Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

VISA Anti-vaccination & Pro-disease


Vaccination Information Serving Australia (VISA) is an anti-vaccination group that actively discourages people from vaccinating themselves and their children. Their anti-vaccination message is often spread under the cover of healthy lifestyles and family health support advice.

It is important that the general public are aware that VISA provides incorrect and misleading information that is solely anti-vaccination.

The following quotes and images are from VISA members and supporters, and demonstrate their anti-vaccination position.


Absolute Poison

"It's absolute poison being injected."

Source: Kathy Scarborough, interview with Sallie O. Elkordy, 14 April 2015

The risks of vaccines outweigh the benefits

"Most literature (and media) about vaccination promotes the belief that the benefits of vaccines outweigh any risks. This is just not true!"

Source: flyer for Investigate Before You Vaccinate talk by Kathy Scarborough, 2005

Vaccines contain mouse brains

"Thought you might like to know the quickest way for bird viruses to cross species to humans is via vaccines! Here's how it goes - Bird viruses spread with ease from wading birds to poultry, they make the vaccine in chick embryos riddled with all kinds of bird viruses then they inject them into as many people as possible - voila! A case in point would be the spread of monkey viruses to humans via polio vaccine (well documented) and the recent concerns about Japanese Encephalitis vaccine which is cultivated in mouse brains and can cause encephalitis in humans because of the pieces of mouse brain in the vaccine."

Source: Kathy Scarborough - Facebook, 20 Oct 2005

Babies injected with bits of animal, bacteria, viral DNA

"Babies are injected with bits of animal, bacteria, viral DNA. They can be incorporated into the human genome..."

"Vaccines are a billion dollar industry, and there are at least a billion good reasons there why it's continued."

Source: Dr Peter Baratosy - Vaccination: The Hidden Truth DVD

Vaccines are dangerous and ineffective

"Enjoy some 'selective' information that highlights the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines and if you want more, come along to our next seminar!"

Source: VISA newsletter

Vaccines are highly toxic; crippling to health

"Vaccinations are NOT the answer to build and maintain a healthy immune system. Instead they are an unnatural exposure of highly toxic and experimental ingredients that are crippling the health of our babies, children teenagers and others targeted for more and more vaccines."

Source: VISA website, February 2008

Vaccines shorten life spans and cause chronic illnesses

"What happened to wiping out diseases? How effective are vaccines?
We have a rigorous schedule for vaccines yet life expectancy is shorter and more people, especially children, are diagnosed with chronic illnesses.
This lecture will critically examine the practice of vaccination, its claim of safety and effectiveness and whether we can afford to sustain it.

Source: flyer for VISA's "A Health Seminar", 14 May 2008

Vaccination does more harm than good

"Vaccination is not as safe, nor as effective in preventing infectious diseases as it is claimed and, despite all denials, it does more harm than good,"

Source: Dr Peter Baratosy - letter sent to Australia Doctor

Question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines

"Nobody wants their child to suffer from disease or illness but are vaccines the answer? ... Kathy will present information that questions both the safety and effectiveness of vaccines."

Source: flyer for VISA's "Health Seminar", 10 March 2005

Toxic chemicals injected into the bloodstream.

"When we are vaccinated with bacteria and viruses that are genetically and/or chemically modified, we are also injected with preservatives, heavy metals, antibiotics and a variety of other toxic chemicals. We are also exposed to many diseases at once when vaccinated, which does not happen in our natural environment. Our immune system is not designed to cope with an onslaught of different diseases at once, entering our system directly via the blood stream, (as occurs with vaccination)."

"To 'stabilise' and 'preserve' vaccines a host of toxic additives are used including formaldehyde, aluminium, thiomerosal (mercury), antibiotics, gelatin, phenol or phenoxyethanol, MSG, beta-propiolactone, polysorbate and borax. Some of these additives are known to cause cancer."

"So why aren't more parents questioning the merits of vaccination? Is it because of their trust in the orthodox medical system? Exposure to government\u2019s propaganda and fear tactics, over- exaggerating the seriousness of infectious diseases and understating the risks involved in vaccination? Or do they just follow the crowd and vaccinate as it is the 'done thing'?"

"Vaccines are not scheduled according to 'the best time for your child to receive them'. The reason the schedule is so heavy in that first year of life is that babies are accessible with all of those 'well baby' check ups. No consideration has been given to babies underdeveloped immune systems in the planning of the childhood immunisation schedule."

Source: VISA article, Vaccination - Behind the Needle

Harmful toxins in vaccines.

"Most parents are aware of the dangers of exposing their baby in the womb to smoke, alcohol, drugs etc. yet completely unaware of the harmful toxins in vaccines that the baby will receive shortly after birth. Also, the impact even a mild vaccine reaction can have on establishing breastfeeding, is important information when making a decision about Hepatitis B vaccine."

Source: promo for baby expo - VISA website, June 2005

Vaccination is not the answer

"Vaccination is not the answer. The only way to prevent disease is by improving hygiene, supplying clean water, effectively removing sewage and rubbish, supplying adequate housing and, most importantly, providing proper nutrition."

Source: Smallpox Vaccination article - VISA website

Be suspicious

"Do not just look at government or manufacturer literature. Ask questions. Be suspicious. Get involved with groups such as VISA, AVN, etc to get a wider perspective of the issue."

Source: About Vaccines article - VISA website

Vaccines reduce our immunity

Vaccines can reduce our immunity in many ways:
  • Vaccines contain many chemicals and heavy metals, such as mercury and aluminium, which are in themselves immune suppressing.
  • Vaccines contain foreign tissues and foreign DNA/RNA which act to suppress the immune system via graft-vs-host rejection phenomena.
  • Vaccines alter our t-cell helper/suppressor ratio and this ratio is a key indicator of a properly functioning immune system
  • Vaccines suppress our immunity by overtaxing our immune system with foreign materials, heavy metals, pathogens and viruses.
  • Vaccines clog our lymphatics with large protein molecules which have not been adequately broken down because they have not been through our digestive system
    • this is one reason why vaccines are linked with allergies.
  • Vaccines deplete our body of vital immune-enhancing nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc, which are required for a strong immune system.
What can we do?
  • Not vaccinate
  • Homeopathically vaccinate
  • If vaccinating, use single vaccines
  • If already vaccinated, detox for heavy metals and homeopathics can be used to help with effects that may be suffered after vaccinations.

Source: Bronni Simpson - Boosting our immune system article

Do NOT trust your governments

"Do NOT trust your governments, Doctors and especially big pharma in regards to the vaccination issue."

"... the human body has an amazing resilience to cope will disease WHEN the immune system is not compromised by vaccines."

Source: Deanne Schmid - Natural News Facebook page, 14 Feb 2011

VISA Spreading Disease

In 2003, Vaccination Information South Australia called for a register of current measles cases so that children who had not been vaccinated could contract the disease.

In response, South Australia's Human Services Department urged people to ignore VISA's call for children to be deliberately exposed to measles. Please refer to the ABC News article SA disease unit condemns measles exposure advice .

South Australian Government issues warning

The South Australian Immunisation Coordination Unit published the following warning about Vaccination Information South Australia (VISA) in their Immunisation newsletter (March 2004) :

South Australian Government warning about VISA
ALERT - Vaccination Information South Australia (VISA) has been disseminating information concerning immunisation programs. VISA is a voluntary organisation, that supports the work of Viera Scheibner. Ver is a well-known anti-immunisation lobbyist who claims that all vaccines are ineffective and unsafe.
It is important that parents and school staff are provided with accurate information so that they can make an informed choice about immunisation. The aim of anti-immunisation lobbyists is to discourage immunisation through the selective use of information presented in a fashion that supports their claims. Parents can become confused if they are provided with selective information and not presented with all the facts. Further information is available from: [link redacted]

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