Diluted Thinking

in Australian healthcare

CNTF: Structured Water

The article "H3O2 'Living Water' - Key to Hydration" was published in CNTF's September 2014 newsletter.[1] The author, Connie Di Tullio, is a CNTF member and has previously served on the CNTF board.

This article claims that structured water is beneficial, "When water is structured via vortex motion, water becomes healthy and energized, making it extremely effective at hydrating and transporting nutrients to all your vital organs, body tissue and blood, just like nature intended."

Di Tullio claims these health benefits are caused by (original emphases):

When you structure tap, bottled or filtered water something quite extraordinary happens. The vortex movement revitalizes the water and reverts it to its natural state, retaining its original attributes.

Increased energy: When water travels further than 90 meters in a straight pipe it loses all its' energy and becomes unstructured dead water devoid of 'life force' whatsoever. But when water is vortexed and becomes structured, it has 83% more photonic energy to donate.

Free toxins: Toxic substances are neutralized from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, free radicals, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms. This is possible because vortex water, due to its fast spinning behaviour, is changing the molecular structure of the water molecules from toxic to non-toxic. This is precisely how water in nature cleans itself.

Wiped toxic memory: You can remove contaminants from water but it will retain the memory of the frequencies of these contaminants if the water is not vortexed. Water picks up, binds and holds everything it comes into contact with energetically until cleared. As water goes through peoples bodies, laundry, cities, farm fields and industries of the planet, what energy 'fingerprint' is it leaving in your body, cells and conscious field? Where did the vibrations of your last sip come from? But when you vortex the water and water becomes structured, not only are all toxins neutralized but it has also been discovered that it erases the memory of water for you to experience greater balance and harmony!

The body of the article contains a recommendation for two structured water devices that are on the market. At the end of the article two other devices are listed that produce structured (living) water, the first of which is the "Tesla Water Kit" that happens to be available from CNTF. The current price of this kit according to Tesla's website is $275.00

CNTF's September 2015 newsletter includes the article "What is Structured Water? - The hidden secret of water".[2] This article is full of ridiculous claims, including:

"The structure of the water has not only been compromised due to such processing, but above all, is biologically dead because the information-bearing systems have been destroyed."

"It has been proven that most processes of intracellular metabolism take place in a network of structured water."

"Many scientific findings have now established that pulsating microwaves from mobile phones and cordless phones, etc. radically change the structure of extracellular fluid and are posing serious risks to our health."

"Just as the water in our body can be affected by negative frequencies, a frequency of 22.5 Hz, along with aquaporins, can be beneficial to our health."

"What we find is that structured water allows cells to pass information from DNA molecules with the help of structured light."

If the above sounds like gobblygook, this excerpt should help make things clearer:

"Interesting to note, the geometric structure of a water molecule has an angle of 104.7°. This is directly related to the pyramids with 51°17' and very significant as the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza stand for the cosmos."

We should also note:

Structured water can be store energy for lengths of time.

Unstructured water can only store energy patterns for a very brief period while structured water can do so for decades.

Water is the source, receiver and memory of "information", or electromagnetic waves.

Just as water can take on healing, positive information, it can also store negative characteristics. Unfortunately, these frequently burdensome waves are not removed in standard water purification processes. Only special physical procedures can cancel out these frequencies. And if these procedures are not used, the information stored in the water can disrupt cellular and bio-communication in our highly complex organism.

image: magic flask for magic water
What's the point of magic water if you don't have a magic flask?
But don't fear! CNTF sell a handy Naturally Energized Water Flask that magically structures your water and:[3]

CNTF is a distributor for N.E.W.

So once again CNTF is contributing to the financial and emotional stress of cancer patients by promoting pseudoscientific nonsense, and is profiting from those claims. Of further concern, in this instance, is the potentially dangerous claim that these 'structured water' devices can remove all toxins from water. Just the thing to market to immuno-compromised cancer patients. CNTF should take a bow, exit stage left, and leave its charitable status at the door.

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