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Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Summary & Video Guide

Quick Summary

Audience numbers at venues was around two dozen at best for most venues, with this number dropping off as the Q&A sessions progressed. Before claiming such low numbers as a failure it is important to note the following:
  • each event resulted in a local anti-vaccination group being formed to keep spreading the gospel in their towns;
  • the potential audience of the Q&A sessions is much higher as they were live-streamed on the internet.
    Numbers of viewers on the AVN feeds are not representative of the total audience in cases where the Skype guest was live-streaming their own feed.

Media Coverage:
Most regional newspapers published at least one article about the AVN event in their respective region and nearly all were tainted by false balance.

The worst offender was Bundaberg's News Mail, made the more egregious after its editor, Craig Warhurst, was supplied with detailed evidence of why his paper should not fall prey to false balance. I've been led to believe that this evidence was responsible for the subsequent banning of AVN advertising by all APN newspapers.

The only silver-lining was Dorey advising that APN newspapers made the decision to refuse all advertising from the AVN for these events. A small consolation given that articles containing false balance will do significantly more damage than a simple advertisement and the ban only came into effect toward the end of the tour.

The Courier-Mail showed the regionals how it's done, publishing a damning article (10 Nov) about the AVN targeting indigenous peoples at the Kuranda screening.

False and Misleading Information:
No surprises to learn that the Q&A sessions contained nothing but fear-mongering misinformation from start to finish. Dorey did her best to parrot things at the next screenings that she picked up from her previous Skype guests but, unlike our feathered-friends, managed to usually get it wrong.

The AVN made the most of the tour in ensuring that a local anti-vaccination group was left in place at each location before they left.

Regional areas in Australia are most definitely in the AVN's sights. Next year AVN plans to conduct similar tours in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Western Queensland and northern Western Australia.

And let's not forget the Australian Vaxxed bus which is due to hit the road early next year recording vaccine injury stories and spreading vaccine misinformation far and wide.

Guide to Videos

All links listed below will take you to the video embedded (with transcript) in the relevant post.


State-sponsored killing (Heckenlively)
Vaccination described as state-sponsored killing and maiming; vaccines are killing our old people and maiming our young.
Become Difficult (Heckenlively)
Inciting anti-vaccination activists to become provocative and difficult to authorities.
Vaccines killing the elderly (Dorey)
Flu vaccine resulting in old people dropping like flies and the government then using those deaths to push for mandatory vaccination.


Murder in a Needle (Polly Tommey)
Gardasil described as the most lethal, dangerous vaccine on the market; Murder in a Needle.
The Dangers of Vaccines (Polly Tommey)
Encouraging anti-vaccination activists to accost pregnant women about the dangers of vaccines and to unite and spread the gospel.
The Dark Side (Jonathan Tommey)
The Dark Side explained; how the New World Order and the Illuminati are maiming, killing and making people sterile through their depopulation agenda.


Vaxxed IS antivax (Wakefield)
Vaxxed praised for being solely responsible for the massive increase in the YouGov survey of people believing that vaccines cause autism.
Death, Death, Death (Wakefield)
Vaccines have caused a large number of deaths and doctors fail to address it.
Resist! (Wakefield)
Anti-vaccination activists incited to resist and protest.
Gardasil: very, very dangerous (Wakefield)
Gardasil described as one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market and has never been shown to prevent anything. Responsible for huge number of complications and new diseases arising out of it.


The Dangers of Gardasil 9 (Tommey & Wakefield)
Stay away from the most wicked, horrific vaccine, Gardasil; murder in a vaccine.
No Safe and Effective Vaccine (Tommey & Wakefield)
No such thing as a safe and effective vaccine. Stop listening to doctors - they made the mess that's injuring and killing our children.
Stay Away From Doctors (Tommey)
Stay away from doctors and stick with us.
The Dangers of Vitamin K (Tommey & Wakefield)
Vitamin K as dangerous as vaccines, it's a really bad thing to put into your child.
Stand and Fight, no safe place to go (Wakefield)
Use Vaxxed as a tool to stand and fight against the huge commercial interests otherwise there'll be no safe place in the world to go.


Vaccines Kill - you may not survive (Tommey)
If you're lucky vaccines will only cause brain damage; others die. Your child may not survive it.
Massive problems with the vaccine schedule. Massive (Wakefield)
After 25 years of research I'm more concerned about all vaccines. Massive problems with the schedule, every day throws up a new one.
Catch-up Schedule is Terrifying (Wakefield & Tommey)
Catch-up schedule is nothing but disaster after disaster, it's terrifying. And don't trust doctors.
Do Not go to Check-ups (Wakefield & Tommey)
Do not take your child for health check-ups. But if you do, give your doctor a copy of Vaxxed.


The Circus is in Town (Heckenlively & Dorey)
Juvenile antics from anti-vaccination clowns.
Not damaged, just asleep (Heckenlively)
Autism isn't damage, it's just bodies in sleep mode, ok?
No Safe Vaccine (Heckenlively)
So many problems with vaccines the system needs to be scrapped and started again.


Disease is Good (Seneff)
It is beneficial to contract vaccine-preventable diseases.
Vaccines weaken our immune systems, making us more susceptible to other diseases.
These diseases, in the past, were no big deal.
The Dark Ages (Seneff)
Society would be better off returning to the days when we didn't vaccinate.
The vaccine concept is a broken concept.
Vaccine Injury (Seneff)
Thank the Vaxxed movie & bus and social media for the anti-vaccination movement getting stronger.
We need to take action to stop vaccine injuries.
The risk-benefit ratio of vaccines is an irrational analysis; some vaccines should be removed from the schedule.
Flu Vaccine (Seneff)
The flu vaccine actually increases susceptibility to catching the flu.
The flu vaccine is ridiculous; nobody should get it.
Herd Immunity (Seneff)
Herd immunity is bonkers.
Medical exemption criteria should be increased.
Mercury (Seneff)
Ethyl mercury in vaccines is 60 times more toxic than methyl mercury.
MMR during Pregnancy (Seneff)
Herd immunity is a myth.
The vaccination program is putting babies at risk.
The measles vaccine is messing up nature's plan.
Vaccine Shedding (Seneff)
Vaccine shedding is a real phenomenon; vaccines could be the cause of disease outbreaks.
Big Pharma (Seneff)
Big Pharma is stopping the troof getting out there.
Vaccine Manufacturing (Seneff)
Big Pharma is careless and doesn't care about the vaccine manufacturing process coz vaccine court.
Dark-skin & Autism (Seneff)
Dark-skinned people are more susceptible to autism and vaccine injury coz dark skin.


The screening I really, really wanted to have (Tasha David)
AVN president stating that darker-skinned people have the most severe adverse reactions to vaccines and that Kuranda was the screening she really, really wanted to have.


Save the vaccine, not people (Lyons-Weiler)
Officials are only concerned with saving vaccination programs and not people.
Whooping cough is a treatable disorder.
Medical staff spreading pertussis (Lyons-Weiler)
Doctors and nurses responsible for infecting babies with pertussis.
Flu Vaccine (Lyons-Weiler)
Giving the flu vaccine is insane because of mercury and its 27 year half-life.
MMR is Useless (Lyons-Weiler)
MMR is a useless vaccine.
Irrational & Very Dangerous (Lyons-Weiler)
Health officials and Big Pharma are absolutely irrational and very dangerous.
Entire Population Vaccine Injured (Lyons-Weiler)
Vaccination programs are scientifically incorrect, morally reprehensible, and the entire population will end up vaccine injured.
We are all guinea-pigs (Lyons-Weiler)
Patients should dismiss their doctors.
Vaccination programs are just a clinical trial without informed consent.
Medieval Technology (Lyons-Weiler)
Everyone knows vaccination is a medieval technology except those who promote vaccines.
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