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CNTF: Promoting Raw Milk

Late in 2014 it was reported that a three-year-old child died and five other children suffered severe illness after consuming raw milk in Victoria. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services issued a health warning dated 11 December 2014 advising the public of the dangers of drinking raw milk.

In the section "Health Articles & Info" on the CNTF website, is a CNTF general information article The Health Benefits Of Drinking Raw Milk. It states:

"Considering raw milk's role throughout history, it's simple to see that it's not a deadly food."
Whilst the article acknowledges that raw milk destined for a pasteuriser is dangerous before treatment, it implies that milk specifically produced for raw consumption is safe and beneficial, which is clearly not the case given the death and illnesses seen last year.

Further in its promotion of raw milk is another CNTF general information article Pasteurization of Milk and Health Risks which concludes with:

"…Reading his book, you will learn that [treated] milk contributes to heart disease and increases your risk of breast cancer. You will learn that [treated] milk is a poor source of calcium and why, and that [treated] milk is a prime cause of allergies and much more. You will learn that milk can even kill your infant."

Both of the CNTF articles mentioned above were also published in the December 2007 issue of CNTF's newsletter, Natural Pathways.