Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Bronwyn Hancock Dangerous Advice

On 12 July 2015 the blog post Antivaxer's child ends up in hospital after terrible medical advice was published by TAVS. This post describes how a young child ended up in hospital after the mother sought medical advice from members of the Facebook group, Vaccine Free Australia.
This facebook group is administered by two recent converts to the anti-vaccination cause, Courtney Hebberman from Adelaide and Luke O'Hehir from Melbourne (as Luke E Lawless ).

Reasonablehank's blog post Anti-vaccine president Tasha David glorifies dangerous health advice which lands toddler in hospital includes commentary written by a medical professional who summarises the dangerous advice offered by Bronwyn Hancock. Reasonablehank also reminds his readers that because Bronwyn Hancock is based in New South Wales, medical advice she offers is within the jurisdiction of the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. It is unlikely Hancock could plead the advice was private as this closed Facebook group boasts 3,100 members.

I highly recommend you read both the above blog posts; they are a striking example of the growing problem of unqualified health advice being given and sought by those who choose to drink from the pseudoscientific, anti-medical, kool-aid fountain.

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