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CNTF: Promoting cancer quack, Noel Campbell

Background - Noel Campbell

Noel Rodney Campbell was the subject of a three-year inquiry (2005-2008) by the Office of the Health Services Commissioner, Victoria.[1] This inquiry determined that Campbell failed to obtain informed consent from his patients, that he preyed upon vulnerable patients with terminal cancer and that patients paid large amounts of money for treatments which were largely unproven and some were treated in ways that were not conducive to their dignity or comfort.[2]

In 2010 Consumer Affairs Victoria commenced action against Campbell in the Supreme Court, claiming he had engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct in advertising his Hope Clinic. Campbell successfully defended this case but in May 2012 the Court of Appeal overturned the Supreme Court ruling, finding that 34 statements made by Campbell and the Hope Clinic were misleading and deceptive.

In November 2012 the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal found Campbell in breach of fair trading laws in his treatment of a cancer patient. The Victorian Health Services Commissioner, Beth Wilson, provides disturbing information about this case in an interview with Radio National's Law Report. Wilson also describes Campbell selling a terminal lung cancer patient a vacuum cleaner with a pipe and a pair of headphones for thousands of dollars.[3]

Despite Campbell declaring bankruptcy after the deceptive conduct case,[4] he is still offering health services in Melbourne today.[5]

In correspondence I received from the Health Services Commissioner (Victoria) dated 27 August 2014, I was advised that:

"The restrictions on Mr Noel Campbell's practice referred to in your letter were the result of a case brought by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) against Operation Smile following a referral from this Office. A review of the Supreme Court judgement in relation to this case shows restraints were placed on Mr Campbell requiring him to give a copy of a notice "Annexure B" to all customers or potential customers. This notice states, in summary, that Mr Campbell had engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct in claiming his services could cure or slow cancer and that his treatments are supported by science when there is no basis for these claims. The notice also states that he is not a doctor."

For further details on Campbell's sordid past, I recommend the following articles:
13 Nov 2007: Death link to ozone dose at Collins St clinic
6 Jul 2008: Preying on the hope of cancer patients
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CNTF Health Seminar

On 30 July 2013, Noel Campbell presented a seminar entitled Treating Prostate and Breast Cancer Using Complementary Therapies to CNTF members and supporters. An advertisement for this seminar appeared in CNTF newsletter dated June 2013:
Advertisement [image]Advertisement [text]
image: advertisement for CNTF health seminar presented by
Noel Campbell Coming Health Seminar

Treating Prostate and Breast Cancer Using Complimentary Therapies
by Professor Campbell

Tuesday, 30th July 7.30pm
at the Neighborhood and Community Centre
531 Elizabeth Dve, Sunbury

Professor Noel Campbell will discuss in this
seminar a clinical approach to treating cancer
using some of the current methodologies and
technologies used in his practice. To
addressing biological causes to cancer.

Cost: $12 (Members) Couples: $20
$15 (Non-Members) Couples: $25
Refreshments included.

Source: CNTF 2013, 'Coming Health Seminar' [advertisement], Natural Pathways, June 2013, p. 13

In the same newsletter, Sandra Maqueda promoted the seminar and an article written by Campbell in her regular editorial "Sandra's Letter" (emphases by Maqueda):
"Also, in this edition, we have an article written by Professor Noel Campbell, a research scientist who has been investigating alternative cancer treatments for a number of years. Noel believes that underlying many degenerative diseases, are parasites, viruses and infections that often go undiagnosed due to lack of diagnostic testing available. Lyme Disease is one of these parasitic infections affecting many people today who are not even aware they have this condition. The article on 'Lyme Disease' in this edition, is informative and worthwhile reading. Also note, that Noel will be giving a talk at the Foundation on Tuesday, 30th July on Prostate and Breast Cancer. Please feel free to come along, bring family members and friends who are interested."

CNTF newsletter article by Noel Campbell

An article written by Noel Campbell, entitled "Chronic Fatigue, ADD, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease, or Undiagnosed Lyme Disease?" was published in CNTF newsletter dated June 2013.[6]
At the end of this article readers who required further information were advised to contact Professor Campbell, listing both his website and email addresses.

The article also contained a glowing half-page bio on Campbell, outlining his history in cancer treatment and promoting his cancer treatment services:

image: bio of Noel Campbell in CNTF newsletter, June 2013 About Professor Noel Campbell

Professor Campbell is a clinician and research scientist who graduated from the University of Melbourne and was then supported by the Anti Cancer Council of Victoria whilst working with Professor Reade at the University. Before starting this research he was sent to The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, USA where he developed an idea to control cancer spread by controlling collagenase which breaks down collagen, the connective tissue of the body, in one third of human solid cancers.

The U.S eye surgeons had discovered that if you burn the cornea of the eye with alkali the patient can go blind because of the increased Collagenase. However if they washed the eye with Cysteine they could prevent the blindness.

Professor Campbell developed an approach to controlling the spread of cancer by using Cysteine. The results of his research were published in the medical journal Nature.

During 15 years of private practice he led a combined team of plastic surgeons from the USA and Australia performing charity surgery for 4,000 children in the Philippines with cleft lip and cleft palate defects.

During these trips to the Philippines he became aware of cancer on the feet of HIV patients being successfully treated with ozone, a treatment developed in Germany.

He started ozone research with patients in Melbourne together with Dr Ballard and expanded the complementary European therapies available in Australia.

In 2003 Professor Campbell was sent to Ireland and Germany to learn Photo Dynamic Therapy from the Russian scientists who had developed Radachlorin and agent derived from a natural substance, Spirulina.

Professor Campbell administers a clinic in Glenroy treating a wide range of problems including prostate cancer, bladder council, breast cancer, back pain, etc, and further details can be seen on the web site www.smile.org.au

Source: CNTF 2013, 'About Professor Noel Campbell', Natural Pathways, June 2013, p. 12

CNTF Practitioner Directory

The CNTF quarterly newsletter, Natural Pathways, has contained a "Directory of Holistic/Natural Practitioners" since September 2009.
Noel Campbell's first appearance in this directory was June 2011 and he is still featured there today.

Listing (image)Listing (text)
[Listing from Jun 2011 to Jun 2012]
image: listing for Noel Campbell's Hope Clinic in CNTF practitioner directory
The Hope Clinic

Photodynamic Therapy, Holt Radiowave Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Electrotherapy, Neuro Immunology, High Dose Vitamin C. Autologous Vaccine.
23 Finchley Ave, Glenroy, 3046
Ph: 03 9300 4094
Email: noelc@smile.org.au

[Listing from Sep 2012 to Jun 2014]
image: listing for Noel Campbell's Hope Clinic in CNTF practitioner directory
Professor N. Campbell
Hyperthermia and European Complementary Therapies
23 Finchley Ave., Glenroy, VIC, 3046
PH 9300 4094
Mobile: 0412 994 001
Email: nc@smile.org.au
[Listing from Sep 2014 to Sep 2015]
image: listing for Noel Campbell's Hope Clinic in CNTF practitioner directory
Hope Australia
European integrated therapy for stage 4 cancer patients available through special access.
Ask your GP to register you with the Therapeutic Goods Authority.
Ph 9300 4094 Mobile: 0412 994 001

Note the listing change in September 2014 to "Hope Australia" now includes a link to the TGA. This may be a result of a complaint I submitted to the Victorian Health Services Commissioner in August 2014 which was then forwarded to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), the body responsible for the restrictions now in place on Campbell's practice.


At no time during the four years that CNTF has promoted and endorsed Campbell has the charity made any mention whatsoever of Campbell's disgraceful past.

It is inconceivable to me that CNTF and its Executive Director, Sandra Maqueda, were unaware of Campbell's notorious history when we consider his long involvement with various regulatory agencies and being the subject of numerous government investigations, including a three-year state government inquiry.

As a registered health charity that offers support services to cancer patients, CNTF has an unquestionable duty of care to its members, supporters and the general public.
CNTF's promotion and endorsement of Campbell is, in my opinion, unconscionable conduct that demands this charity be immediately stripped of its charitable status.

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