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One Answer to Cancer DVD


One Answer to Cancer DVD
One Answer to Cancer (2008) is a DVD documentary written and produced by Elaine Hollingsworth, a Queensland-based natural health campaigner. It is co-presented by Elaine and a well-known Australian actor, Tony Barry, who is also the narrator.

Elaine Hollingsworth is the director of the Hippocrates Health Centre, located on the Queensland Gold Coast. She is the author of the book Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry, the ebook Cancer and runs the website Doctors are Dangerous . Elaine does not hold any health qualifications, but promotes herself as a "Hollywood Movie Star Turned Health Crusader" (her stage name was Sara Shane).

The first half of the One Answer to Cancer DVD is about the alleged dangers of the pharmaceutical drug "Aldara" with the rest of the movie promoting the (fake) cancer cure, Black Salve, including detailed instructions on how to make it and apply it yourself.

Featured Health Professionals

One Answer to Cancer features many patient testimonials plus health practitioners who praise the effectiveness of Black Salve and criticise conventional evidence-based cancer treatments.

The health practitioners featured in the DVD include:

Dr Michael Tait (GP)
Dr Tait was a GP based on Queensland's Gold Coast. He ran a cancer clinic called "Fountain of Life" that offered a range of alternative, unproven cancer treatments and an anti-ageing clinic called the "Life Extension and Enhancement Clinic" which offered a program involving injections of human growth hormone. In 2006 Dr Tait was convicted on nine counts of illegally obtaining and selling Human Growth Hormone.

Dr Tait advised that as of 4 August 2007 he would no longer be offering alternative cancer therapies due to the pressure of being investigated by Queensland Health and the Queensland Medical Board. In actual fact, the Queensland Medical Board had placed conditions on his medical licence preventing him from using his alternative therapies while he was being investigated. At this time, he renamed his clinic from "Fountain of Life" to "Life 4 Ever".

On 27 March 2009 the Health Practitioners Tribunal in Brisbane banned Tait from practising medicine for three years after finding him guilty of professional misconduct relating to unproven cancer treatments and supplying human growth hormone to patients for non-medical purposes. Tait had already struck himself off the medical register on 15 March in the hope that the medical board would cease disclipinary action against him.

Dr Gary Martin (GP)
Dr Gary Martin is a GP based in Queensland and practiced at the Arundel Plaza Medical Centre (with Dr Michael Tait). In 2010 the Queensland state coroner found that Dr Martin had failed to provide an adequate standard of care to a patient and falsified his records when the man later died. Dr Martin was referred to the Medical Board of Australia.

Dr Gary Martin's medical licence is currently suspended and a number of conditions have been placed on his medical licence (refer AHPRA - Dr Gary Martin ) I do not know if this suspension relates to the case above or separate investigations.

Adrian Jones (naturopath)
Adrian Jones is a naturopath based in Queensland. He advertises that he is a qualified naturopath but doesn't state his level of qualification or where it was obtained. I've been unable to determine if he is currently registered, though he has stated he was a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Please note that there is no legal requirement to be registered, or even qualified, to practice as a naturopath in Australia.

He is the author of two E-books How Black Salve is Being Used to Treat Skin Cancer in the 21st Century and How Black Salve is Being Used to Treat Breast Cancer in the 21st Century. Both these books provide DIY instructions for using Black Salve.

A complaint submitted to the CRP in 2011 (refer CRP 2011/12/005 ) was found justified and Adrian Jones was required to publish a retraction on his website, to withdraw the advertisement from further publication and withdraw any representations that black salve is for any therapeutic use, or that it has any therapeutic effects, including effects in relation to cancers.

Another complaint about Adrian Jones was made in 2011 by a Queensland doctor to the Health Quality and Complaints Commission (HQCC) in Queensland. I am not aware of the outcome of this complaint, but it is worth noting that the HQCC does not lay blame or discipline practitioners. It may, however, liaise with the appropriate regulatory body to assist a patient with a complaint.

Deirdre Parkinson (naturopath)
Deirdre is a naturopath with a practice in Burleigh Heads, Qld. She provided a testimonial of using Black Salve on her pet dog, describing the effects of the salve as "quite amazing". Deirdre Parkinson has referred at least one patient to Adrian Jones (describing him to the patient as a "cancer specialist") for Black Salve treatment.

Claims made by health professionals about Black Salve

Adrian Jones (naturopath)
"Seriously, what do you do when you've been diagnosed with a life-threatening skin cancer. Well, you can certainly go down the medical route; you can have a large section of your skin removed, maybe some of the underlying glands, you can be left permanently scarred. If it's a melanoma, that's most likely what will happen. Or, you can seek out this alternative treatment which is demonstrated clinically over a long period of time just how effective it is and how efficient it is in dealing with the problem you've got at hand. I reckon you should vote for Nature's Scalpel rather than the doctor's scalpel. One's accurate, the other's guesswork. [shrugs]. Up to you."

"I've had people come into the clinic who are really desperate. They've been told that unless they have this particular lesion cut off their body yesterday, they're gonna die tomorrow. It does seem to me, and in fact to a lot of observers, that the medical system is as much about fear as anything else. You know, unless you do this and do it now and pay this much money to have it done, you're gonna die."

"In the course of my practice I've treated probably between 50 and 60 women who've been diagnosed with primary breast cancer. Applying the Cansema in my clinical experience has been 100% satisfactory. In very case, we've been able to effect a cure for these women from this breast cancer, from the primary tumour."

"It's great for family pets, all sorts of animals in fact, including humans. I remember using it on a dog. The dog was going to have its leg amputated, that was the only choice the vet said the animal had. We applied the cream, 24 hours later there was a huge reaction. To cut a long story short, the dog's leg was saved as well as it's life."

[Adrian discussing his treatment of a melanoma on the forehead, right between the eyes, that had spread to the brain]
"The doctors had tried to take the melanoma off his face but they were unable to treat the underlying secondary tumour. And, of course, he was told that it would be a fatal event. So, he came to me and he was absolutely desperate. We applied the cream to his forehead. There was a minor reaction, not the sort of reaction I might have expected, but he had had surgery on the melanoma before and we thought that maybe there was scarring in the tissue that may have prevented the full response that we were looking for. So we gave a second application about a week later. And this time there was a major reaction and ensuing x-rays weeks later showed us that this cream had not only destroyed the primary tumour, the melanoma itself, but it also found its way through the roots and found its way back into the brain where there was the secondary tumour and it was successfully treated as well. And they guy is very happy and healthy."

Ricci Carr (nurse)
"In 2005, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The doctors and specialists at the hospital, wanted to take my thyroid out using surgery. I have been a nurse and I know that when you cut cancer, cancer spreads."

[Tony Barry (narrator): Ricci decided to treat herself using a black salve called "spot check". A friend helped her and they took photographs throughout the process. For 16 weeks they applied the salve. Ricci's New Zealand doctors were not pleased, and tried to pressure her into surgery."]

"I got regular calls from the surgery and from the specialists at the hospital to say you must have this done, over six weekly periods; the pressure was enormous. And I said, 'thank you, but no thank you'. 'Oh, but you won't live very long'. And I said, 'Well, I'll take my chances, thanks'. Sometimes it will take two to three weeks to draw all the muck and gump from the cells that have been damaged. You can have things like [?] residue, operation, radiation, all kinds of things in those cells that the DNA has held, it will draw out. And however long your body needs to do that, it will take to do it. I was able, in that 16 weeks, to probably cover about 16, 17 lesions in total that came from the thyroid down the lymph to under my chin and across the left-hand side and up behind my ear and down my left shoulder, as well. They all healed in time and I'm still alive to tell the story."

Deirdre Parkinson (naturopath)
"The malignant melanoma on the dog's paw was the size of a marble. It was round, black and shiny. I was really surprised that an application removed it entirely the way it did. It was quite amazing."

Other Cancer Cures

Hyfrecator 2000 - Dr Gary Martin
"No one should ever die from melanoma. All they need to do is get them before they reach stage three, and my treatment is an instant and permanent cure for the disease."

[Tony Barry: "Only one physician understands its incredible potential and knows how to use it. His name is Dr Gary Martin. He's been a godsend for me and many like me in the treatment of melanoma."]

"I've been using a machine known as a Hyfrecator for 40 years and this machine dramatically reduces the established medical procedures of referral, biopsy incision and at greatly reduced expense and with incredibly good results anywhere up from 95 to 98% success rate, cure rate at the very first setting. Over the 40 years that I've used the Hyfrecator I would have treated well over 20,000 patients very successfully for all stages of skin cancer from dysplastic lesions to basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma to melanoma."

"Genital warts, very easily treated with the Hyfrecator with minimal discomfort, very good results and very low recurrence rate, and obviously no side-effects as normally associated with the conventional treatment. Most procedures that I do are done by dermatology and skin specialists who use knives. And when you use a knife and a suture you can charge extra fees. The Hyfrecator only attracts a normal standard fee; at present it's $32 a visit. Obviously, a specialist wouldn't survive on $32 a visit; they can charge anything up to $1200-$1500 a procedure that I can do with this machine."

The TGA and sale of One Answer to Cancer DVD

In 2012, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) received complaints about particular suppliers selling the One Answer to Cancer DVD. In May 2012, the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) advised that the TGA had ordered them to stop selling it. The AVN pulled the DVD from sale in their online shop, but continued to sell their remaining stock by phone and email order. Adrian Jones, the naturopath featured in the One Answer to Cancer, also stopped selling the DVD.

I can find no public statement from the TGA about this DVD, so it is unknown how many suppliers they contacted. It appears that the TGA only targeted those suppliers who were subjects of complaints, with nearly all other suppliers continuing to sell it, which they do to this day. The producer and distributor of the DVD, Elaine Hollingsworth, continues to sell the DVD to individuals and distributors.

Here is an example of why the TGA may be concerned with the sale of this DVD. From an alternative cancer treatment anti-medicine blog - popularised by an article in News Ltd newspapers in Australia - came this comment:

[October 28, 2011]

"Thanks to the Sunday Times I found your brilliant site. Never answered a blog before. I was diagnosed with skin cancer last month on my nose and forehead and one day away from disfiguring surgery when Dr Paul Alexander a naturopath in Leederville gave me the DVD One Answer to Cancer. I bought the wonderful book How to take Control of your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry by Elaine Hollingsworth and then cancelled surgery. Next I rang Adrian Jones the Naturopath in Qld about using Black Salve to kill the cancer cells. I'm 3 weeks into his program and so far so good with Black Salve. I hope I get a great result like your beloved dog! Wishing you love and luck with your journey. Regards [redacted]

It is worth noting that naturopath Paul Alexander is the West Australian representative for the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and past president of the Australian Homoeopathic Association (W.A.) This begs the question of just how many (registered) natural health therapists really are promoting fake cancer treatments to their patients.

Australian Suppliers

The following list is some Australian suppliers of the One Answer to Cancer DVD. This list is not exhaustive; it was compiled in February 2013 from a Google search restricted to .com.au domains.
  • Monica Bussell, Angel Health & Beauty Supplies, Wauchope NSW 2446
  • Carolyne Buckhurst-Matravers, CB Organic, Indooroopilly QLD 4068
  • Leonie Satori (naturopath), Down To Earth Organics, Lismore NSW 2480
  • Steve & Corinne Coombs, Dynamic Organic, Mandurah WA 6210
  • Jutta Swan, Eyesberg Enterprises, Gold Coast QLD
  • Colin Brown & Susan Kaye Graham, Health Magic, VIC
  • Jasmine Lazarevic, La Diosa, Neutral Bay NSW 2089
  • Hannah Denham Jones (naturopath), Let Food By Thy Medicine
  • Gary Martin (naturopath), Living Valley Health, Kin Kin QLD 4571
  • Paul Yager, Natural Helath Organics, Goonellabah NSW 2480
  • Jeannie Lynch & Julie Ellis, Natural Wonders, Howard Springs NT 0835
  • Vanessa Comely, Organic Box, Two Wells SA 5501
  • Angelo Rodriguez, OzNatureShop (Newstart Health Supplies), Port Macquarie NSW 2444
  • Toni McMahon, Plant Essentials, Townsville QLD
  • Deidre Brophy (naturopath), Putting It Right, Malanda QLD 4885
  • Richie Coutts, Sprout Organic Wheatgrass, Carlton North VIC 3054
  • Michael Webber, Eat Healthy Be Alive, Broadbeach QLD 4218
  • Paul Alexander (naturopath), Tara Health Centre (Tara Bookshop), Mount Hawthorn WA
  • Kerri Byrne, Tender Nest, Woodford QLD 4514
  • Cecilia Omlor, Unique Organique, Mount Hawthorn WA 6915
  • Rayeleen & Jeffrey Gilbert, Yes2Life, Armadale WA 6112

I do hope to see the TGA go after the above suppliers with the same fervour it did with the AVN and Adrian Jones. Either the One Answer to Cancer DVD is a health issue or it isn't, and to ignore all other suppliers - easily found by a simple google search - while targeting only a few, seems a waste of time and rather unfair.

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