Diluted Thinking

in Australian healthcare

CNTF: An Overview

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The Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation Inc. (CNTF) is a registered health charity that provides support to cancer patients. It is based in Sunbury, Victoria, and accepts members Australia-wide.

CNTF was founded in 1994 by Sandra Maqueda, who has been the charity's only Executive Director since its inception. This charity receives wide community support and has been the recipient of various grants over the years, mostly from Sunbury's Helping Hands, the Hume City Council, and the Gandel Charitable Trust. A long-term Hume City Councillor (who also served as Mayor) was on the CNTF board for 10 years, serving his last three years as Chairman.

It is my opinion that CNTF fails to meet the definition of a public benevolent institution because some of the activities and information it provides to its members and the public are of such dubious quality that it amounts to exploitation of the vulnerable, and therefore the immediate revocation of its charitable status is both justified and necessary.

Of immediate concern is CNTF recommending the services of disgraced health practitioner Noel Campbell.

CNTF also promote the disproved method of breast cancer detection digital thermal imaging.

CNTF go beyond supporting patients choice of therapy to promoting and recommending many therapies and treatments which are not recommended by Cancer Council Australia, and even some that carry warnings from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which CNTF fail to disclose.

But CNTF go even further, displaying unconsionable conduct in exploiting vulnerable cancer patients in promoting, and sometimes providing, miracle healing scams and ineffective devices, and discourages patients from evidence-based treatment with fear-mongering articles and comments in its publications.