Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Vaxxed Movie Oz Tour - Sutherland NSW

A pro-choice message from AVN:

These vaccines are unsafe, they kill.

These doctors, they kill.

Stop murdering our children.

Polly Tommey, AVN Vaxxed seminar, 29 July 2017

Two events were held on 29 July 2017. The first was an afternoon seminar featuring speakers Suzanne Humphries, Brian Hooker, Polly Tommey and Meryl Dorey. The evening session involved a screening of Vaxxed followed by a Q&A session.

The venue was Club On East, Sutherland NSW. It advised that the booking was for a 'health seminar' and it was not informed of anything more than that. The booking was made in the name of Tasha David, not the AVSN. Once again, the AVSN is caught out lying when it states it is open and transparent with venue providers. But we've come to expect nothing less.

Afternoon session: Seminar

I'll breeze past the Humphries and Hooker presentations in saying that they were full of anti-vaccination nonsense from start to finish, which will come as no surprise to anyone.

Next speaker, Polly Tommey. And oh boy, buckle up.

Tommey announced that she is setting up her "Autism Trust" organisation here in Australia, and is in discussion with Tasha David and Meryl Dorey about it.

Tommey is clearly making Australia her pet project, intent on being the linchpin that brings the Australian anti-vaccination movement together. She is in for some surprises; the infighting within the Oz antivax movement is truly vicious (from my point of view, hilarious).

Now it was time for Tommey to fire up the rabble, ensuring that fear and doubt about vaccination was firmly entrenched in her audience, as the following two video snippets show:

Polly Tommey:

"Here's the thing; we still need to reach more people.
We still need to help save them.
But look at this. This black bus is your black box warning."

"It is the peoples' warning to the people to tell you that
these vaccines are unsafe, they kill."

"These doctors, they kill."

Polly Tommey: [re doctors]

"This is 2017."

"Get out the insert,
do your job properly, and
stop murdering our children."

The seminar wound up with the last speaker, Meryl Dorey, who spent her 10 or so minutes basically promoting the AVSN and begging for memberships.

Evening session: Vaxxed screening and Q&A

Tasha David, AVN President, introduces her "dream team" panelists: Suzanne Humphries, Brian Hooker, Polly Tommey and Meryl Dorey.

Highlights included:

  • Dorey announced a Vaxxed screening for Perth in late August, then far north QLD and Tasmania later on;
  • in response to a question about non-vaxxing parents' anxiety going to the doctor, Humphries helpfully states you don't need doctors. Dorey advises taking a buddy along or, instead, visit a doctor registered with ACNEM;
  • audience member suggests everybody contact their local library to request they stock Tommey's Autism File magazine;
  • Brian Hooker promotes his three-foot/three-minute rule: if someone is within three feet or has three minutes of time spare, ask them about vaccine safety;
  • Tommey goes full-antivax-militant, stating "Australia, you have got to get together and form a united group"… "You have to go underground";
  • Tommey says she'd take medical advice from Jenny McCarthy before any doctor;
  • In response to a question about the adult vaccine schedule/register, Dorey says 'No Jab, No Job' and 'No Jab No Pension' is on the cards, and this vaccine schedule for life will make our lives a lot shorter.

Polly Tommey:

"By the way, they're all things that we did before Billy got injured, so"

"There's nothing you can do."

"Once you vaccinate your child,
you cannot unvax it.

Suzanne Humphries:

"I'm going to say why are you going? And that's a really good question."

"Because what I've found is that children who are born the normal way, and brought up the right way, well nourished, not vaccinated, not taken to doctors, don't need doctors."

Polly Tommey:

"All the questions that have been coming up so far all go back to one thing; Australia, you have got to get together and form a united group…"

"What we do in Austin, is we have a whole underground of doctors."

[describes an incident with her son]

"You have to go underground. You have to form your group, go underground. And you have to get a brilliant lawyer on speed dial. In America, we have Allison Folmer, look her up. She's the scariest woman in the world. And she will pick up that phone in the ER and say, 'you touch that kid and you vaccinate that kid, and I will sue your arse off."

So that's what you gotta do, you got to up the game, up the game."

"In this room alone… I expect you have every qualification you need just here, to form that group." "And you need baby guards, you need each others' backs and you need to protect each other in every single way. And if we do that, WE WILL WIN THIS."

Yes, I looked up Allison Folmer. And I see she was awarded a Human Rights Award by CCHR, which is yet another front group for the Church of Scientology. The links between Vaxxed and Scientology just keep piling up and up and up.

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