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CNTF: Promoting the Dangers of EMF/EMR


Claims that EMF/EMR have an adverse effect on human health is a somewhat commonly held belief amongst some proponents and practitioners of alternative medicine.
In 1997 the National Research Council published the paper Possible Health Effects of Exposure to Residential Electric and Magnetic Fields.[1] Excerpt from their conclusion:

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of published studies relating to the effects of power-frequency electric and magnetic fields on cells, tissues, and organisms (including humans), the conclusion of this committee is that the current body of evidence does not show that exposure to these fields presents a human-health hazard. Specifically, no conclusive and consistent evidence shows that exposures to residential electric and magnetic fields produce cancer, adverse neurobehavioural effects, or reproductive and developmental effects.

CNTF Promoting EMF/EMR

CNTF promote the pseudoscientific claim that EMF/EMR are responsible for a wide variety of adverse health effects.
The June 2014 issue of the CNTF newsletter, Natural Pathways, included the article "Smart Water Meters Are Coming To Your Door".[2] It listed the following conditions that would benefit from avoiding EMF/EMR exposure:
  • Neurodegenerative diseases: Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis;
  • Neurological conditions: Headaches, depression, sleep disruption, fatigue, dizziness, tremors, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, decreased memory, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, visual disruption;
  • Foetal abnormalities and pregnancy;
  • Genetic defects and cancer;
  • Liver disease and genitourinary disease.
In the June 2013 issue of Natural Pathways an editorial comment following a newspaper article about dementia stated "…why are younger people being diagnosed with dementia? Could this be exposure to toxic chemicals, or over exposure to harmful levels of radiation?"[3]

The September 2011 issue of Natural Pathways included the article "Your Mobile Phone? - Is it threatening your health?"[4] The article leads in with the following (original emphases):

Despite reassurance by government and health authorities that levels of radio frequency exposure are within safety limits, mounting research points to numerous potential health risks which the public may not be aware. Ever growing scientific research corroborates the suspicion that radiowave transmission by cell phones and other wireless devices can:
  • Cause brain tumors
  • Harm blood cells and cause cellular changes
  • Damage DNA
  • Cause nerve-cell damage
  • Accelerate and contribute to onset of autism and trigger Alzheimer's disease
  • Damage your eyes
  • Cause sleep disruptions
  • Impair cell functioning
  • Disrupts production of melatonin (associated with breast cancer and Alzheimer's Disease)
  • Stimulates stress reactions in the body
  • Impairs immune functioning
  • Contribute to neurological and behavioural problems
  • Increases risk of childhood cancers (leukemia)

The March 2009 issue of Natural Pathways contained the article "Sole Effects of Himalayan Crystal Salt".[5] In this article it is claimed that "Telsa Technology Products help neutralize the effects of harmful frequencies produced by pollutants and electromagnetic radiation" and readers are advised to contact Sandra Maqueda (CNTF Executive Director) for further information.

Sandra Maqueda Selling Tesla Devices

Sandra Maqueda, Executive Director of CNTF, personally sells devices from "Tesla's Innovational Technologies" with claims that these devices protect people from the negative effects of EMF/EMR. Maqueda uses CNTF publications to advertise the sale of these devices and to promote the disproved link between EMR/EMR and health.

It does appear that Maqueda is responsible for the sale of these devices and not CNTF as the devices are not listed for sale on the products page of CNTF's website. However, the membership page does state that CNTF members are entitled to a 10% discount on Tesla devices.

These devices are not cheap as the following selection from the Tesla Products website shows:

mobile phone pendant$60
personal pendant$90
travel plate$120
practitioner plate$300
house plate$535
car field modifier$410
electron stabiliser$565
house kit$1,865

I do not know what Maqueda charges for these products.

Some of the claims made by Tesla's include the following:

Phone Tags
Help alleviate effects from mobile phone use, such as blurred vision or vague head pains.
the pendant adapts to the wearer's personal matrix, thus the wearer's energy field may become more stronger and more balanced. May help the wearer cope with their EM environment… the pendant has helped negate other energies.
…specifically configured to help alleviate some of the energetic effects caused by geopathic stress. This plate may also be used to energise reflex points and the auric field.

Encouraging or convincing people that they suffer from a (fictional) problem, or selling an ineffective cure for such problems, is highly unethical under any circumstances. In the case of a registered health charity, I consider such exploitation and manipulation of cancer patients to be unconscionable conduct.

Advertisements in CNTF Publications

Advertisements for Maqueda's Tesla products have appeared in CNTF's Natural Pathways newsletters and are often accompanied by a scare-piece article or a customer testimonial:

Advertisement [image]Advertisement [text]
image: Tesla Innovational Technology

For Reducing Effects of Radiation Emissions

10% discount to members
Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation

Available from Sandra on 0411 100 947

[this advert appeared with announcement of new book in CNTF library, text follows]

What's New
Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation by Donna Fisher

This book, draws on information and research studies pointing to the health risks linked to long term exposure to EMFs and emissions of harmful frequencies that surround our daily living. Learn more about the effects of harmful frequencies on our body, DNA and environment, and what you can do to reduce exposure.
- A book worthwhile reading to help you better understand the impact of electro smog on our health and environment.

Source: Natural Pathways, Dec 2013

image: Tesla Innovation Technology
Mobile Phone Tags
for your protection
Reduce effects of radiation emitted from mobile and portable phones.
Cost: $50
10% off for members
Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation
Available from Sandra on 0411 100 947

[this advert appeared alongside feature article "Your Mobile Phone? - Is it threatening your health?"

Source: Natural Pathways, Sep 2011

image: Water Kit
No need for water filter replacement
Treats all your water supply coming into your home
Cost efficient and effective against Chemical Toxins
This water kit fits outside of the water pipe, allowing all water that runs through the pipe to be treated.

All toxins carry a vibrational force that is altered as the water passes through the pipe in resonance with the body. Chlorine, fluoride or any other harmful chemical is energetically altered carrying an increased life force energy that is beneficial to our body.

Cost: $195 Members: $175

[this advert appeared alongside a feature article about the dangers of fluoride in our water, and a promotion for an anti-fluoride lobby group that included the claim that fluoride [in our water] causes cancer.]

Source: Natural Pathways, Dec 2010

image: Tesla Technology
For information on reduction of electro-magnetic radiation effects enquire about:
  • Mobile Phone discs
  • Personal Pendants
  • Water kits
  • Energy plates etc.
  • After Radiation Effects
Contact Sandra on 0411 100 947
10% discount to Foundation members

[advertisement appeared alongside a half-page reader testimonial praising the effectiveness of Tesla devices she obtained from Sandra Maqueda]

Source: Natural Pathways, Dec 2009

image: Mobile Phone Tags
for your protection

Reduce effects of radiation emitted from mobile and portable phones.

Cost: $40
10% off for members of the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation
Available from Sandra on 0411 100 947

[this advertisement appeared with two news articles, "Cancer fears as X-rays increase" and "Mobile phones linked to hyperactivity".]

Source: Natural Pathways, Jun 2008

Customer Testimonials

The June 2015 issue of Natural Pathways contains a full-page testimonial by Debbie New, titled "Healing Pain After Kidney Transplant Complications".[6]
After providing details of her operation and ongoing medical problems, New advises us that she only obtained relief after visiting Sandra Maqueda at CNTF (excerpts follow):
"I started to think there was no solution to my pain, until I came across a brochure for the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation."

"I was introduced to Sandra who I spoke to and she encouraged me to attend the Tuesday night support group which I did every week. I purchased some colloidal silver [from cntf] to clean my toe daily and a Tesla disc for pain relief and energetic healing. Within weeks, the pain had eased considerably…"

"Today I am no longer a diabetic…" "My leaking pancreas has 'closed up' and the donor kidney is functioning to the capacity of two normal kidneys. I am feeling great. I put this down to the help and support of Sandra and the Foundation."

In December 2009 CNTF published "Testimonial on Tesla Technology" by Rob Myors.[7]
Myors states he was referred to Sandra Maqueda for Tesla devices. He attributes various Tesla devices for fixing a problem with his voice, a debilitating kidney condition and angina.
From his testimonial we can see that he purchased a pendant, two travel plates and a stabiliser from Maqueda, which (at that time) would have cost, at minimum, $800.
An advertisement for Maqueda's Tesla devices appeared alongside this testimonial (refer preceding Table).

In September 2009 CNTF published a customer testimonial which was in the form of a thank-you letter from a customer addressed to Sandra Maqueda. This customer thanked CNTF for providing her with a $200.00 subsidy toward the purchase of a Tesla house plate from Sandra Maqueda.
In addition to making an anecdotal claim about the effectiveness of this device, the customer also stated she is using the Tesla Plate for her cancer issues.

CNTF Seminar

On 25 September 2012 Maqueda presented a CNTF seminar titled "Harmful Frequencies, Life Force Energy and Health". An advertisement for this seminar appeared in the September 2012 issue of Natural Pathways:

image: Coming Seminar

Harmful Frequencies, Life Force Energy and Health
By Sandra Maqueda

Tues. 25th Sept from 7.30 to 9.00pm
at the Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundn, 531 Elizabeth Dve, Sunbury

Is your modern day technology contributing to your health problems?

  • Lack of energy and fatigue
  • Aggravation of health problems
  • Irritability
  • Hyperactivity
  • Low immunity
  • Emotional instability
  • Sleep disorders
  • Degeneration of health
This seminar discusses the works of Nicola Tesla, effect of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR), what signs to look for, and how to best minimize harmful effects on the body.

Cost: $10 (Foundation members: $8)
Refreshments included

For bookings and enquiries:
Ring 9740 3977 (Mon/Wed/Fri) or Sandra Maqueda on 0411 100 947

Tesla Devices for Hire

CNTF provide Tesla devices for hire, such as a field meter that CNTF claims can measure electromagnetic fields in your home ($10 per week) and a Tesla Disc that CNTF claims can reduce the bio-energy effects of electromagnetic radiation, promote healing and regeneration, restore harmony, alleviate pain, promote sound sleep, and restore life force in food and water ($20 per week):
image: Library Equipment Available

Field meter - a device available to measure elctromagnetic fields in your home stemming electricity.
$10 per week to hire ($50.00 deposit refundable).

Tesla Disc - functions as "transceiver" of Life Force energy. Reduces the bio-energy effects of electromagnetic radiation, promoting healing and regeneration, and helping to restore harmony. Also, alleviates pain, promotes sound sleep, and restores life force in food and water. $10.00 per week hire. $20.00 deposit (refundable).

Source: Natural Pathways, Dec 2009

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