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Wendy Lydall


Wendy Lydall has been an active campaigner in the anti-vaccination movement for over 30 years. Originally from South Africa, she spent 8 years in New Zealand before moving to Australia in 1996. Currently resides in Monbulk, Victoria. Lydall holds no science or health qualifications.

Lydall has claimed in promotional materials for her seminars that she was co-founder of the New Zealand anti-vaccination group, Immunisation Awareness Society (IAS). However, the IAS website only credits Hilary Butler as founder.
She was the contact for the AVN Melbourne group in 2001, according to the AVN website for that period.

Wendy Lydall is author of the anti-vaccination book Raising a Vaccine Free Child. She has stated her motivation for writing the book was that some vaccines were compulsory in the country where her first child was born and she had no intention of vaccinating her children. She conducted research in case she needed to quote statistics to a judge if she was ever brought to trial. (Yahoo! Groups post, 2008). In her book, Lydall does state that her first child received the polio vaccine.


The Sudden Death of Your Child After Vaccination May Be Written Off by Researchers, Here's How, vactruth.com (23 March 2013)
Raising a Vaccine Free Child (first published 2005)
This book has received very mixed reviews from those who are anti-vaccination. Criticisms include:
"Lydall states several times that vaccines do not work ... But isn't she stating there that the vaccines, while limited in duration, do "work"? Which is it? It bothers me that she doesn't seem to have a consistent opinion. I'm not a huge fan of the "throw everything against the wall and see what sticks" method."

"A lot of her research and statements were all over the place and I can't say I can really recommend it."

"But a lot of her book is devoted to vax myths, which is great, except it's hard not to notice that her arguments are sloppy and bizarre in some areas. It casts a pall somewhat on the reliability of the stats, unfortunately."

"I guess I am a little confused and somewhat offput by her book. Not only that, but in her chapter on how to care for the measles, she scared the crap out of me. I'm sure it wasn't the exact intention but stressing how absolutely important it is not to make ONE misstep in caring for the measles (or disaster will occur!) doesn't exactly build confidence."

"Raising a Vaccine Free Child is a poorly written, self-published book. Anyone can write a book and self publish it, and it doesn't have to meet any standards of quality."

Source: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/937653/raising-a-vaccine-free-child-question


Here are some examples of promotional material for seminars presented by Wendy Lydall.

Advertising flyer for Vaccines, Diseases and Parents' Rights seminar, presented by Wendy Lydall in Maleny, Qld (14 October 2012)

Advertisement for Vaccines, Diseases and Parents' Rights seminar, presented by Wendy Lydall in Maleny, Qld. Advert appeared in the Hinterland Times, October 2010

Advertising flyer for Vaccines, Diseases and Parents' Rights seminar, presented by Wendy Lydall in Melbourne, Vic (18 July 2009)

An article promoting Raising a Vaccine Free Child seminar, presented by Wendy Lydall in Melbourne, Vic (21 August 2008). Seminar hosted by Natural Parenting Melbourne group. Article published in 18 July 2008 edition of the Mount Evelyn Mail:

Seminar to tackle vaccine risks

SUPPORTING alternative parenting methods, Natural Parenting Melbourne (NPM) is holding a seminar on raising vaccine free children on Sunday, 21 August at the Belgrave Library in Reynolds Lane from 10.30 am to noon.
Guest speaker and author of Raising a Vaccine Free Child, Wendy Lydall, will talk about the myths, facts, problems and solutions associated with not vaccinating children.
Mother of two Ms Lydall is the cofounder of the Immunisation Awareness Society of New Zealand. She said vaccination was presented to parents as a safe, scientific procedure which no responsible parent would question.
But Ms Lydall said that an increasing number of parents were questioning the validity of this 200 year old ritual.
She said her talk would show parents that the risk of vaccines was far greater to children than the infectious diseases.
Selby parent and area representative for NPM Melinda Whyman said the seminar would be the second in the past year on raising vaccine free children.
Ms Whyman said there was a lot of interest behind the natural parenting movement.
Her two children, aged six and two-and-a-half, have not been vaccinated.
Parents interested in the seminar should contact Ms Whyman on 9754 1347.
Bookings are essential. The cost is $2 for NPM members and $5 for nonmembers.

Source: http://mountevelyn.starcommunity.com.au/mail/2008-07-18/seminar-to-tackle-vaccine-risks/


Wendy Lydall was interviewed for the following article that appeared in the Herald Sun, dated 14 May 2013:

VICTORIA'S leading doctor has slammed the "malicious, dangerous, completely misinformed rubbish" of a Monbulk mum who claims she has convinced "hundreds" of parents not to immunise their children.

Wendy Lydall, 60, who studied anthropology, published a book in 2005 called Raising a Vaccine Free Child and said parents regularly asked her for advice about vaccinations.

"I don"t tell them that they shouldn't do it … I just answer their questions, " said Ms Lydall, who did not vaccinate her children after they moved to Monbulk from South Africa in 1996.

Both her children, who are now adults, contracted measles, chickenpox and rubella, while her daughter also had whooping cough when she was four.

But Ms Lydall dismissed these as "self-resolving" diseases that could be managed and improved her children's immunity.

Leader recently revealed Yarra Ranges had Victoria's second-worst rate for immunising five-year-olds , with 236 kids missing out on jabs to prevent contagious diseases.

National Health Performance Authority stats for 2011-12 placed Knox around the state average, with 130 one-year-old children, 107 two-year-olds and 143 five-year-olds not fully immunised.

Ms Lydall told Leader:

PARENTS who vaccinate their kids "avoid having to think" and "do not want to take responsibility" of researching the issue themselves;

WHOOPING cough is "just a breeze" for children and "a chance to be off school"

VACCINES contain "cells from aborted babies"

MEASLES "makes a person healthier" and speeds up a child's development;

FLU shots are unnecessary because homeopathic methods provide rapid cures;

GOVERNMENTS are lying to parents about immunisations and information is suppressed.

AMA Victoria president Dr Stephen Parnis slammed Ms Lydall's arguments as "ridiculous, paranoid conspiracy theories with no basis in fact".

"These are incredibly misguided pseudo-scientists who have absolutely no credible science on their side," Dr Parnis said.

"They spread fear and misinformation within the community and they've done a large amount of harm … These people make my blood boil.

"I think the people who peddle these books should be held to account. They ought to be ashamed."

Belgrave Medical Clinic GP Dr Dennis Gration also spoke out against Ms Lydall after she accused him and other doctors of being "brainwashed" by drug companies.

"That's completely untrue … there are mountains of evidence supporting the vital need for immunisations," Dr Gration said.

"I particularly feel sad for the community at Monbulk. There are perfectly good GPs in Monbulk who have to battle against such misinformation."

Dr Parnis said immunisations were among the "most important public health measures" in history, which have "literally saved millions of lives".

He said it was critical as many people as possible were immunised against contagious diseases to develop "herd immunity" - which Ms Lydall rejected as a "political ploy" - to prevent outbreaks.

"Whooping cough is a good example … more than half of the cases are caused by adult transmissions," Dr Parnis said.

"If you are a newborn baby, this can kill you … All she (Ms Lydall) needs to do is to speak to the families whose kids have died due to whooping cough to understand it."

Speaking out against vaccines

WENDY Lydall is emphatic no one should be vaccinated against anything - ever.

She says immunisations don't work, aren't needed and do more damage than good.

"The diphtheria vaccine is 100 per cent useless, that's solidly in the medical literature," Ms Lydall said.

She gave opinions on the rotavirus vaccine, measles and whooping cough.

"I don't know whether it (the rotavirus vaccine) works or not. I think it's unnecessary because that condition can be cured by homoeopathy in a matter of minutes," Ms Lydall said.

"Measles is a beneficial disease … it makes a person healthier generally."

"It's (whooping cough) a disease that's undergone a natural decline, long before the vaccine was introduced."

Ms Lydall studied anthropology at university and said writing was her occupation.

She started penning her book, Raising a Vaccine Free Child, after her daughter Chandra was born and "all these people were creating a fuss about the fact that she wasn't vaccinated".

Ms Lydall said she would change her mind on immunisations - if she could find any evidence of their value.

She said parents needed to know natural prevention methods, like not eating sugar and avoiding becoming overtired "when there is a virulent polio virus in the air".

Ms Lydall said her best advice was for parents to research the issue.

"If they go online, they might read wild, crazy things that some people put on there," she said.

"So do the research, or read my book, because I've been very careful to get things right."

Source: HeraldSun - Monbulk mum who says immunisations don't work and aren't needed is slammed by doctors

7 Minutes of Terror

On 24 May 2013, Channel 7's Sunrise program, hosted by David Koch and Melissa Doyle, featured a segment on vaccination. Guests for this slot were Prof. Robert Booy, head of the Clinical Research team at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, and Wendy Lydall.

I strongly urge you to view this video and do take note of Channel 7's valiant attempt to undo a 4-year public health campaign in 7 minutes 17 seconds.

For an excellent commentary about this interview, please read The Vaccination Debate by Peter Bowditch, published at Yahoo7! News.



"The problem with ignorant people denouncing homoeopathy is that millions of people die each year, when they could be saved by homoeopathy. Malaria is the biggest cause of death on the planet, yet each individual could be cured of malaria at a cost of less than one dollar."
Source: AVN Yahoo! message #38062
"The drug companies are killing far more people by not allowing the use of homoeopathy and herbs to cure AIDS."
Source: AVN Yahoo! message #37354
"Rabies can be successfully cured, even in an advanced stage, by homoeopathy."
Source: Facebook (2011)
Depotentised remedies
"… but I have had the experience of a whole homoeopathic kit being depotentised by being scanned by a metal detector at an airport. That was in 1988. I was careless and let it be scanned."

Wendy discussing her daughter's overseas trip:
"The scanning did depotentise them, as she found out when she needed them. In Thailand she had a bad fall, and her arnica 30 was useless. In Laos her companion got tummy trouble that needed nux 30, and it had no effect. Then she went to Sapa in Vietnam, which is in the snowy mountains … and she didn't have warm clothes with her, and she caught a chill. Her aconite 30 should have nipped the sickness in the bud, but it had no effect, and she went on to get the flu."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 29 May 2009


Aborted babies (frozen and fresh)

In the media article reproduced above, Wendy Lydall was quoted as saying, "If they go online, they might read wild, crazy things that some people put on there."
I challenge Lydall to find a wilder, crazier statement than what she has made herself:

"Someone I know saw a crate of frozen foetuses from Singapore being delivered to an Australian company."

"Some, including MMR, contain lung cells from aborted babies. The anti-human antibodies that the vaccine creates may be responsible for the autism epidemic."

Source: Comment posted by Wendy Lydall on Natural News article dated 11 October 2011.

School Form

Wendy Lydall helpfully suggests what to write on a school immunisation form:
Note: in the same post, Wendy states she wrote on the form in 1996 and some of the ingredients had since changed

"On mine I wrote "[name redacted] has not been injected with the flesh of aborted babies, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminium, rancid monkey kidney, duck embryo, egg protein, SV40 virus, yeast, polio virus, Urabe strain mumps virus, measles virus, rubella virus, Hepatitis B virus surface antigen, 400 billion whole cell bordatella pertussis bacteria, tetanus toxoid, diphtheria toxoid, human mucous, horse blood nor neomycin injected into his body."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 11 Dec 2008

Shaken Baby Syndrome

"Some cases of so-called "shaken baby syndrome" are actually an anaphylactic reaction to emulsified peanut oil in vaccines."

Source: Facebook, 15 July 2010

Big Pharma

"GPs are good for some things, but not for childhood illnesses. They are deliberately taught the wrong things by the drug companies."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 23 Aug 2009

"Asphyxiation does not cause fever. It's another whitewash. The paracetamol increases the risk of death … Suppressing a fever is one of the most dangerous things that pharmaceutical medicine does. It is especially dangerous when given to someone with meningitis. I feel sorry for the doctors and nurses because they are so brainwashed by their training that they don't know what they are doing."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 17 May 2008

"The idea of suppressing fever is less than 200 years old. It was introduced by guess who? a drug company!"

"Doctors and nurses are taught to suppress fever. (Guess who decides what doctors and nurses get taught?)"

Source: excerpts Yahoo! Groups post, 22 Oct 2008

"The medical authorities are using the measles outbreak as an opportunity to create hysteria and to persecute vaccine free families. Parents who have taken the trouble to inform themselves of the facts know that having a dose of measles is less dangerous for a child than having the vaccine. Children die from measles when they are severely malnourished, when they have a terminal illness before catching measles, or when they are chilled or given drugs to suppress the fever during measles. Informed parents who make a pro-health choice irk the people for whom vaccination is a religion.
When the measles virus becomes virulent in the environment it causes outbreaks of measles, even in communities with 90% or 100% vaccination rates.
It is time for the media to stop supporting the drug companies and allow the scientific facts to be reported."

Source: comment Wendy Lydall submitted to the Courier Mail for publication. Yahoo! Groups post, 7 Mar 2009

"The germs that cause diseases like chicken pox, measles and mumps go into a period of dormancy, and then become virulent again."

"The vaccine industry is in denial about the stage of dormancy, because they want us to believe that the virus cannot survive on the planet if everyone is vaccinated."

Source: excerpts Yahoo! Groups post, 14 Jul 2009


"Taking a child with whooping cough to a medical doctor can be dangerous, because they would recommend chilling the child, which causes the complication of pneumonia."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 18 Jun 2009

"No-one is trying to downplay it. Serious complications can occur with whooping cough if the patient is not properly cared for during the disease.

I am only aware of one baby having died of whooping cough in Australia this year, and it has been confirmed that it had pneumonia."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 18 Jun 2008

"Never in the history of humankind have so many been duped by so few. 200 years later billions of people still believe that it is a good idea to suppress fever. When a person has an infectious disease, suppressing fever with drugs, or by chilling, greatly increases the likelihood of complications, including death."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 4 July 2008

"They are wrong to try and eradicate it, but they will never succeed, even with a 100% vaccination rate, because the measles virus does not need to be causing acute disease in a human in order to survive."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 7 Jan 2009

"There is a possibility that the piece of glass that cut your son had a few tetanus germs on it. As you see from the study in Bangladesh, 1000mg of ascorbic acid is enough to cure tetanus in a child, so from that I extrapolate that it works as a preventative as well."

Source: Yahoo! Groups post, 13 Jul 2008

Excerpts from Raising a Vaccine Free Child
"Two things make whooping cough more bearable; a firm resolve and a plastic bowl. The first few whoops are alarming to observe, but you soon get used to them. If you panic you make the child tighten up and gasp all the more. Whooping cough is far worse for the parents than for the child. The sooner you settle into a happy routine of throwing up and cleaning up, the easier it will be for the family. (The child does the throwing up, you do the cleaning up.)"

"Joseph Goebels [sic] was a master of propaganda, and he used a simple basic principle to convince people that Nazism was a good idea. The principle is that if people are told something often enough, they begin to believe that it is a fact, and not an opinion. Repetition is the key to making a myth into a "fact". The principle of repetition, combined with the suppression of factual data, is what the vaccine industry uses to keep millions of people around the world believing in the myths of vaccination."

"Sometimes vaccination causes mental and physical handicaps at the same time. It depends on which part, or parts, of the brain are damaged by the vaccine. Some unfortunate victims become mentally retarded, spastic, autistic and epileptic, all from one injection."

"When the public knows that vaccination is largely responsible for the high incidence of behavioural problems, learning disabilities, chronic tonsillitis, chronic ear infections, type 1 diabetes and a host of other problems, they will stop being so compliant."

Source: Book Raising a Vaccine Free Child, author: Wendy Lydall

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