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Black Salve - You Can Heal Yourself Expo 2013

If you are not familiar with Black Salve, my previous post Black Salve in Australia provides some background information. I strongly recommend that you read the Safety Alert from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Black and red salves in treating cancer and the TGA consumer warning about Black Salve Black salve, red salve and cansema.

You Can Heal Yourself Expo

image: You Can Heal Yourself Foundation logo
You Can Heal Yourself Foundation logo
The You Can Heal Yourself Expo (YCHY) is an annual event held on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Its website states:

"The You CAN "Heal Yourself" Expo is dedicated to providing a safe place to explore and educate yourself about the many pathways to health and healing. Our mission is to provide a balanced view of all pathways and options including medical, nutritional, movement, sound, art therapies, energetic and metaphysical."

The YCHY Expo is the creation of Annie Infinite (aka Annie Robinson) and commenced in 2011 at Woodford.

The 2013 YCHY Expo is being held on 25-26 May at The Events Centre in Caloundra. The event organisers are Annie Infinite (Annie Robinson) and Wayne Pina-Roozemond.

Black Salve

The official 2013 YCHY Expo magazine contains advertisements for its exhibitors. One advertisement, for David's Herbal Products, makes an extraordinary claim about cancer and states that you can have your own Black Salve manufactured:

Text of advertismentImage of advertisement
David's Herbal Products
Expo Booth 23
0429 321 953

Cancer: There is hope, it can be halted

Nutri-Energetics Systems    Natural Earth Health Products
Melaleuca     Scenar Pain Relief
Black Salve (Have your own manufactured)

image: Advertisement from YCHY
magazine, promoting cancer cures and manufacture of Black Salve
The magazine can be viewed online at You Can Heal Yourself Expo magazine. The above advertisement appears on page 12.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Black Salve has resulted in serious harm to the skin of Australian consumers, and the TGA strongly advises consumers and patients against purchasing or using black or red salves for any condition.

The TGA has also taken action against suppliers of a DVD that 1) promoted the use of Black Salve in the treatment of cancer and 2) contained instructions on how to make your own Black Salve (refer previous post One Answer to Cancer Movie) and upheld complaints to the Complaints Resolution Panel of the TGA:

The YCHY Expo is responsible for advertising Black Salve as a cancer treatment by giving exhibition space to a person making those representations and by publishing an advertisement containing those representations in their Expo magazine. Not only that, the organiser of the YCHY Expo, Annie Infinite (Annie Robinson), publicised Black Salve further on the Expo's official Facebook page, in response to a question about natural cancer treatments:

"This is more about the salve and I know people who swear by it [website url redacted] David will be at the Expo in Booth 23"
image: Facebook post by YCHY expo organiser, promoting Black Salve as a cancer treatment
"I think that one of the doctors coming to the Expo may be able to help Jan or even David with his Black Salve you can only ask"
image: Facebook post by YCHY expo organiser, promoting Black Salve as a cancer treatment

The Therapeutic Goods Administration

In regard to the advertisement for David's Herbal Products, consumers are told that they can have their own Black Salve manufactured and the advertisement also carried a claim that cancer can be halted. The Expo organiser, Annie Infinite, recommends to someone seeking a natural cancer treatment that they visit one of the Expo's exhibitors promoting Black Salve, and she further promotes Black Salve with the statement, "I know people who swear by it".

According to the TGA consumer warning - Black salve, red salve and cansema - black salve is not banned because the TGA can only ban products that are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). They can, however, warn the public of potentially harmful or ineffective therapeutic goods whether or not they are on the ARTG. The TGA released this safety alert black and red salves in treating cancer on 19 March 2012.

All therapeutic products must be listed, registered or included in the ARTG before they can be supplied in Australia, unless otherwise approved under the therapeutic goods legislation.

Unlawful supply of therapeutic goods that are not entered on the ARTG or do not meet applicable standards carry penalties of up to $5.5 million.

The Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2007 prohibits the use of representations regarding the treatment, cure or prevention of serious diseases - including cancer.

It is an offence under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 to include a prohibited representation in any advertising material.

You Can Heal Yourself Expo - How many people will find out about Black Salve?

The YCHY Expo boasts a "comprehensive and dynamic mass media campaign which covers all of the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane including The Range, as well as the other states of Australia via our social media campaigns." This includes:

I was unable to find out how many visitors the Expo received in past years or how many are expected this year, though I note the 2011 Expo was held in a small venue. The entry fee is only $10, so cost won't keep people away.

We can only imagine how many people will read about Black Salve in the YCHY Expo magazine, or will see it being promoted in an exhibitor's booth. My guess is that it will be significantly more people than might stumble upon a DVD listed on the website of a small, local business. I hope the TGA is taking notes.