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Vaxxed Movie - Australian Premiere


After a couple of false starts Vaxxed the movie finally had its Australian premiere in Logan City QLD, 6 December 2016, at the Gospel of Power Church.

The MC of this event was Tasha David, president of AVN. The screening was followed by a Q & A session featuring a guest panel on-stage with live crosses to Del Bigtree, Andrew Wakefield, and Brian Hooker.

Please note: all still images and transcriptions in this post were done by myself, sourced from publicly available Facebook live videos by anti-vaccination activist, Peter Little.

Q&A Session

The Q&A session commenced after the screening. The first question from the audience wasn't a question at all but was instead a rambling, military-grade tinfoil hat conspiracy rant. Chemtrails, fluoride, CIA, government corruption, corporate control, it had it all. Talk about setting the mood for an anti-vaccination event.

Next up, Tasha David invited the Australian guests onto the stage. They were Greg Beattie, former AVN President and long-time anti-vaccination activist; Dean Spanner, a lawyer from Toowoomba who specialises in personal injury cases; and Brett Smith, a naturopath from Sydney.

Bigtree live on the big screen above AVN's favourite resident thug, Brett Smith

I should not have been surprised to see AVN inviting Smith to feature at this event. Tasha David (AVN President), when introducing Smith to the Vaxxed audience, said he was her "favourite troll slayer".

Smith recently achieved international notoriety in the media for his part in the torment and harassment of a Byron Bay family, intimidation tactics which included one of the perpetrators directly contacting a child in order to get to the parent.

AVN, whilst apparently not directly involved, encouraged and celebrated this harassment campaign, and even managed to publish more posts on its official fora about the doxxing than the actual perpetrators did. A fine effort. And the posts are still there as are the original doxxing articles written and published by Brett Smith.

If you missed this sordid chapter in the anti-vaccination playbook, here are some news reports:
Anti-vaxxer activists wrongly identify Byron Bay physiotherapist
Peter Tiernan mistakenly targeted by anti-vaccination activists
Anti-vaxxers abuse and threaten wrong person by mistake
Byron Bay physio and his family wrongly trolled by anti-vaxxers

But let's push anti-vaccination thuggery to the side for now and get back to business.

The first speaker was Del Bigtree (Vaxxed producer), doing a live cross from the USA. After many technical difficulties at the start, Del finally got to offload his ignorant, dangerous views on science and vaccination. Bigtree banged on at length about censorship of his movie, ignoring the fact that non-sociopaths will take action against dangerous mis-information that has damaging effects on public health. Bigtree also disingenuously stated that one isn't allowed to question vaccination, failing to mention that science has looked at the questions, and the anti-vaccination movement then resorted to shooting the messenger simply because it didn't like the answers.

Bigtree played the usual anti-vaccination cards, nothing original, stating that "vaccines are dangerous" and vaccination is "the greatest lie of our time". His authority on this subject being that there are apparently two types of science; one being what normal, rational people practice, the other being whatever conspiracy tripe published anywhere can be used to prop up pseudoscience and/or insane conspiracy theories, and let's not forget the anecdotes. All those anecdotes.

So, Bigtree got to deliver his "message to the world" in Australia. May I be the first to offer my congratulations to Del Bigtree for the role he has played in damaging public health in Australia, perfectly timed with a current measles outbreak in Sydney .

Slow clap, Del, slow clap.

You know what, I'm not going to waste any more of your time going through the other speakers. Insert pseudoscience, misinformation, emotional pleading here. Make it up as you go, just like the anti-vaccination movement does. But don't forget the crushing depths that Wakefield has sunk to when the highlight of his speaking engagements is a Conspira-Sea Cruise .


It pleases me to some extent that the Vaxxed team was forced to rely on a disgraced organisation that carries a current public health warning , that its Australian release was funded by a scam, and a featured guest is a demonstrable activist thug.
A threat to public health and safety, a scam, a thug and conspiracies aplenty. What could be more fitting for a movie such as Vaxxed.
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