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CNTF: Closing Down

The Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation of Australia (CNTF) advised on 25 May 2016 that it is being wound up. Full text below:

Dear Members and Subscribers,

It has been over 21 years since the establishment of the 'Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation,' as a 'not for profit 'organisation. As many of you are aware, this Foundation was born from a personal challenge I was faced with in 1992, when my 4 year old son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. With the help of natural therapies Daniel survived and is now approaching 28 years of age. What once appeared to be an unfortunate demise has proven to be a gift, and I am humbled to have been able to assist and be of service to numerous people over such many years.

We have now arrived at the point, in the 'life path' of this foundation, where it has become necessary to close this chapter of my 'life journey'. Both the increased struggle for funding and need to bring closure to the past and its association wth my son's cancer has lead to this final decision to 'wind up' the Foundation. I believe the time has come to now lay to rest, the old paradigm that is thwart with disease and bring a new beginning that is uplifting and filled with hopes and new opportunities. Nothing is ever lost or gone, but can only morph into something new, so that we can look upon these changes with a pair of fresh, clear lenses. Let us now move forward, and celebrate the new face of our 'well-being', charged with 'life-giving' options, and aspirations for 'positive change' resting in all aspects of our life and 'Be'ing' - the emotional, mental, physical and environmental. When one 'door closes' another 'opens,' ready for us to take our first step into 'expanded possibilities' and positive changes.

Given this, I have made a decision to step into what I believe to be the new paradigm, for future 'health and healing' - exploring the frontiers of new healing technologies and self-help healing methods and tools, within the parameters of 'conscious creation' and self-empowerment.

Clearly, we cannot create 'health and well-being' whilst giving our energy away to disease and cancer. So therefore, the solution lies in our 'conscious creative' ability to provide new solutions to the vast health problems experienced today. With this in mind, I have now established a new 'not for profit' private humanitarian Foundation dedicated to fostering the health and well-being of people. I have named the new Foundation: Centre for Well-being Foundation. The new Foundation will be launched' sometime early July. In the meantime the Tuesday night will continue to run, as well as health seminars and self-help workshops under the new foundation.

The volunteers of this foundation have been of exceptional calibre, and I have been proud and honoured to have had them as part of this wonderful charity organisation. Along with our past and current Board members I would like to thank everyone, including our members and all past sponsors for their support, contribution and generosity.
If you would like to become a participant or volunteer, or which [sic] to receive updated information about forthcoming events, programs and actitivies, please respond to this email to be added to the new email listing.

Thank you to the Hume City Council for their support. Pending confirmation from the Hume City Council, I expect that the new Foundation should be able to continue operating from the current premises.
Thanking you all for your tremendous support and contribution over the many years. Looking forward to New Beginnings.

Kind Regards,

Sandra Maqueda

Source: http://us10.campaign-archive1.com/?u=d98279bfbc17cddc1c81a28d0&id=112d256c5c&e=92b94bea65

"Let us now move forward, and celebrate the new face of our 'well-being'". Except, of course, all those people who can't because they were convinced and/or encouraged by CNTF to stop their evidence-based cancer treatment and are now dead.

I'm very pleased to note recent Victorian health legislation will allow action to be taken against Maqueda's new venture, whether it is a registered body or not.

Good riddance, CNTF.