Diluted Thinking
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Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Roma event


Date: 23 October 2017

Venue: Roma Cultural Centre (operated by Maranoa Regional Council)

MC: Meryl Dorey

Special Guests:

  • Dr Stephanie Seneff (via Skype);
  • Polly Tommey (via Skype) - did not appear.
    In August 2017, Tommey received a three year re-entry ban to Australia for "posing a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community";
  • Jonathan Tommey (via Skype) - did not appear.

Live-stream video: AVN Facebook 9:03pm

Unbelievably, a council facility was used to host this event. It beggars belief that Maranoa Regional Council was so lax in allowing this event to proceed, given recent media attention about the AVN Vaxxed tour throughout regional QLD.
No matter what the council was told at the time of the booking, the public liability insurance form would have been in the name of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network.
We'll be hearing more about this issue.

Q&A Highlights

Again, terrible audio quality from echoing in the hall. I assume, like Toowoomba, this event was very poorly attended. Seneff was basically unintelligible, and Meryl Dorey and audience questions were mostly inaudible.

The video of the event only shows Dr Stephanie Seneff talking via Skype.
Neither Polly Tommey nor Jon Tommey made their scheduled appearance (in the published video we are given no explanation as to why; the Roma audience may have been informed).

Seneff used her time well, spreading misinformation about vaccines from the word go.
The video quality is too poor to bother with video snippets, so following are some quotes from the Q&A session.

Meryl Dorey: (emphases mine)

"I have been researching the issue of vaccinations for over 27 years, since my son was vaccine injured and we realised that it was a vaccine injury. And I have a read an awful lot of information about vaccination and I always wondered how it is that so many people at the top of the medical field, in government, in the media, could possibly be ignorant of what they're doing. I believe the doctors at the coalface, the paediatricians, the immunologists, perhaps don't know what they're doing."

"So I do believe strongly that this CDC information is just typical of what is happening with the authorities, the government and the media, and in the medical industry. That, somehow, they have lost their conscience. They have lost their ability to understand the harm that they are causing."

"2001 is when the CDC did this study. 16 years, more than 16 million autistic children in the United States alone. These cases of autism could have been prevented if the CDC had not covered this up."

Meryl Dorey: (emphases mine)

"I believe that one thing that might come out of tonight, and hopefully out of this tour, is that local communities will start to work together to oppose these sorts of things, to spread the information, to speak the truth.
Because our government, our medical community and our media, are lying.

And because of those lies, children are being harmed every single day."

Stephanie Seneff, selected quotes:

re: embrace measles, a trivial disease

"So you're really stuck in a bad situation if you've got a fully vaccinated population instead of a population that acquired immunity naturally."

"I think vaccination is an incorrect hypothesis… vaccines is harming your generic immunity… so everytime you give vaccines, you set back the general immunity…"

"So it's really much, much better to contract the measles. If you have a healthy immune system it would be a trivial disease."

"I've had all of… measles, mumps and chickenpox and none of them were anything memorable. We went through it, it was fine. We were barely even sick… there was no big deal with it."

Today we are so obsessed it… we shouldn't be. They should really embrace measles."

re: Gardasil

"I'm very concerned about Gardasil…"

"Gardasil 9 … has more than twice as much aluminium."

"and of course, they've never demonstrated that Gardasil actually protects from cervical cancer."

re: toxic ingredients in vaccines

"… and they potentially putting toxic ingredients into the vaccines such as mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde. These things are really toxic.
[inaudible] … if known ingredients are toxic. And to think you could just inject a child with aluminium and not have some kind of repercussion from that is really very poor [inaudible], in my opinion."

"We're a giant experiment with vaccines"

re: mercury found in vaccines is safer than the mercury found in fish

"[inaudible]… form of mercury in vaccines is not as toxic as the methyl mercury in fish. Thimerosal has ethyl mercury… but a recent paper showed very good evidence that ethyl mercury is actually more toxic - considerably more toxic - than methyl mercury. So, that is false information."

Other topics Seneff covered included blaming glysophate and other contaminants in vaccines for the exponential rise in autism and vaccines causing food allergies and a host of immune system problems.

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