leave Australia; you may just be sailing around the world looking for a safe country.
It's going to become an increasingly vexxed issue for a long time as the drug companies try and force us to become consumers of their products.
We just have to fight. My recommendation is you stand and fight where you are. You get together, you use the film Vaxxed as a tool to persuade the media and politicians; you've got huge commercial interests fighting against you.
But in the end, the market wins. And you are the market. You are the consumer. And if you say no, then how many prisons are they going to build, how many children they're going to take away; they haven't thought this through at all.
But we do have to stand and fight, otherwise there'll be no safe place in the world to go.

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