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DVAC (Drug and Vaccination Awareness Coalition)

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Cover of The Natural Response magazine
DVAC (The Drug and Vaccination Awareness Coalition)
Alan Ostrowsky
Melbourne, Victoria
Unknown. Earliest online reference I've found is 2008.
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  • Type: business name
  • State of registration: Victoria
  • Registration date: 12 April 2010
  • Renewal date: 12 April 2013
  • Status: Registered
  • Holder Name: Alan Ostrowsky
  • Former identifier: B2271848D
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  • The Natural Response
    Print magazine, published quarterly.
    Commenced 2008.
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  • The Truth About Cholesterol
    e-book by Alan Ostrowsky
The Natural Response: http://www.thenaturalresponse.org/
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Alan Ostrowsky is a naturopath, registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. He is the most staunch conspiracist I've come across and all his internet groups and sites contain the same antivaccination and conspiracy nonsense with End Times having the bonus of scripture. Sometimes when writing on health matters he casually reminds his readers that he is a natural health practitioner.

There are many antivaccination articles on his website with most making ridiculous claims such as vaccines cause infertility and the Gates Foundation is pushing vaccines to reduce the world's population.


Advertising for his Natural Response magazine states the following:
Read uncensored news on these vital subjects:

The Harmful health depleting effects of Vaccinations

The Harmful health depleting effects of Pharmaceutical drugs

How the Pharmaceutical industry wants to make every man, woman and child a client for life

The Damaging Health effects of Petrochemicals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Fluoride and Amalgam fillings.

The lies about the safety of GM food production

The destructive role of the One World Government and the Illuminati

The worldwide occurrence of Chemtrails, HAARP and Geo-Engineering

The harmful effects of products claiming to be Natural and beneficial


Article: Poisons, Drugs and Toxins That Kill (14 Nov 2011):

They want you from inside your mother's womb with vaccines, throughout childhood, adulthood and the senior years. That's if you were fortunate enough to reach the senior years without being killed by their poisons.

Or unfortunately you might be one of the brain damaged Autistic individuals. You can thank the vaccine producers for that.


Facebook post dated 31 August 2013:

Most definitely. I have four children and I as a Natural Health practitioner can tell the neurological differences between the two that received jabs and the two that haven't had any. The two that haven't find using their intelligence so much easier than the other two. Both of the vaccinated ones struggle so much more to achieve. They are still intelligent but hard work. I know there are a good number in the group that still vaccinate. Please do the research and don't believe the pharmaceutical companies.


Facebook posts dated 14 July 2013:

Vaccines are possibly on the top of the list for the population culling and sterilization methods of the United Nations (One World Govt).


If anybody takes or gives their child vaccines they are playing Russian roulette. There are some in our group that still aren't convinced on the dangers of vaccines. Just because your child didn't become autistic from a shot, doesn't mean that he/she wasn't brain damaged in some way. And sterilization??? Well the damage won't be showed until that person tries to have children. By then you won't know that the vaccines were the culprit.


Facebook post dated 23 December 2013:

The purpose of distributing Live vaccines (in comparison to dead vaccines) by the Pharmaceutical Industry and it's Global elite owners is to cause us harm. And make money in the process - through the sale of the vaccine and drugs to supposedly treat the side effects. Any person that allows their child or themselves to take vaccines - is placing their trust in a multinational company. The science behind vaccinations is wrong. Louis Pasteur admitted this on his deathbed.


Comment on article dated 3 Dec 2012:

Dear Friend
It was gods will that created vaccines but man. The theories behind vaccines are totally flawed. The motivation is greed and eugenics.