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Black Salve - Australian Distributors

If you are not familiar with Black Salve, my previous post Black Salve in Australia provides some background information. I strongly recommend that you read the Safety Alert from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Black and red salves in treating cancer and the TGA consumer warning about Black Salve Black salve, red salve and cansema.

I was very pleased to hear this week that Jo Alabaster was successful in having listings for black salve removed from eBay Australia. You can read the full account at Jo's blog Black Salve is No Answer To Cancer or you can listen to her report on The Skeptic Zone podcast, episode 337 (10 Jan 2016).

So, where else is black salve being sold in Australia? I didn't have to look hard to find the following distributors.

Toni McMahon - Plant Essentials (QLD)

Toni McMahon is the founder and proprietor of Plant Essentials, a Townsville-based skincare business.
An ex-heavy vehicle mechanic with no formal training in skincare, Toni McMahon is just the type of person who should be advising us on dangerous home-based cancer treatments.

Toni McMahon sells the how-to black salve DVD One Answer to Cancer and the individual ingredients to make your own black salve through her business, Plant Essentials:

image: plant essentials online shop selling one answer to cancer dvd and ingredients to make your own black salve.
Dangerous home-based skin cancer treatment provided by Toni McMahon of Plant Essentials

Toni McMahon is also the founder of Fluoride Free Townsville and follows along with every conspiracy theory going around vaccinations, chemtrails, false flag operations, etc.

Michelle Allen - Webstuff.biz (NSW)

Michelle Allen operates the website Buy Black Salve.
image: Michelle Allen's website selling black salve.
Dangerous home-based cancer treatment provided by Michelle Allen of Webstuff.biz

This website is designed by Webstuff.biz, author of the page is Webstuff.biz, registrant of the domain is Webstuff.biz, merchant email for payment of the black salve is michelle@webstuff.biz.
In 2012 Michelle Allen's Webstuff.biz won the Central Coast Business Excellence in Business Ethics award. One hopes it wasn't for the black salve business.

Michelle Allen is/was also involved with Panacea-Bocaf, an Australian group dedicated to free energy, and a passionate promoter of black salve. Excerpt from Panacea-Bocaf newsletter no. 14, dated 29 Mar 2012:

"There are still selfless individuals out there who are prepared to help you, the public and our children's future. Panacea's respected volunteer Michelle Allen is certainly one of them. Michelle has recently sponsored Panacea with the creation of a very professional looking Black Salve research site in order to help accumulate medical records and get life saving treatments out there and without any interference."

Source: http://www.panacea-bocaf.org/newsletter/Panacea_Newsletter_14_(2012_Mar_29).pdf

Michelle Allen is yet another completely unqualified, self-appointed health guru providing dangerous home-based cancer treatment. The dishonest and ludicrous disclaimer on her website that she is supplying black salve "for research purposes only" should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Sharon Elvin - Platypus Dreams (QLD)

Sharon Elvin is the founder and proprietor of Platypus Dreams, a business specialising in hand-made soaps, based near Mackay, QLD.

Listed alongside her lip balms and deodorants is Black Salve:

image: Sharon Elvin selling black salve on her Platybus Dreams website.
Dangerous home-based cancer treatment provided by Sharon Elvin of Platypus Dreams

On the page for purchasing black salve is the dishonest disclaimer (excerpt):

"On purchase of our Black Salve - Ancan Tropical Black Salve No5 you confirm that you are obtaining black salve for research/study purposes only, and do not intend to use it on humans or animals eg. for the purpose to remove cancers as in swamp cancer, sarcoids, cancers etc…"

Source: http://platypusdreams.com.au/Ancan-Tropical-Salve-No5.html

I have no qualms in stating the disclaimer is dishonest as the following posts by Platypus Dreams on its official Facebook page testify:
Platypus Dreeams - Natural Soap:
The 3yr old Mare that we have been helping one [sic] our customers with who is now recovering from Swamp cancer of the leg. She is beautiful and I am told so is her nature, so gentle. She would have been eventually put down.
19 April 2012

what is she being treated with ?
19 April 2012 at 11:26am

Platypus Dreams - Natural Soap:
A herbal salve
19 April 2012 at 11:27am

Platypus Dreams - Natural Soap:
contact me privately [redacted] if you want to see the pictures and how we helped her they are quite yucky on the SC site.
19 April 2012 at 11:29am

Platypus Dreams - Natural Soap:
[redacted] this girl is 7hours away from me otherwise I would have been there on site.
19 April 2012 at 1:54pm

Platypus Dreams - Natural Soap:
[redacted], I don't know if they treat with that here. They were injecting the horse with Pythium for many weeks prior to when I was contacted as it was not working, in actual fact it was growing out of control. Some call this mud something or other as well, it is nasty. They are still working on this horse [redacted], so far there are around 10 huge chunks/cores of stuff that have come out of the one area. It's not in the clear yet.
12 May 2012 at 11:48am

Source: Platypus Dreams Facebook post, 19 Apr 2012 [viewed 13 Jan 2016]

So much for the disclaimer that black salve is not to be used on humans or animals, and not for the purpose of removing cancers such as swamp cancer. Platypus Dreams provided the following update to their sideline veterinary business using black salve to treat swamp cancer:
Platypus Dreams - Natural Soap:
Some may remember there was a horse (Mare) we were helping a lady with some time ago. Well today the lady rang us to report that the horse is back in the big paddock and the leg is fully healded with all the fur back on it and a tiny spot left where the fur is still coming back. This is fantastic news as at one stage they were going to put her down until we were contacted…
21 November 2012

[redacted]: Sharon - you are an ANGEL!!! Now maybe you can help me with my red spots on my face and ideas???
22 November 2012 at 3:00am

Platypus Dreams - Natural Soap:
[redacted] please private message me I will need a full description of the problem and also pictures taken on macro with good light. I may be able to suggest something, they could be from many things.
22 November 2012 at 6:54am

Source: Platypus Dreams Facebook post, 21 Nov 2012 [viewed 13 Jan 2016]

So now we can add dermatology to Sharon Elvin's sideline businesses. I shudder to think Elvin suggested this customer use black salve.

In case you've forgotten black salve is dangerous, here are the links again to the TGA about the dangers of black salve:
Safety Alert: Black and red salves in treating cancer
Consumer Warning: Black salve, red salve and cansema.

Postscript: I am aware that I've publicised where people can obtain black salve. The distributors listed here were found by the simplest of google searches and are also mentioned in many black salve forums and websites.
I hope the TGA and/or state health departments will take steps to prevent businesses like these from supplying dangerous health products under any circumstances.