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CNTF: Scalar Energy Healing

The September 2014 CNTF newsletter, Natural Pathways contained the article "Remote Scalar Energy Healing - Can Light From the Sun and Stars Produce Healing?" written by Sandra Maqueda.[1]

This article describes a healing technique developed by Tom Paladino and concludes with a link to his website.

Maqueda describes Scalar Energy Healing as follows (excerpts):

"Utilizing a mere photo of yourself, Tom broadcasts scalar energy onto your blueprint, disassembling physical matter (in this case, viruses, pathogens, protozoan, bacteria, and fungi) and then reversing the resonance to reassemble micronutrients, anti oxidants, hormones, and that which the body specifically requires, restoring the body to its original elements. This cutting edge technology, is what some people would describe as 'Alchemy', where one form of physical matter is transmuted into another physical form."

"Tom Paladino is now furthering 'the cause' for humanity by making 'scalar energy', technology available for healing - what he describes, as a gift from God/Universe. Scalar energy can not only be applied to restore physical balance, but can also be used to achieve emotional, mental and spiritual balance."

"Tom believes that most underlying causes of chronic diseases, are related to some form of pathogen, virus bacteria or fungi against which, scalar energy can be is generally very effective. His recent discoveries as of March 2012,… allowing ALL bacterial, fungal, protozoan and viral infections to be transmuted and restored to its original balance - therefore, offering to the world the potential CURE for thousands of pathogenic diseases."

"Scalar energy treatment is performed remotely. Many people do not actually feel the actual administration of scalar energy, as this type of light treatment is very subtle. However, the health benefits are immediate."

Maqueda now provides her personal testimonial:

"Having experienced scalar energy myself, I felt an instant sense of balance, at all levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. I noticed my skin was very clear and I sensed a profound calmness. I also noticed a mild, gentle detoxing effect and improved quality sleep. After some discussion with other Foundation members in the group, many reported similar changes, such as clear skin, calmness, sense of balance, improved sleep, etc."

Scalar Energy Healing is a miracle-healing scam, and a costly one. Paladino's website lists the costs for treatments which are charged monthly, reoccurring. Subscriptions range from $175.00 per month for singles, $225.00 per month for couples, and group subscriptions range from $300.00 to $525.00 per month. Paladino also offers treatments for specific health concerns such as male and female hormone therapy and fat metabolism therapy, with prices ranging from $75.00 per month to $525.00 per month.

Maqueda advises readers that (original emphases):

Scalar energy is administered over a 30 day period using 3 standard treatments:
1. Scalar Energy Cleansing: disassembling viruses, protozoan, parasites, etc.
2. Nutrient Therapy: assembling of vital antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and mineral.
3. Chakra Balancing.
An additional treatment is offered for hormone balancing. Visit Tom Paladino's website to find out more about scalar energy healing. www.selfhealgo.com

The cost of treatments recommended by Maqueda is $175.00 per month, plus hormone balancing of $75.00 per month.

Paladino's website also provides 26 pages of glowing testimonials, most of which contain proclamations that the person will be extending their subscription period, or have already been members for many months.

Of further concern are Paladino's claims in regard to treating and curing cancer. The index page of his website prominently features a link to his article Eradicating Viruses that Cause Cancer. He claims to be able to neutralise human papillomavirus, Epstein Barr virus, HIV virus, hepatitis B & hepatitis C viruses, human herpes virus 8, among others.
Paladino also published the article HIV Virus Eradicated via Pathogen Cleanse where he claims that "Scalar energy is capable of disassembling the HIV virus thus presenting mankind an opportunity to eradicate the causative agent of AIDS". A link to this article also features prominently on the index page of his website.

Paladino's article Scalar Energy Healing Cancer states that "Cancer is one disease that can be healed or at least mitigated by way of scalar energy."

This is yet another miracle healing scam that CNTF, a registered health charity, is promoting and recommending to its members and the public. This is clearly unconscionable conduct and I hope to see CNTF lose its charitable status in the very near future.

1. [Maqueda, S 2014, 'Remote Scalar Energy Healing', Natural Pathways, September 2014, p. 7]