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Narconon is Scientology's drug rehabilitation program, cooked up by the insane ramblings of L. Ron Hubbard in 1966.

It has been met with severe criticism from evidence-based health practitioners, who point out that its methods are totally without evidence and are potentially harmful. A number of deaths have been attributed to the Narconon program.[1][2]
Narconon also acts a front group for Scientology, with low-level Scientology teachings used in its program.

For more general information, check out the Narconon - Wikipedia page.

The Narconon program in Australia is delivered through Get Off Drugs Naturally , a registered health charity with ACNC . It is the brainchild of Nerida James, an OTVIII scientologist and naturopath, who founded Get Off Drugs Naturally in 2001. James also promotes the program through her Melbourne based Natural Healing Centre health practice and online directory listings .

In 2013 Get Off Drugs Naturally was awarded first place for the Most Productive and Expanding Narconon worldwide at the Narconon Executive Directors Conference, Narconon Arrowhead (Oklahoma, USA).[3]

Get Off Drugs Naturally is also referred to as Get Off Drugs Naturally Foundation, Narconon Australia and Narconon Melbourne.

Australian online presence:

Rehabilitation Clinic

Get Off Drugs Naturally operate a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre located in Warburton East VIC, from a property called O'Shannassy Lodge.
Established in 2001 it has drawn much criticism and experienced troubles over the years, including:
A security company suing for unpaid debts, refer Scientology-linked drug rehab center sued over $150,000 sniffer dog bills , The Age, 4 Apr 2017

Inside Narconon , A Current Affair, 19 May 2017

Both Nerida James (President) and Get Off Drugs Naturally were subject to a three year Enforceable Undertaking by Consumer Affairs Victoria for misleading or deceptive conduct and for false or misleading representations.
Also refer Melbourne drug rehab centre fined for misleading claims its detox programs can completely cure drug addiction , ABC News, 11 May 2015

The Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal rejected an appeal by Scientology's Association for Better Living and Education (the parent company of Narconon) for a permit to build a new rehab facility in Warburton.
Refer Church of Scientology rehab centre rejected in Warburton , The Age, 9 Feb 2015 and
Say No To Narconon in Warburton .

The Church of Scientology, Narconon and Get Off Drugs Naturally were the subject of an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Refer Statement of Findings: Church of Scientology, Narconon, and Get Off Drugs Naturally [pdf] and
Fair Work Prepare Scientology report , ABC Lateline, 13 Sep 2011.
State accused of supporting sect , The Age, 13 Sep 2010
Narconon/Scientology Exposed , Today Tonight, 4 Apr 2008

Get Off Drugs Naturally also offer drug education services in Ringwood VIC and Everton Park QLD.

It tried to set up another drug rehabilitation clinic on the NSW Central Coast at Yarramalong, but after strong opposition it finally ditched this plan in 2017.
Refer Church of Scientology drug rehab facility opposed , Sydney Morning Herald, 22 Mar 2014
Scientology rehab centre at the Central Coast back on the agenda despite fierce local opposition , News Ltd, 11 Mar 2015
Scientologists opt out of drug rehab plans for Yarramalong amid $4 million hopes , Domain, 3 Jun 2017.

Charity & Business Details

Health Charity

Get Off Drugs Naturally is a registered health charity with ACNC.
It is entitled to full charity tax concessions and is a deductible gift recipient, meaning donations to it are tax-deductible.

Responsible persons:

  • President: Nerida James
  • Executive Director: Mark Castro
  • Immediate past Executive Director: Andrew Cunningham
  • Treasurer: Dale Filardo
  • Secretary: Alexander Robertson


Note on ACNC listings: all charities with DGR status were automatically transferred to ACNC's regulation when it came into effect 3 Dec 2012.
Narconon Anzo Incorporated
ABN: 96 867 884 007 active from 30 Mar 2000.
Type: other incorporated entity
Trading name: Narconon
ACNC: Charity registration revoked 30 Mar 2015 (statements never lodged with ACNC).
Narconon Canberra Inc
ABN: 85 792 675 565 active from 24 Apr 2001
Type: other incorporated entity
Trading name: Narconon Canberra
Narconon Perth Inc
ABN: 38 867 227 420 active from 2 Feb 2004
Type: other incorporated entity
Entitled to charity tax concessions (not entitled to receive tax deductible gifts)
ASIC: Registration number A1006582Z
Type: Association, registered Western Australia
Registration date: 4 Feb 2009
ACNC: Charity registration revoked 30 Mar 2015 (statements never lodged)
Narconon Sydney Incorporated
ABN: 29 841 945 362 active from 1 Nov 1999; entity name from 21 Jun 2000
Type: other incorporated entity
ASIC: Association Y3003118 registered 30 Aug 2003, deregistered 28 Feb 2014
ACNC: Charity registration revoked 24 Nov 2014 (statements never lodged)
Narconon Victoria Drug Education Services
ABN: 25 208 930 117 active from 23 Feb 2000
Type: other incorporated entity
Held DGR status from 9 Aug 2004 to 11 May 2015 under name "Narconon Drug Education Fund"
CAV: Association A0039289L registered 23 Feb 2000
ACNC: Charity registration revoked 11 May 2015 (statements never lodged)
Narconon Queensland Inc
ABN: 44 110 267 978 active from 22 Jan 2001, cancelled 4 Sep 2013
Type: other incorporated entity
Entry shows it still receives charity tax concessions and has DGR status but this is likely an error as entity is no longer registered with ACNC.
ASIC: Association IA29805, registered 22 Jan 2001. Queensland Government website shows no record for this association.
ACNC: Charity registration voluntarily revoked 5 Nov 2013
The Trustee for Narconon Drug Education Fund
ABN: 45 139 604 396 active from 13 Nov 2013
Type: fixed trust
Narconon Drug Education Services NSW
ABN: 16 725 544 815 active from 1 Jul 2004, cancelled 17 Dec 2008
Type: other incorporated entity
Get Off Drugs Naturally Narconon QLD
ABN: 21 873 417 115 active from 1 Nov 1999, cancelled 1 Jul 2001
Type: other incorporated entity
Narconon New South Wales Drug Prevention
Narconon Queensland Drug Prevention

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