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No Jab, No Pay Protest (Jun 2015)

The No Jab No Pay protest rallies were held on 21 Jun 2015 in seven cities around Australia.
The only named organisers of these national protests are Brisbane-based anti-vaccination group VAIS and the newly formed (unregistered) political party, IMOP. The protests were strongly supported by the other two major anti-vaccination groups, AVSN and VISA. Individuals stepped up to claim ownership of the protests in their respective cities.

Overall, the protests were very poorly attended, no doubt due to the outsourcing of political activity (along with a "Quick Dummies Guide to Anti-Vaccination") by our anti-vaccination movement to a group known for being conspiracy-driven, ineffective, insincere in their beliefs, and whose only real objective is to play at protesting. People with genuine concerns about the policy did well to steer clear of these protests.

Such was the standard of protesting, in both the execution and organisation, that the protests received no media attention whatsoever and are highly unlikely to attract any in future whilst conducted by the Conspiracy Circus.

For an excellent recap of these protests, I highly recommend you listen to The Skeptic Zone podcast no. 349 (dated 28 June 2015).


Event page: No Jab, No Pay? No Way! (Sydney)
Organiser: D Poulsen & K Johnston, Belgin S Colak, D Poulsen, Belgin Sila Colak (stay tuned!)
Attendance: 100
Speakers: Damien Poulsen, Dr Mark Donohoe, Michael O'Neill, Bronwyn Hancock, Gisella Deubel (and others)

The Sydney protest had been plagued with problems from the start with plenty of infighting between Damien Poulsen, Karen Johnston and Belgin Sila Colak as to who was running the show. Belgin eventually edged the others out with such an endearing manner that she was bestowed the title of "Diva" from one of her own supporters.

The catalyst for the leadership tussle was both Poulsen and Johnston went off promoting the protest rallies on their own (initiative and independent thought are strictly forbidden inside the Conspiracy Circus big top). In an interview with Sallie O. Elkordy on 24 May 2015, Poulsen enlightens us as to what this new policy is really about, explaining that it's part of a bigger, worldwide agenda run by pharmaceutical companies, Murdoch media, the Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers, and that this agenda has no borders and is a worldwide excuse to diminish our population.

Come protest day, however, Belgin was unable to attend, allowing Poulsen to don the cape and top hat, and reduced Johnston to a screeching fit in the street shortly after not allowing her to speak at the protest . Johnston is the long term Kiama, NSW contact (using the name Karen Kelly) for Kathy Scarborough's VISA and she wanted to hand out material she claimed cost her thousands of dollars to help activists convince the sheeple that vaccines are bad. Johnston's favourite method is to hand out anti-vaccination material at schools leading up to school vaccinations; she'd even managed to get Viera Scheibner to address a P&C meeting that also showed Bronywn Hancock's Vaccination: The Hidden Truth DVD.

Onto the speakers.

Michael O'Neill (IMOP) at the Sydney rally
Michael O'Neill from the Involuntary Medication Objectors Party (IMOP) spoke at the rally and handed out membership forms for his newly formed party.

I would have said he missed a lot of momentum by not having his website ready but given the low turnout in Sydney it hardly matters. O'Neill still hasn't even registered a business name; makes me wonder if he's sussing out public interest before spending any money.

Viera Sheibner was unable to attend the rally, so Gisella Deubel read out Scheibner's prepared speech.

Dr Mark Donohoe, a Sydney GP, has been a long term supporter of the anti-vaccination movement. He also holds some pseudoscientific and conspiracy-like ideas about vaccination, which you can read more about in The Skeptic Volume 19 (1999) No.4, p. 12 (pdf document).

I will provide updates about the speakers when more information comes to hand.

The Conspiracy Circus has announced the next protest No Jab No Pay No Way - Sydney will be held on 20 Sep 2015.


Event page: Peaceful Protest - Pro choice, Pro unity, Pro info! No Jab, No Pay? No Way!!
Organiser: Elizabeth Hobley
Attendance: to be advised
Speakers: Tasha David (AVN) and others (to be advised)

Awaiting information on the Melbourne rally; it appears the organiser has deleted the event page.

The next Melbourne protest will be held on 20 Sep 2015.


Event page: No Jab, No Pay? No Way! March For Freedom of Choice in our Children's Health Care and Wellbeing
Organiser: Cos Stanway (Corinne Stanaway)
Attendance: 200
Speakers: Chris Savage, Lissa Weckert, Allona Lahn (and others)

Brisbane was certainly the most entertaining of all the protests. There were a couple of highlights, the most notable being former Queensland police officer, Chris Savage, talking about how the Queensland Police Service deliberately covered up vaccine-related deaths and that shaken baby syndrome is actually caused by vaccines. It is therefore quite fitting to note that Ken Dorey, the wit who came up with the highly offensive term "Shaken Maybe Syndrome", was in attendance. Whilst Savage's talk went down a hoot with our newbie conspiracy clowns, some people reported many attendees left during his talk; Savage being considered somewhat "unhinged" by many seasoned antivax supporters.

It's not really surprising that the Brisbane protest went a bit off the rational rails. The organiser, Cos Stanway, is quite the conspiracy afficionado, as can be seen in my previous post Anti-Vaccination Movement in Australia - 2015

The next highlight - my personal favourite - was Anonymous leading the charge at this protest. For those who are not aware, Anonymous was a loose collective of individuals from around the globe who gained worldwide notoriety in 2008 when they stuck it hard to the Church of Scientology (CoS). This extraordinary campaign resulted in raising public awareness of the horrors associated with CoS and forever tarnished the CoS brand.

Brisbane protest: Anonymous leading the protest march; Anon flag flying near the speaker's lectern (21 Jun 2015)

But now we come to the LULZ. Remember VAIS is one of the national protest organisers with VISA and AVSN strongly supporting and participating in the protests. Well, Brisbane Anonymous has a lot to learn on top of swatting for Anti-Vaccination 101.

VAIS website promoting Scientology
The image on the right is a snapshot from the VAIS website page Explore More Links taken on 23 Jun 2015.

I draw your attention to the bottom right entry, which is a link to the Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR).

If you've never heard of CCHR, strap on your laughing pants because it is part of the Church of Scientology.
But the LULZ don't stop there. Another of our No Jab No Pay protesting anti-vaccination organisations, AVN, also has a soft spot for Scientology.

CCHR (Scientology) DVDs available from AVN

The AVSN President, Tasha David, was heavily involved with the Melbourne protests and gave a speech at the rally.

On 22 Jun 2015, the day after the protests, I visited the AVSN online shop.

Of the six DVDs for sale, half were by CCHR (Scientology).

Stop laughing.

CCHR (Scientology) DVD available from AVN

After mentions of this on social media, the AVN amended its online shop page which as of 23 Jun only showed one CCHR dvd.

The whole anonymity thing was a bit too hard for some protestors. When Big Pharma contacts the Illuminati and they institute Fair Gaming, this lot had better toughen up quick smart. But in the meantime, playing dress-ups is fun!

Anonymity is hard behind a plastic mask in the Brissie heat.

Yep folks, I think it fair to say that Brisbane Anonymous has reached Peak Derp.

But not content to rest on their laurels they have already announced their next exercise in futility and irrelevance will be held on 20 Sep 2015.


Event page: Pro parental rights and choice
Organiser: Shayla Plosko
Attendance: 30
Speakers: unknown, probably none, but definitely not Bronwyn Bishop

What lovely weather for lawn derping


Event page: Adelaide - No Jab No Pay No Way Freedom Of Choice
Organiser: Damien Poulsen (and probably unidentified other/s)
Attendance: to be advised
Speakers: Kathy Scarborough (VISA)

Will update more on attendance and speakers when information becomes available. The event page is not very helpful.

VISA played a more active role in these protests, taking responsibility for receiving and forwarding on letters from No Jab No Pay protestors. These letters, if you are wondering, are the IT IS MY WILL letters which were handed out at all the protests and have been available on all the event pages.

I can't resist, here is the letter in full:

Federal Member for: .....................
Address: ................................
Dear ....................................

My Will Concerning the No Jab No Pay forced vaccination legislation.

YOUR DUTY: As my elected representative, you have been entrusted to execute My Will in accordance with your duty of office and the Australian Constitution.

The purpose of Government is to create and administer laws and services, on behalf of and in accordance with the WILL of the people it represents. I can not conscientiously vote for anyone that is not willing to represent the peoples will on any issue.

It is MY WILL that any current legislation related to the NO Jab No Pay campaign be repealed and that any future legislation related to forced vaccination for remuneration be abandoned. This type of legislation is contrary to both Australian and International Law. Our Constitution expressly states that no Australian citizen can be forced to comply by the Government in order to receive welfare or childcare benefits. This is outside the scope of the Powers of the Parliament.

This legislation is also contrary to international human rights laws to which Australia is a signatory. Article 6, sect 1 of the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights states that any preventative, diagnostic and/or therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. This consent can not be coerced out of an individual by way of financial blackmail. To do so not only breeches [sic] human decency, but also the Australian Constitution which guarantees Australians political, medical and religious freedom.

Is is MY WILL that you, as my Representative, take any and all steps and measures to ensure that this barbaric legislation is repealed and prevented in future.

[sign off, etc]

Well, the most obvious foot-bullet in this letter is the "free and informed consent" based on adequate information. I'd continue on but confess it's difficult to type whilst stifling giggles with our original (and the best!) anti-vaccination movement going all Freeman on the Land. Never fails to entertain. The creator of this letter, Lissa Weckert, advised she spent two years working on this. Well done.


Event page: No Jab No Pay? No Way! Family Picnic - Tasmania
Organiser: Karan Amanda Roberts Wilson, ably assisted by Willow Zuhaitz
Attendance: a dozen or so
Speakers: chatted amongst themselves (I would imagine)

The height of civil disobedience - blocking the footpath


Event page: sooper sekrit (the event page was set to private quite early on)
Organiser: Judy Wilyman
Attendance: 40 or so
Speakers: Judy Wilyman

Will update this section as soon as information comes to hand.

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