Diluted Thinking

in Australian healthcare

Anti-vaccination homeopath, Susan Blackshaw

Basic Details

Susan Blackshaw
Susan Blackshaw Homeopathy Clinic
Ashgrove, QLD
Homeopathy; Nursing; Midwifery
  • Clinic Supervisor Endeavour College (Brisbane)
  • past Branch President AHA QLD
  • past National Secretary, Committee Member AHA
  • AROH 00-467
  • AHA
  • AHPRA NMW0001424730 (nursing) & NMW0001424720 (midwifery)
  • professional member Australian Vaccination Network (2007-2008)

"My nursing experience is a big advantage to my clients." [original emphasis]

"People often say they chose me because of my nursing experience. I know it is a terrific advantage to my homeopathic practice as I have that depth of understanding that comes from nursing people who are very ill. For people looking at a complementary therapy like homeopathy for the first time, or for people with complex health problems it is reassuring to be in the care of someone versed in both systems."

"My life and work experience as a homeopath, ICU nurse, midwife, and mother of 3 allows me the insight to know when something is needed along side the homeopathy. Sometimes a person may need reassurance, or a piece of information, or a strategy to approach the problems at hand, as well as the homeopathic medicine and these referrals are often of significant help to my clients."

Source: http://susanblackshaw.com.au/susan-blackshaws-background/

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (AHPRA)

  1. Position statement on nurses, midwives and vaccination (October 2016)
  2. NMBA position clear, we will take action on anti-vaccinatino promoters (20 October 2016)

AROH - Code of Professional Conduct

The following list contains excerpts from AROH's Code of Professional Conduct. In my opinion, the Code does not permit its Registrants to publicly comment on health-related matters when relying on non-valid sources e.g. pseudoscientific and/or conspiracy websites, nor does it permit the use of scare articles and/or images to emotionally manipulate patients and the public.

  • 1. Provide Safe, Ethical and Competent Health Care
    • 1.2 Without limiting or derogating from 1.1 above, Registrants shall fulfill their duty of care toward patients and must:
      • apply their professional capacity as a practitioner to improve the health and well-being of their patients, and attempt to minimise physical or emotional harm
      • interact with patients (and related parties), diligently, honestly, fairly, and in good faith, subject to confidentiality considerations, bearing in mind the patient's position of dependence and the high degree of trust a patient places in the Registrant;
  • 3. Support (present and potential) Patients to Make Informed Decisions
    Registrants shall provide patients with reliable information and professional opinions, and must not conduct their practice, or the advertising thereof, in a way that might reasonably be expected to mislead or deceive a person, as to the nature and identity of the provider, or as to the nature or quality of the services offered.
  • 5. Place the Welfare of Patients above Self-Interest
    In relation to clinical practice and the advertising thereof, the welfare of patients, students, research subjects and the public shall take precedence over a practitioner's self-interest and the interests of employees and colleagues, in accordance with normal consulting practice.
    In particular, Registrants shall refrain from:
    • exploiting patients financially, or misinforming them in relation to health care products or services. When providing advice in a professional capacity, Homoeopaths shall be honest, and explain the advantages and disadvantages, so that the patient can make an informed choice.
    • attempting to dissuade patients from seeking or continuing treatment with a registered medical practitioner, unless on substantial grounds,…
  • 10. Maintain Professional Integrity and Personal Conduct
    Registrants shall at all times conduct their practice, communications and affairs in a courteous, dignified and responsible manner consistent with this Code and the AROH Standards of Practice and so as not to bring the Homoeopathic medical profession into disrepute.
    In particular Registrants must:
    • identify themselves by name, in any communications concerned with their practice or other health related matters,
    • avoid offensive, provocative or misleading statements, publications or conduct
Let me repeat that very last point again:
Registrants must avoid offensive, provocative or misleading statements, publications or conduct.


The evidence presented here shows this practitioner: NOTE: all evidence was available to be viewed by the public at time of capture.


Blackshaw using misinformation from known anti-vaccination conspiracy sources to discourage people from vaccinating and to instead use homeoprophylaxis for disease prevention.
Excerpts from Blackshaw's website:
[title] Will children take homeopathic medicine and can it help childhood illness?

"Use of specific homeopathic medicines for childhood illness prevention is becoming more popular as the debate with vaccination efficacy and safety escalates. This area of homeopathy is called homeoprophylaxis and is a controversial area of practice within the ranks of homeopaths and orthodox medicine."

"To further your knowledge about the pros and cons of vaccines and homeoprophylaxis visit the websites and texts listed below. Many parents like to book an hour consultation with Susan to discuss this important decision."

Source: http://susanblackshaw.com.au/frequently-asked-questions/

Blackshaw (trust her, she's a trained nurse) goes on to promote notorious anti-vaccination conspiracy websites as appropriate health information resources for her patients and the public. I can only imagine the distress she suffered including the government's immunisation handbook.
Further adding to Blackshaw's unprofessionalism and lack of duty of care is her inclusion of the Australian Vaccination Network, an organisation which carries a current public health warning issued by the NSW HCCC back in 2014.

The websites listed (in order) are:

Another website for Blackshaw's business includes the same anti-vaccination conspiracy health information resources as above with a bonus Mercola article and promotion of the Australian Vaccination Network's online shop:

This same information appears on another of Blackshaw's websites FAQ - Susan Blackshaw.

Susan Blackshaw providing misinformation that could encourage people not to vaccinate, posting an article from an anti-vaccination conspiracy website.

Blackshaw [quote]:
''Interesting comparisons''

linked material:
[title] ''How Does Vaccinated Children's Health Compare to Unvaccinated Children?''

[content] ''Independently funded studies comparing the health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children conclusively show that unvaccinated children enjoy superior health.''

[linked source] Vaccine Truth (Vactruth)

Source: Blackshaw, S 2016, Facebook post, 5 July, viewed 4 August 2016, <https://www.facebook.com/SusanBlackshawHomeopath/posts/876813195763635>
Susan Blackshaw providing misinformation that could encourage people not to vaccinate, promoting Andrew Wakefield's anti-vaccination conspiracy movie, Vaxxed.

Blackshaw [quote]:
"Here's the trailer to the Vaxxed movie that is causing a big stir in the US"

linked material:
[image text]:
Cinema Libre Studio
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Official Trailer

[linked source] Vimeo

Source: Blackshaw, S 2016, Facebook post, 6 April, viewed 4 August 2016, <https://www.facebook.com/SusanBlackshawHomeopath/posts/826872170757738>
Susan Blackshaw providing misinformation that could encourage people not to vaccinate, posting an article from a conspiracy news website.

Blackshaw [quote]:
"This is a great article about a brave female doctor who critiqued vaccine research in the UK"

linked material:
[title] "The Doctor Who Beat The British General Medical Council By Proving That Vaccines Aren't…"

[content] "What happened when a UK doctor appeared as an expert witness to help two mothers prove in court that their children didn't need to be vaccinated? A 3 year…"

[linked source] Collective Evolution

Source: Blackshaw, S 2015, Facebook post, 20 March, viewed 4 August 2016, <https://www.facebook.com/SusanBlackshawHomeopath/posts/659039027541054>