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IMOP Basic Information

Basic Information

Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party
previously known as Involuntary Medication Objectors Party
launched 25 April 2015
Michael O'Neill (NSW)
Executive Committee
President: not stated
Vice President: not stated
Treasurer: not stated
Secretary: not stated
Registered Officer: Gary Martin
Party Agent: not stated
Postal Address
PO Box 3322
West Kempsey NSW 2440
[Ed note: this address is also used by Barbara O'Neill for her business ''Barbhealth'']
Contact Details
Update 14 Nov 2016: no contact details published on Facebook or website. Only means to contact IMOParty is via messaging function on Facebook.
As at 23 July 2015 the only contact detail is an email address, mike@mmh.com.au
This email address belongs to "Misty Mountain Health Retreat", a business run by O'Neill that is a trading name for his registered charity (refer Website listing below).
On 17 July 2015 Damien Poulsen promoted IMOParty on a No Jab No Pay Facebook page, giving the impression he is acting in an official capacity for IMOParty.
Organisation Type
Registered political party

AEC listing, registered 26 October 2016 :
Name of Party: Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party
Registered abbreviation: Involuntary Vaccine/Fluoride Objectors
Registered Officer of party: Gary Martin
Party Correspondence Address: PO Box 3322, West Kempsey NSW 2440

Australian Electoral Commission
as at 14 Nov 2016
Membership is free, open to individuals on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll. [Ed note: the IMOParty website membership form makes no mention of being a member of another registered political party]

as at 22 Nov 2015
Full membership: $25.00 joining fee (payable to MJ O'Neill)
Associate membership: free
Both categories of membership are for three years then renewal forms must be completed again plus renewal fee for full membership.
The party's constitution makes no reference to people being members of another political party. This may cause a problem for IMOParty in achieving the minimum 500 members required for registration with the AEC; an IMOParty member who held membership with a different party when they joined, cannot be included in the count of IMOParty members for the AEC.

IMOParty was a co-organiser of the 2015 national No Jab, No Pay protest rallies
Seminars & Talks
20 Nov 2015: Michael O'Neill (IMOParty) gave a speech at the Sydney "No Jab, No Pay" protest rally.
21 Jun 2015: Michael O'Neill (IMOParty) gave a speech at the Sydney No Jab No Pay protest rally.
19 Jul 2015: Michael O'Neill (IMOParty) gave a lengthy interview on the Conspiracy Oz podcast.
http://www.imoparty.com/ (site went live on 22 July 2015).
Domain first registered on 30 Jun 2015 by Michael O'Neill, on behalf of IMOParty.

http://www.imop.com.au/ (site went live on 25 Jun 2015).
The owner of domain imop.com.au is "Misty Mountain Health and Education Institute Ltd", a registered health charity with the ACNC.
Update 18 July 2015: website went offline on 17 July and domain status changed to "pending delete". This occurred because the party that registered the domain, health charity "Misty Mountain Health and Education Institute Ltd", was not eligible to hold the domain imop.com.au, according to auDA policy.
Update Nov 2015: the imop.com.au domain name is no longer registered.

http://www.involuntarymedicationobjectorsparty.com (domain still parked as of Nov 2016).
Domain first registered on 23 Apr 2015 by Michael O'Neill, on behalf of IMOP.

Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IMOParty

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4tM-bcDY6TYfJccJtnP0w/feed

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