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Australian Vaxxed Team Announced

On 9 October 2017, Polly Tommey introduced the Australian Vaxxed team members who will be touring Australia recording vaccine injury stories.
They are twin sisters, Stevie Nupier and Taylor Winterstein, and Deveraux David, the daughter of AVN president, Tasha David. These are the people in USA receiving training; the team in Australia will eventually be much larger.

Both Stevie and Taylor are known in the alt health movement through Taylor's wellness business, Tay's Way (also known as Stevie & Tay).

Taylor's husband, Frankie Winterstein, is a professional NRL player for Manly. He isn't averse to assisting his wife's causes.

Stevie Nupier is a tv producer who has worked on The Bachelorette and other shows. She states on the video that she's walked away from this to concentrate on making her own documentaries and being involved with other [anti-vaccination] activities.

For more evidence of Winterstein's anti-vaccination activism, I heartily recommend Reasonable Hank's post Anti-vaccination activists linked to Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club

Highlights from the "introduction" video posted above:

  • Stevie and Taylor state that it was always their intention to make a documentary about vaccine injury stories in Australia. In fact, that was why they first approached Polly Tommey at the Campbelltown Vaxxed screening to ask her for advice;
  • Taylor also stated that she uses her wellness business to spread awareness about the dangers of vaccination; she is anything but a passive observer in the anti-vaccination movement;
  • Tommey, true to form, makes various juvenile comments about public health activists in Australia and the Australian government;
  • Taylor states that MPs and doctors are aware of vaccine dangers but stay silent to protect their careers.
  • Taylor boasted that her son has never had a vaccination, not even receiving Vitamin K at birth. She advised she became anti-vaccination before even becoming pregnant.

But the real highlight was after Stevie & Taylor talking calmly and sensibly, Tommey butts in with a typical immature rant, this time about the Australian government and with a claim that it's murdering kids; Stevie and Taylor agree.
How quickly the sisters' masks dropped, thanks Polly.

Here is Taylor the very next day, being far removed from the passive recorder of vaccine injury stories as she was described by Tommey. Do note Taylor parroting Polly Tommey's murder statement:

10 October 2017
One in a million… that is what we are told. It's "a one in a million" chance your child will suffer an adverse reaction to a vaccine. It is very "rare" we are told. Certain reactions are "common" and the risks of vaccines are very "low".

Lies, lies, ALL lies.

We actually have no idea what the REAL risks are of vaccines because vaccine reactions in Australia (and all over the world) are severely underreported, if reported at all. Parents don't even know they can actually report their child's adverse reaction themselves.

So of course the medical establishment can say that the risks of vaccines are very "low" when they purposely DO NOT report the reactions on the system like they know they should. Their data is fraudulent and their statistics are flawed.

I have had hundreds of parents come forward to me and privately tell me what has happened to their child after their vaccinations. Every time I ask them "did the doctors report the reaction?" The answer is always, NO.

It is not a one in a million chance of your child reacting to their vaccinations, it is a one in a million chance of your child's adverse reaction actually being reported by the doctors!

And when children regress or become severely ill after their shots, the doctors will swear black and blue that it was just a "coincidence", it certainly is not linked to the vaccines, that it is normal for children to be sick.

Let's be clear, vaccine reactions ARE NOT NORMAL. Vaccine reactions ARE NOT RARE. Just take one look at the thousands of signatures of vaccine injured people behind me on the Vaxxed bus.

Do not let the medical establishment manipulate your mind and make you think otherwise.

They constantly and grossly under exaggerate the true risk of a vaccine reaction. And when a child does have a reaction, they dismiss the parents, make them feel like they are in the wrong for asking questions about their own child's health, then wipe their hands clean and leave you to pick up the pieces.

There is no accountability, there is no liability.

The medical establishment are misleading all of us and getting away with murder, literally.


Here's some more evidence demonstrating Taylor Winterstein's rabid antivax stance.

From Stevie & Tay: episode 7 "A Mother's Love" , showing two anti-vaccination books recommended by them for pregnant mums. Vaccine Epidemic edited by Habakus & Holland, and Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries.

Anti-vaccine books recommended by Stevie & Taylor

All vaccinated children are vaccine injured
28 July 2017:

"I personally believe every vaccinated child is vaccine-injured to some extent, myself included."

Taylor Winterstein respecting someone's vax decision
13 Sep 2017:

Commenter: "Josh had a severe reaction to his first immunisation. Ended up with a rash, temps over 40 he was screaming there was no stopping him. Ended up in hospital for a few nights. He then had to have a special vaccine that was $600 each injection. (We didn't have to pay because he'd had the severe reaction). That is now the standard vaccine, well it was it may have changed now."

Taylor Winterstein [quote]:
"Am I reading this right… so he had a severe reaction to his vaccinations, so bad that he needed to be hospitalised… but despite this experience, then proceeded to give him another vaccine?
Honestly, that is pure madness in my eyes."

Just eight minutes later, Taylor commented again, "I don't tell parents what they should or shouldn't do…".
In the dishonest upside-down world of anti-vaccination activism, you can describe a decision to vaccinate as madness, you can describe vaccination as murder, but hey, you didn't tell someone not to vaccinate, did you…

But here we see Taylor's hard work paying off; another convert.

Another one bites the dust
10 Oct 2017:
Commenter: "I grew up being vaccinated and now I know more about them my daughter will be getting no more and my son will be getting none <smiley face> so happy I came along your page tay thats when I started researching myself!
Thanks for speaking up."

Taylor Winterstein [quote]:
"I only planted a seed, you did your research all the hard work. xx"

Time to play antivax bingo.

13 Sep 2017:
You're onto it… it all comes down to money and population control.

13 Sep 2017:
"in my opinion every vaccine does damage. We actually have no idea what the real risks are because vaccine adverse reactions are severely under reported (if reported at all) and constantly labeled as a "coincidence". They want us to believe the risk of vaccines is very low when that couldn't be further from the truth and our chronically ill children are clear indication of that. Try telling your comment to parents who're raising vaccine injured children and tell them the risks and potential harm is very low.
Sorry but I don't buy into the social engineering and fear mongering."

That will do, you get the picture. In addition to the countless number of anti-vaccination posts I haven't featured here, there's also plenty of cancer quackery, including promoting Burzynski and The Truth About Cancer series.

In summary, Stevie & Taylor are grossly unqualified health bloggers who mistake rejection of evidence-based everything as education, the uncritical acceptance as fact of anything a health guru says as research, and the naive and immature belief that anything promoted as natural or organic will be safe, effective and ethical.

Don't let me be the one to burst their bubble or impact the sale of the unproven product Taylor sells that she markets with outrageous claims.

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