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"Help protect as many children, adults and pets as possible from this useless toxic assault by purchasing these brochures and distributing them widely..."
…says Bronwyn Hancock of Vaccination Information Service. She helpfully suggests you distribute them to health food stores, day care centres, libraries, alternative practitioners and anywhere else appropriate where they will not immediately be thrown away by people influenced by vested interests.

From the VIS website:

"This brochure is softer in its approach for those who will be aware in advance that it will be about vaccination and will likely be sensitive to the highly charged word "POISONED" that is prominent in the other brochure, e.g. parents who have already given some vaccines.

It also specifically addresses those questions that are frequently asked by parents who are in the pains of making this decision.

(As you can see it still informs at the outset that vaccines consist of poisons - it is vital that parents are fully mindful of what we are talking about here!)"

Bronwyn Hancock asks that people purchase the brochures directly from her and not to print the brochure out themselves, partly to ensure print quality and because "...your purchase of these brochures will financially support other Vaccination Information Service work."

Before you financially support the 'other work', please note that Vaccination Information Service is NOT an association or member group; it is a trading name for Taycare Pty. Limited , Hancock's private company.

The POISONED brochure

For corrections to the false and misleading information about vaccination in the VIS brochure, please visit:

The content of the "POISONED" brochure is reproduced below for information and research purposes.
The images have been reduced in size to make them unsuitable for printing.
I have redacted out-of-date contact information on page 3.

Image of brochure Text of brochure

YOUR OWN CHILD may receive over 60 doses of combinations of:

  • formaldehyde, mercury2 and aluminium compounds,
  • phenol (carbolic acid), borax (ant killer), methanol, dye,
  • acetone (solvent, polish remover), disinfectant, glycerine,
  • antifreeze, MSG and several other poisons.

plus, also toxic when injected,

  • animal organ tissue and blood
    (e.g. monkey, cow, chicken, pig, sheep, dog, etc),
  • contaminant animal viruses3
    (e.g. SV40, which causes cancer in humans),
  • aborted human foetus cells, large foreign proteins,
  • mutated (more virulent) human viruses3 in high doses
    (Note: "Killed" viruses can reactivate after being injected),
  • bacterial endotoxins, antibiotics, bacteria,
  • genetically modified yeast , latex, and
  • animal, bacterial and viral DNA, which, when injected,
    can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA.

How would these enter your child's body?
They would be directly injected,
bypassing important defences
in the skin and mucous membranes4.

Who would do this?

Your own family doctor is expected to administer these poisons. In spite of the research published about their effects, doctors have repeatedly been taught that they are saafe, and even necessary. Threats and rewards to doctors apply additional pressure.

However it is primarily doctors who refuse these for themselves.

What damage is done by these poisons?

Published findings to date are that your child is likely to develop5:

  • encephalitis or meningitis. Irritability, high-pitched screaming, inconsolable crying, sleepiness and convulsions are all signs. Brain damage can be very mild (slightly lower IQ) to severe,
  • severe infection by a component germ or by bacteria already in the body and normally harmless, e.g. meningococcal meningitis,
  • recurring colds, runny noses, tonsillitis, ear, respiratory or other infectons,
  • allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever,
  • bowel problems, coeliac disease,
  • autism, ADD, dyslexia, other learning, speech or behavioural problems,
  • blindness, deafness,
  • paralysis, provocation poliomyelitis (today, polio usually gets called "viral meningitis", "cerebral palsy" or another name),
  • epilepsy or other neurological problems, mental illness, anorexia,
  • autoimmune diseases such as lupus, diabetes, arthritis, or MS,
  • organ damage or failure, damage to lymphatic or other system,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome, blood disorder, hormone imbalance,
  • leukaemia or other cancer (which can appear many years later),
  • cot death, so-called "shaken baby" syndrome injuries,
  • destruction of transplacental immunity (more on this later),
  • altered genes, infertility, weaknesses or defects in offspring or other signs of a disoriented or disabled immune system.
Known effects of individual ingredients

  • Formaldehyde: Ranked in the top 10% most hazardous compounds. Over 100 adverse effects are documented including that it is a carcinogen and an immune system sensitiser (see below). More than 10% of the population may react acutely at any exposure level (Australian National Research Council).
    It is not safe at any level
  • Mercury: Second most poisonous element known to man (next to uranium). Its toxic effects are similar to those of formaldehyde, including sensitisation of the immune system and changes to chromosomes. It destroys neurons. Many effects have a delayed onset. Once ingested or injected, it stays and accumulates.
    It is not safe at any level

Contact us, or view our web site, for a full list of documented effects of these poisons, other toxic ingredients and why they are included.

So what do they call these injections of poisons?

What this is about is vaccination, or "immunisation". However the latter term, meaning protection ("prophylaxis"), is misleading, because contrary to what is still formally taught, medical research has long found that vaccines do NOT protect. Rather, they do the OPPOSITE - as with any injection of a foreign substance 6, vaccines SENSITISE recipients to the germ ("anaphylaxis"6). This means that they increase, NOT decrease, susceptibility to the targeted diseases (and others).

Such diseases include measles, whooping cough and the other childhood illnesses in the new, more serious, "atypical" forms, which can only occur in the vaccinated 6, and affect vital organs.

Vaccination? But we're told it's saved lives!"

Even smallpox and polio vaccination only came after the dramatic decline in the diseases, attributable to better nutrition, cleaner water, sanitation, less overcrowding and other factors.

[3 graphs]

Antibodies produced by vaccines do NOT mean immunity.

These only show exposure to the vaccine contents 7. The development of immunity requires processes that cannot be activated on command, and also occur in the outer levels of the body, bypassed by injections.

Why "childhood" diseases are now occurring in infants.

Normally infants are protected by transplacental immunity for one to two years of age while their immune systems are maturing. This has now been destroyed by the vaccines given to the mothers as infants.

Why vaccination continues.

Vaccines are a $multi-billion industry. Powerful interests fund medical education and research and enjoy the support of the government, media and many other organisations.

Can the effects of vaccines be reversed?

Often they can, to some extent. We can help you locate a suitable practitioner who can assist you.

What will protect your child?

Your child is born with the makings of a fully capable immune system. It only requires support, not interference, and that support is:

  • harmful substances, e.g. vaccines and other drugs
    (Ideally the parents have not received them either),

    and plenty of -

  • clean water and good nutrition, i.e. ideally breastmilk for babies, and sufficient fresh fruit and vegetables,
  • rest, sleep and exercise, and
  • fresh air and sunshine, and
  • a loving and secure family environment,
    which builds a positive mental outlook.
This is the simple "secret" recipe often sought from parents who have not vaccinated, on seeing their children's vibrant health and alertness. There is no substitute if these needs are not met.

In healthy children, infections are dealt with easily, so are rarely seen.
Polio was not a problem UNTIL 1887, which was soon after the start of mass vaccination (initially for smallpox), which provokes it.

Childhood diseases9 are BENEFICIAL if supported and not interfered with (e.g. NO paracetamol). They have long been known to have a role in priming and maturing the immune system, and protect against asthma, cancer, and other serious diseases10. Measles has also been used to treat nephrotic syndrome, and is observed to cause learning spurts11.

School and child care entry and allowances (Australia).12

Enrolment in school and childcare cannot legally be refused on the basis of vaccination status.

Parents who sumbit a 'conscientious objection' form also receive the full childcare and maternity allowances.

For the sake of your child, empower yourself with full knowledge and understanding, so you can ACT ON TRUTH,

For more information, contact: [redacted]

Many books and videos are available. Also ask us about the Vitamin K given at birth - is this really safe and necessary?

Please pass this information on.
You could save a life.

We work independently of the medical and pharmaceutical industries to meet their Australian legal requirement13 to inform you of all documented harmful effects of this procedure, as this decision is your responsibility and it is your right that it be an informed one. We also provide support to help you understand the causes and appropriate management of illness.

All information we provide on this procedure and its associated diseases is derived from the study of over 100,000 pages of medical research. References are available. (Few can be accommodated here.)

Notes and selected references:
1. Not all poisons are in all doses. Concentrations vary, but reach 0.5% for some poisons.
2. Despite claims to the contrary, evidence indicates that mercury is still in all vaccines.
3. 'Killed' or 'inactivated' viruses are documented to reactivate after they are injected. Also see 4.
4. Partly due to this bypass of defences, normal disease symptoms do not usually occur.
5. Approximate risks: asthma ¬, ADD 1/10, autism 1/100, cot death 1/500 (conservative figures).
6. Mosby's Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary (Missouri, 2000).
7. Has long been established in medical research. Ask yourself: is it good to be HIV-positive?
8. With sufficient support of their immune systems people have even recovered from full-blown AIDS.
9. Means infectious diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and chickenpox.
10. Lancet 1985/1996/1999, Cancer 1966, Am J Epidemiology 2001, Pediatr Infect Dis J 1996.
11. Hence the origin of the name - "measles" means "visitation by a godess" in Sanskrit.
12. For other countries see web site. Even with "compulsory" vaccination exemptions are available.
13. Rogers v Whitaker (1992) 175 CLR 479.

Most of this information also applies to adult and animal vaccines.

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