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Jason's Journey

This excerpt from the book Vaccination Roulette was written by Stephanie Messenger and entitled "Jason's Journey". It describes what she believes is the cause of her son's death and why she became interested in the subject of vaccination.

Jason's Journey

As a young mother I, like most mothers, wanted to do the best job I could of caring for my new baby. I breastfed and dutifully took my baby to the health clinic every 4 weeks for a check-up and to be given the next words of wisdom from the clinic sister as to what I should be doing for and with my baby at this age. I remember being told at the second visit that he had to have his vaccinations so I dutifully took him to the doctor that day and had it done. Not a thought entered my head to ask a question about the procedure and indeed not a word was ever mentioned about adverse reactions or anything.

Jason was a happy baby. Scarcely a cry was ever heard, I was there for his every grin and whimper and I remember my mother-in-law saying he never cries because I pick him up before he has a chance to cry.

After he had his first vaccination he screamed and cried for the rest of the day and had a very restless night that night, but seemingly had recovered the next day.

He reached his milestones a little ahead of schedule and was thriving beautifully. A happy contented baby.

At four months of age, as per instructions from the doctor, I returned Jason for his second dosage of vaccinations. This time he screamed louder. I took him home, unable to console him at all. I would breastfeed him and he would vomit straight away (something he had never done), and still the screaming continued. After he had vomited two feeds I called the doctor and told her what was happening. Her advice was to give him juice and don't breastfeed. I did that and he kept some it down, but still vomited often. I called the doctor the next day and said I thought he was reacting to the vaccination and she said "no, it had nothing to do with it, but to bring him back in" to her. This I did and she immediately referred me to a specialist in the city. I got an appointment a few days later, but, in the meantime, Jason started arching his back and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. I called the doctor again and told her what was happening and she said she wanted to see him again. While at her surgery he didn't do anything so I took him home and waited for the specialist appointment. He took a blood sample, looked at Jason and told me he would contact me in a few days. The arching back and rolling eyes continued and his whole body would shudder. (I learned later these were seizures). These seizures would last a minute or so. I tried breastfeeding again but he continually vomited it across the room so, on the clinic sister's advice, I gave it up. Word came from the specialist that the tests showed he was allergic to wheat, so to stop giving the cereal I had started him on three days before he was vaccinated. I stopped the cereal but still the symptoms continued.

After several days I realised I had to get some answers so I moved to Sydney to find a doctor there who could help. Jason was admitted to hospital that day. The doctor ordered a battery of tests be performed. All this took months and Jason was deteriorating all the time. Finally we were summoned to a meeting with the doctors in November (four months later). I remember vividly there were five older doctors, my mother and myself. The news was all bad. They told me that they didn't know why Jason was deteriorating, they can't find a cause, but they projected he would survive only a few months. When my mother said she was surprised they couldn't find anything after the extensive tests they had done, one of the doctors piped up with "well, he has some of the symptoms of a condition called Alexander's disease, it's very rare!"

Not long after that I took my baby home and watched him waste away to nearly nothing until he passed away six months later. His dead body was the length of a fifteen month old child's, but he had not progressed from the age of four months.

I did obtain some data on this Alexander's disease and the only symptom he had which was listed was projectile vomiting. I soon realised that the doctor was just saying that so we would have an answer. I think they figured that any answer was better than no answer.

Four years after Jason's death I was watching the Phil Donahue show and they zeroed in on a whole lot of babies and children in the audience. These babies had a similar appearance to Jason as their bodies were wasted away and their heads looked larger than normal. Many of them looked like Jason. I listened and watched keenly. It was a programme on vaccination. The guest speaker was Dr. Robert S Mendelsohn, a paediatrician who was teaching at a Medical School as well as having a private practice himself. He was warning about the dangers of vaccination and saying the risks weren't worth it. Another doctor on the stage was a paediatric neurologist and he stated that most paediatric neurologists don't vaccinate their own children. I was stunned. I remember that Jason's life was never the same from the day he was vaccinated, but it was dismissed by the doctor, so I never gave it another thought until I had seen those babies. So I wrote to Dr. Mendelsohn and he put me on to another doctor who was closer. I discussed my son's experience with him but, without ever seeing Jason, he couldn't shed any light on his death except to say he had all the symptoms of vaccine reactions.

I decided at that point that I had to research to see if that was what had killed my baby. I read widely on the subject. Everything that mentioned vaccination I read - drug company literature, medical journals and the pamphlet which was in the box with the vaccines. The information contained there described Jason's reaction fully. I have studied this procedure for 17 years now and am totally convinced, by the literature and the hospital records, that Jason died as a result of his triple antigen vaccine. If I was not convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt I would certainly keep searching. When I speak to the media they always want to know if the reaction has been verified by the medical profession - it seems that that is all important - and my reply is always the same: "Of course not!"

According to Australian Medical Association there are no major reactions to vaccines, or at least only one in a million, and none of them has ever seen that one in a million. Amazingly the USA has paid out over $800 million in the past nine years for vaccine damaged children, and they estimate there are 2 billion dollars worth of claims pending to date. Amazing how we use the same, or similar, vaccines and have none of these reactions. As far as I am concerned, I don't need doctors to verify the reason for my son's death; I know what killed him.

My son was with me for such a short time, but having him has proved to be a great source of inspiration. He taught me so much, and for that I will always be grateful.

I have three living healthy children who, of course, are totally unvaccinated. They are [redacted] 13 years, [redacted] 11, and [redacted], 7. They are wonderful and very healthy. Through the progression of my research I have leaned [sic] not to fear disease. This involves throwing out much of what you were taught as a child and young adult and rethinking the whole health issue.

By not vaccinating and not visiting doctors I have taken responsibility for my own and my children's health - very difficult thing to do at first. You have to programme your thinking and, firstly, not act or make decisions based on fear. It is a most powerful emotion and is used to perfection by the drug companies and medical industry. I realised that most of what is on TV is fear-mongering and I see it for that now. In other words, when I hear stories about an epidemic of measles, my first thought is that the drug companies must have too much measles vaccine and it's about to expire, so they create this fear epidemic and - presto - the vaccine is swooped up. Suddenly the epidemic is over and the vaccine is praised on the front page of the paper. Buried on page 45 is a story about how there is no more measles vaccine in the city. It works every time. When I see a baby on TV with whooping cough (they used the same film all the time) I wonder how many brain-damaged babies there are from the vaccine. When they talk about babies dying from the diseases, I think of the many that never get on TV who die from the vaccines.

We live a life as natural as possible, given that we live in a city. We filter our water, grow lots of vegetables, play lots of different sports and generally try to make life for our children reasonably stress-free. We generally follow the Fit For Life eating principles. We have been eating fruit only in the morning for 11 years now; that way I know that we are all getting a good dose of vitamins and minerals. We limit dairy products to an occasional bit of cheese and meat is very limited. This has proved to be successful for keeping our family healthy while peers, who are fully vaccinated, have constant ear infections, bronchitis, chest infections etc etc etc, as well as measles, rubella, whooping cough and chicken pox. When peers get these childhood diseases we go visiting in the hope that my children will catch one of the diseases and thereby prime their immune systems for later life. I realise that, later in life when they are responsible for their own health, they may not take as good care initially, so I would prefer their systems are primed now when they are young and very able to handle whatever comes their way.

Disease is your body's way of cleansing itself. If the body gets a temperature, it is burning off whatever is in the body and upsetting the balance. Leave it alone, the temperature only goes as high as it needs to, to burn off what it needs to. Two of my children have had febrile seizures from temperatures going up very quickly. It has nothing to do with how the temperature has gone, but it is the rate at which the temperature rises which causes the seizures. They are over quickly and do not do harm to the child. Diarrhoea and vomiting are the body's way of cleansing; leave them alone and just offer clean water and a lot of it.

If Jason's purpose on this earth was to teach me to be a better parent, he succeeded. Had he not lived and died I would probably still be the complacent parent I was when I took him to be vaccinated. For that I and his brothers and sister are ever in his debt. Maybe one day I'll get to thank him. In the meantime I wonder what he would be like today. As I placed a 21st key around the headstone on his grave I wept as I wished I was placing it around his neck. The pain doesn't go away.

Messenger Alexandra Hills, Qld

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