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The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is another propaganda arm of Scientology based on the insane ramblings of L. Ron Hubbard.

It describes itself as a mental health industry and human rights watchdog but all it really does is campaign aggressively and dishonestly against psychiatry and evidence-based drug treatments for mental health issues. A quick browse of the titles of its publications I've listed below makes my point.

In Australia, CCHR is known as the Citizens Committee on Human Rights.

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Fair Game

Peter Bowditch is a well-known Australian skeptic and runs a popular website called The Millenium Project. Every year he hands out the Millenium Awards and in 2003 CCHR won first place - The Anus Maximus Award .
The following year Peter received an uninvited and unannounced visit from two scientologists that rocked up to his house; one of them being Nick Broadhurst, who was President of the ANZO region at the time.

I can only imagine the scilons would've been happy to find their host intimidated by rocking up out of the blue, but Bowditch has been doing skeptical/health activism for too long to let such an attempt get to him. A few days later the scientologists were back, again uninvited and unannounced.

Par for the course for Scientology. Bowditch got off lightly; I recommend the book The Unbreakable Miss Lovely by Tony Ortega, to see what lengths Scientology will go to in order to silence and intimidate its critics.

Spreading the Propaganda

In July 2017, ABC News article Scientologists send M-rated anti-psychiatry DVD to primary schools reported CCHR sent the propaganda documentary Psychiatry: Friend or Foe? The Untold Story of Australian Psychiatry to schools in Victoria and New South Wales.
A letter accompanying the DVD suggested it be shown to staff and parents.

The article 'Don't bring kids into it': Scientologists target Victorian schools with drug claims, (The Age, 20 Jul 2017), states that CCHR sent the DVD to every principal in Victoria. Excerpts follow:

The letter, which was signed by the group's executive director Shelley Wilkins, claimed that undiagnosed medical conditions were manifesting as "psychiatric symptoms" and raised concerns about the high numbers of Australian children taking ADHD drugs and antidepressants.

She said children needed a thorough medical check to find "the cause of the problem".

The group also took aim at Beyondblue and its KidsMatter program in schools, which it described as a "mental disorder screening program" based on "subjective and arbitrary questions that any child could test positive for".

The Citizens Committee on Human Rights has been described as a front group for Scientologists and claims that "no mental 'diseases' have ever been proven to medically exist".

Ms Wilkins said the material had been sent to every Victorian school and the feedback had been positive.

Both the Victorian and New South Wales education ministers advised its school principals to throw the CCHR material out.

CCHR ran an exhibition in Sydney titled "Psychiatry: Human Rights Abuse & Failure, An Industry of Death"
from 12 Sep until 10 Oct 2017.

A similar exhibition was also held in Melbourne from 30 Aug until 3 Sep 2017.

These exhibitions are an annual event.

Propaganda DVD, Psychiatry: Friend or Foe?

CCHR's propaganda documentary Psychiatry: Friend or Foe? The Untold Story of Australian Psychiatry premiered in Australia on 20 March 2017 at the Sydney Opera House.

It has been shown on community tv stations in Australia and in addition to Scientology missions hosting screenings, supporters have also played host.

It aired on South Australia's Channel 44 on 9 and 12 Sep 2017, and 10 and 13 June 2017.

It aired on Melbourne's Channel 31 on 20 Aug 2017 and 28 May 2017.

Carson Tannberg of Corrimal Family Chiropractic Centre hosted two screenings of this propanda documentary on 30 and 31 July 2017.

This should come as no surprise; his membership of CCHR is proudly displayed on the index page of his business website, including a link to view this documentary.

Scientology and chiropractic are close companions.

It aired on WTV Perth on 2 and 3 June 2017.

Major Supporters

CCHR enjoys major support from the entire alternative medicine movement, with its anti-government and anti-medical rhetoric greatly assisting the altmed cause.

Notable supporters and promoters of CCHR and its materials include:

  • Mike Adams (Natural News)
  • Joseph Mercola
  • Kelly Brogan MD
  • the entire anti-vaccination movement;
There is a lot of speculation on whether the individuals named above are scientologists or not. Frankly, I don't think it matters; their support of Scientology and CCHR is so strong and obvious it becomes a moot point.

Business Details

Citizens Committee on Human Rights Inc
ABN: 83 827 782 128 (from 21 Jul 2009)
Trading Name: Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Entity type: Other Incorporated Entity
Citizens Committee on Human Rights
ABN: 81 136 981 729 (from 7 May 2009)
Entity type: Australian Public Company
Citizens Commission On Human Rights - C.C.H.R. Inc.
ABN: 52 995 846 060 (from 11 Mar 2014)
Entity type: Other Incorporated Entity
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