Diluted Thinking

in Australian healthcare

CNTF: Treating Cancer using High pH Therapy

According to Cancer Council Australia there is no substance to the idea of treating any form of cancer with sodium bicarbonate, and it warns that high doses can cause serious problems or even death.[1]

The March 2011 CNTF newsletter contains the article "Bi Carb Treatment for Cancer".[2] It is stated in the article that sodium bicarb "…is a very alkalizing substance which research has demonstrated to be extremely beneficial in treating cancers." The article concludes with an advertisement for "Trojan Sodium Bi Carbonate Formula", available for purchase through CNTF:

Advertisement [image]Advertisement [text]
image: Trojan
K.P.C.T Tonic Food Supplement
Sodium Bi carbonate Formula
Ready to use
Now available at the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation
531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury
For $35.00
For further enquiries, contact Sandra on
9740 3977 or M 0411 100 947

Trojan is a food supplement, which passes through the digestive system stimulating friendly digestive organisms found in the gut.

When supplemented with probiotics Trojan maximizes the continuous elementary canal efficiency promoting a healthy digestive system.

It is worth noting how disingenuous CNTF is being in selling this sodium bicarbonate product as a food supplement, yet taking care to place this advertisement with an article that spruiks the benefit of sodium bicarbonate as being "extremely beneficial in treating cancers".
An advertisement for this product has not appeared in any other CNTF newsletter that is available to me (June 2007 to September 2015 inclusive).

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