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Letter by Patricia Bohackyj, published in Illawarra Mercury, 16 April 2015:
Value of vaccines queried

"For the past 15 years, I have read extensive medical literature about vaccines and I can confirm that we had extremely low incidents of whooping cough until they started vaccinating for it. I have documents that show that the government hid the rise and fall of incidents of whooping cough by presenting statistics in 10-year blocks and that it only became a notifiable disease when they introduced a vaccine for it.

"Furthermore, they have been trying for years to give this vaccine to newborns, but it is such a dangerous vaccine that they have never been able to get clinical trials for it.

"Another hideous vaccine is for cervical cancer, but you can find out all this information with referenced medical literature on my website Healthy Families of Illawarra [link published in article]

"Not surprisingly, people believe that I should not be allowed to say that I am against vaccines or why. Websites like mine are hard to find and other websites that discredit me are listed first. I believe in free choice, I personally stopped vaccinating my children when they were little because they were getting ill from vaccines, not diseases."

Excerpt from article "Lack of vaccination choice disturbs parents", Illawarra Mercury, 17 April 2015:

"Mrs Bohackyj feels vaccinations do children more harm than good after sifting through research material herself, but her biggest gripe is the government not allowing parents to make a rightful objection."

Media Release dated 29 July 2010:
Note: emphases in the following article were made by the original author. I have omitted the references.

STOP AVN lobby group helping vaccine advocates to push newborns to receive an additional vaccine.

What is really behind all those news stories about the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) in the media, and the HCCC (Health Care Complaints Commission) request to have the AVN publish a disclaimer on their website?

Well, it is not surprising that for a number of years there has been a push to complete a study in which newborns receive the whooping cough vaccine, instead of waiting until they were 2 months old. It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, July 27, 2010, Vaccine activists labelled a threat, by Kate Benson, that Toni and David McCaffery's daughter Dana, was only 4 weeks old when she presumably died of whooping cough. It also stated, that the McCaffery's were contacted by an anonymous person from the AVN group, and called on the Government and the HCCC, to have the AVN display a disclaimer on its website in a prominent position, stating its purpose was to provide information that was against vaccination, and it should not be considered as medical advice. The McCaffery's along with Ken McLeod, who instigated a Face Book website called STOP AVN have lobbied for months to highlight the fact that this baby was too young to receive its vaccination for whooping cough before it died. Questionably, McLeod has connections and involvement with groups like the Skeptics, Antivaxxers and www.ratbags.com/rsoles/ who openly criticize groups and individuals who question the safety of vaccines.

The Adelaide Advertiser dated 26 July 2010 'Baby steps to beat whooping cough', published an article suggesting that we are in the midst of the worst whooping cough epidemics in 40 years, and that researchers at the Women's and Children's Hospital will investigate whether an extra vaccination shot given soon after birth could better protect infants. They are looking for '100 expectant mothers to volunteer their newborns for the study, the largest study of its kind in the southern hemisphere.' It is expected that in total that they will have at least 440 babies from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane who will be given the Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccination within five days of birth. This will be in addition to the normal Pertussis vaccinations, also given at six either weeks or two months, four months, six months and four years of age. Note, the NCIRS (National Centre of Immunisation, Research and Surveillance) in 2003, removed the 18 month booster following reports of injection site reactions.

Interestingly, the news media did not publish medical facts from the NCIRS stating that there are epidemics despite high vaccination rates. It also states the cyclic years that they have appeared, and that we are at the end of one. NCIRS states, 'In recent years, there have been periodic epidemics which have occurred at intervals of 3-4 years (1997-98, 2001, 2005-06, 2008-09)'. In fact, the rates of epidemics and incidences of the disease coincidently started to occur and increase when vaccination compliances were introduced in 1997. The Minister for Health and Aged Care, the Hon Dr. Michael Wooldridge, introduced the 'Seven Point Plan to Immunize Australians' in 1997. Immunisation providers were given incentives to vaccinate and help keep vaccination rates in children under 7 years of age as high as 90 percent. Including changes to Childcare allowance that became linked to vaccination status and the Maternity Immunisation Allowance was introduced.

The NCIRS site also states, 'the increase in notification rates over time could also be due, as a result of increased availability of serological testing and more sensitive testing.' Also, that in Australia, the problem is among two broad age groups; those older than 20 years of age and those under the age of 6 months. Including the suggestion that adolescents and adults are a reservoir for infections (accounting for 60% of notifications in 2008). Hence, the blaming this group, for example, parents for not being immunised. Unfortunately, transplacental immunity is not discussed for the simple fact that newborns today are unlike to acquire immunity of common childhood diseases from their mothers transplacentally. As well as after birth through breast-feeding because in most cases they have not acquired natural immunity of the diseases themselves.

The prospect of another vaccine being added to an already over weighted vaccination schedule, will for a majority of the population, be seen as life saving and necessary. Those of us who question the validity and safety of vaccines, will understand that good health does not come in the form of vaccinations. We are seeing more diseases and neurological disorders in children, even increasingly in the elderly, as both of these groups are targeted prominently for vaccines and boosters. The simple fact is that the AVN, and other groups like it around the world, are being made scapegoats to push aside facts, discussion, about the lack of research used to promote vaccines. The epidemilogical studies to approve vaccines are flawed; the use of data produced by the vaccine makers is also totally unethical. We need to see the evidence also that vaccines are ineffective, even to the opposition of those parents like the McCaffrey's and Pro-vaccination groups, as justice and freedom of speech is assured only if we are allowed to hear and see both sides of the story.

Vaccination is NOT compulsory in Australia; both vaccinating and non-vaccinating parents are 'equally' entitled to childcare assistance, and fee relief. Vaccination exemptions; either Medical, religious, conscientious or through natural immunity, are included in Maternity and Child Care Payment Acts 1997, and 1998.

Patricia Bohackyj, Copyright 2010

Further note: HCCC could not take any further action against the AVN regarding the disclaimer, SMH dated 27/7/2010. The AVN already have a disclaimer on their site it reads - If medical advice is required the services of a competent professional should be sought.

Additional comments: The Sydney Morning Herald news article 'Vaccine activists labeled a threat' by Kate Benson, was not news worthy of front page. No substance in the story. The unfortunate death of baby Dana, allegedly of whooping cough, occurred well over 12 months ago. There is no known medical history of the baby published in the media to date. Also, the HCCC admitted that they were helpless to enforce the AVN to publish the disclaimer. Hence, it make no sense to have such a story on the front page, unless of course there is another basis for it. For example, as I explained, the Whooping cough trials for newborns. The decay of our newspapers and journalism in this country is evident from the response I received after speaking to several journalists of major newspapers. Those of you who are listening and publishing the information (without misinterpretations), I applaud you!

Excerpts from Bohackyj's letter to the Editor (Illawarra Mercury) - dated 19 June 2011:

"I am a mother of 3 children, who chose to stop vaccinating our children after I learnt that these injections were harming them."

"The information I found was medical literature, clearly showing that these diseases have increased in incidences as a result of vaccinations, especially whooping cough."

"Importantly before the introduction of whooping cough vaccination, it was a common childhood disease, as common as measles, mumps and chicken pox. The disease was mild in most cases, resolving in less than 21 days. Today, it is a common disease in both children and adults."

"The issue whether vaccinations are at all effective is never questioned, and statistics showing children contracting these diseases despite vaccinations are never recorded."

"Vaccines not only contain antigens, supposedly to help the immune system develop antibodies to diseases but also contain various poisonous ingredients considered toxic at any level in the body..."

Interview by Heather Smith, Northern Leader, 20 May 2010

A newborn baby from the Corrimal area died the day after receiving her vaccinations, according to the coordinator of Healthy Families of Illawarra, Patricia Bohackyj.

Mrs Bohackyj, of Towradgi, is fighting an unpopular battle to ban all vaccines, an issue highlighted by the recent deaths of toddlers in Western Australia and Queensland after receiving flu vaccines.

While Mrs Bohackyj is unable to name the Corrimal family nor prove that a vaccine was the cause, she said many deaths were attributed to other conditions and the link between vaccines and illness was often overlooked.

"The fact is we're giving people vaccinations for diseases that no longer exist in Australia," she said.

"We're introducing viruses into their bodies from other species and new diseases have developed as a result.
"We're seeing more auto-immune problems, asthma, ADD as a result of trying to suppress natural diseases in children. The body needs to respond to exposure to diseases like measles to protect it from illnesses such as asthma, cancer and cartilage disease."

Mrs Bohackyj became interested in the issue after all three of her children became sick after having their regular vaccines. Her son was particulary ill, becoming floppy and listless after receiving his first Hepatitis B vaccine.

Her eldest daughter was diagnosed with asthma after numerous illnesses from birth, which Mrs Bohackyj now attributes to vaccines.

"My kids became sick after vaccinations and it could have been avoided," Mrs Bohackyj said. "I don't want any other parent to have to go through what I've been through."

She said vaccines not only contained preservatives but cultures such as monkey tissue and chicken embryos as well as additives such as mercury and aluminium.

"Vaccines are not only dangerous, they're ineffective."

Excerpts from comment by P Bohackyj on article in The Daily Telegraph, dated 30 April 2010:

"I'm sure that you and other parents alike are unaware that this disease only became a notifiable disease when they started to vaccinate for it. The incidents of Whooping cough were much lower than now before a vaccine was introduced. What the health authorities did was present data in 10 year blocks to hide peaks and falls of the disease."

"I was vaccinating my children at first but it was only when someone told me to look into it, that it wasn't that I had unhealthy children but what I was doing to them with vaccines and antibiotics, that was making them very sick."

"I am a school teacher, and I am very concerned that our kids are being used as medical experiments."

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